10 Best Sites To Read Manhwa


  • Manhwa platforms offer diverse reading experiences for fans, from simple interfaces to inclusive LGBT+ stories and mainstream works.
  • Variety in manhwa platforms means options like free browsing, subscription perks, and deals, catering to different reader preferences.
  • Challenges like limited libraries, confusing user interfaces, and varying currency systems should be considered when choosing a manhwa website.



Despite the ever-pervading influence of manga in pop culture, Korean comics or manhwa have been on the rise courtesy of remarkable works – especially hits that have been adapted as anime, films, and even television series. Moreover, with the manhwa scene also accommodating up-and-coming authors and artists, it’s easier for almost anyone with a story to tell to share their works to a wider audience. Unfortunately for newcomers, finding the best website to read manhwa may end up much harder than usual – especially with many of them functioning through chapter-unlocking via special currencies.

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Thankfully, manhwa reader hopefuls don’t necessarily have to quit their journeys just because access to websites can get tricky. In fact, some manhwa websites can specifically tailor to a reader’s needs, be it casual free exploration or more dedicated reading. However, just what are some of the best manhwa websites out there?

10 Mangatoon

Decent Selection Of Manhwa And Manhua Hindered By Its UI


Subscription Fee, System

Coins: USD 0.99 (100) up to USD 99.99 (10,000 +50), access to all stories until Coins run out.


Decent library of works, including manhua. Separate options to submit works as a contributor, or put them up for review to become a contracted work.


Currency options somewhat confusing. Limited library of manhwa to read. In-page ads can be off-putting for readers, although this seems limited to viewing the site in mobile devices (not the app). Translations not as good compared to other sites. Janky transition from website to mobile-optimized interface, even on browser.

Mangatoon is a great option for reader looking for a decent starting platform to get a more fulfilling manhwa reading experience. The platform contains not only novels and manhwa, but also manhua (Chinese comics) – perfect for expanding a fan’s reading selection. Its small library of works can make reader choice rather limited, making its price point a potential factor for contention when it comes to securing purchases. Chapters usually cost 20 Coins to unlock permanently, or 10 Coins to borrow.

Aside from having a limited library, the presence of in-page ads on buttons that lead to affiliate pages when clicked can become off-putting for potential readers – although this is something only prevalent when viewing the website on mobile. Another potential turn-off for readers would also be its off-putting interface, as sometimes images don’t load, textboxes have default fonts, and certain areas of the site transition to mobile-optimized formats even on desktop.

9 Lalatoon

Simple Interface, Coins Purchasing Emphasize Comfortable Reading


Subscription Fee, System

Coins: USD 4.49 (20) up to USD 44.99 (320), access to all stories until Coins run out.


Straightforward reading platform. Accessible interface. Mature works locked under age restriction.


Limited library of manhwa. Simple interface doesn’t generate a lot of visual appeal.

Lalatoon is a must-try for manhwa fans who want more straightforward reading sessions. Compared to other platforms, Lalatoon has a more compact library that doesn’t complicate the browsing experience. Fans can immediately choose from daily releases, new series, and recommendations. There is even a dedicated tab where Lalatoon gives a thumbnail view of daily releases, and a separate tab for genre selection.

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Despite its small library, Lalatoon has a dedicated section for adult stories and even features works that dwell on boys’ love and girls’ love. Lalatoon locks its chapters behind Coins, which readers can buy for what seems to be a reasonable rate. Episodes can be unlocked at prices beginning 3 Coins, while most stories offer a lot of free chapters prior to meeting a paywall.

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8 Pocket Comics

Straightforward UI, Accessible Interface Make Reading More Enticing

Pocket Comics

Subscription Fee, System

Coins: USD 0.99 (10) up to USD 99.99 (1,000 + 104), access to all stories until Coins run out.


Compact reading interface. Decent selection of manhwa for readers. Newcomer promos and Bonus Free Episodes available, making it enticing to purchase Coins.


Limited library of works. Episode costing may vary, as some cost Tickets instead of Coins, which can be confusing.

Pocket Comics is a decent platform for readers who are also fans of compelling manhwa and want to read them with an intuitive app. Its bright interface can encourage more productive reading, alongside a straightforwardly navigable UI that makes choosing works much easier. As with other platforms, Pocket Comics offers featured works. However, its selection seems to be more specialized: recommended works for newcomers, must-reads for the month, updates for the day, and even special promos.

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Pocket Comics locks episodes with currency in the form of Coins, of which chapters usually cost around 3 to 5 Coins to unlock. The abundance of promos and bonuses for fans can make reading in Pocket Comics very enticing and worthwhile, although some series being unlocked behind another currency (Tickets) with variability in acquisition can be off-putting.

7 INKR Comics

Decent Selection Of Titles Alongside Sleek Interface, Simple UI


Subscription Fee, System

INKR Extra: USD 4.99/mo or USD 44.99/yr. Coins: USD 1.99 (32), up to USD 99.99 (1,600 Coins)


Some selection of mainstream works available. Separate options to Rent (with Ink) or Unlock Permanently (with Coins) chapters. INKR Extra comes with perks (Weekly Free Ink, Bonus Coins, Free 1st Dibs on hit releases, access Rentable Chapters for free, Discounts). INKR Studio showcases publishers and their works. Earnable Ink can be converted into Coins. INKR for Publishers gives aspiring authors and artists the opportunity to submit works.


Limited library of works. Hefty Ink cost for Coins conversion can make collecting tiresome.

INKR provides readers with many options when it comes to choosing works they want to read, making its website similar to other platforms that also offer similar services. Instead of a convoluted system, however, INKR has a more straightforward system: Inks can be used to “rent” manhwa chapters, while Coins can permanently make chapters available for reading. The INKR Extra subscription also offers perks such as bonus Coins and monthly free Ink, as well as first dibs for free previews of the site’s most popular releases.

Despite this appeal, however, the limited number of works featured in INKR may turn off some users when it comes to fully exploring the platform. While INKR has some mainstream manga such as Vinland Saga, there’s not a lot of works at the moment to justify a full subscription in INKR Extra.

6 Toomics

Simplified Interface, Unlimited Reading Promo Hindered By Smaller Library


Subscription Fee, System

Toomics VIP: USD 8.99/mo, USD 39.96/ 3mos.


Decent selection of manhwa. Toomics VIP gives an unlimited reading option. Frequent promotions for first-time VIPs. Mature content locked behind age verification.


Fairly limited selection of manhwa for its unlimited reading pricing.

Toomics is perfect for manhwa fans who want a more compact platform for their reading experience. Right off the bat, Toomics boasts a more straightforward platform with a gallery of highly-viewed works, recent episodes, as well as weekly and upcoming releases. It also has a mature section locked by a dedicated button, which leads to an age verification.

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Unlike other manhwa reading platforms, Toomics skips point-based episode unlocks and opts for unlimited-reading offers through Toomics VIP. However, compared to other platforms, the pricing for Toomics VIP is more expensive for its smaller library of works.

5 Lezhin Comics

Brings Inclusive, LGBT+ Stories To The Limelight

Lezhin Comics

Subscription Fee, System

Coins: USD 4.99 (20) up to USD 39.99 (1,400 + 500 Coins), access to all stories until Coins run out.


Large selection of LGBT-themed stories. Mature section appropriately labeled and separated from core content. Free episodes are available daily, as well as opportunities to earn Bonus Coins.


Email-based submission process for creators seem limiting. Lacks in selection of more mainstream manhwa.

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Lezhin Comics provides a lot of inclusive content, making this a great site for manhwa fans looking for more variety in the works they’re reading, especially as the reading platform highlights LGBT+ content. Its plethora of reading options highlight the popularity of the boys’ love (BL) genre, making the website perfect for romance fans. Its tabs feature daily releases, series sorted by rankings, a dedicated tab for BL and GL (girls’ love) content, as well as a separate locked tab for mature content. Hopeful creators can also submit works via email, although this is an area for improvement as other sites have dedicated platforms for indie creators.

Coins are the reading currency in Lezhin, with price ranges similar to the tiers of other paid services. Episode cost in Coins can vary depending on factors such as popularity, although it seems per-chapter costs in Lezhin are much cheaper compared to other platforms. Unfortunately, Lezhin suffers from a lack of mainstream pieces – something that fans who want to explore more niche works may appreciate.

4 Tappytoon

Consistent Pricing Per Episode And Has Option For Monthly Subscription


Subscription Fee, System

Tappytoon Club: USD 4.99/mo, specific perks; Points: USD 4.99 (3,900) up to USD 94.99 (91,000), access to episodes until Points run out.


Tappytoon Club provides monthly coins, daily bonuses, 12hr Time-Till-Free chapters. Vast library of both manhwa and novels. Time-Till-Free and Points-for-Ads provide free browsing options. Various promos, bundles, and deals can lessen spending. Episode cost is consistent across titles.


Tappytoon Club akin to a game battlepass, reading is still limited. Episode cost regardless of title status seems inefficient for stories. Points earned through ads not enough for multiple episodes.

Tappytoon offers many viewing options for manhwa fans, ensuring there’s some way of reading manhwa that fits a reader’s preferences and available devices. As with other platforms, Tappytoon is accessible on desktop and mobile apps. However, the service has a more diverse slate of stories – specifically novels that not all platforms feature. Tappytoon also has a Time-Till-Free option to read episodes for free at a limited time. At the same time, securing Points via ads can give readers things to do while waiting for their favorite series to release an episode.

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Subscription-wise, Tappytoon locks manhwa episodes under a consistent paywall of 300 Points regardless of story. Tappytoon Club also offers a monthly USD 4.99 subscription for access to a bundle of Points per month, Points for daily check-in, and half the waiting time for Time-Till-Free chapters. Perhaps the largest setback facing Tappytoon Club is its pricing model, as some users might see its cost still outweighing the benefits. For starters, getting the lowest Point-tier (3,900 for USD 4.99) means only being able to read 13 episodes at a time. Moreover, Tappytoon Club freebies only support an extra 14 chapters’ worth of Points (+4,400) monthly, give Points to cover an episode every 10 days (+30 Points per check-in), and a 12-hour refresh for daily free reading.

3 Tapas

Myriad Of Reading Options Provide Browsing Versatility To Manhwa Fans


Subscription Fee, System

Ink: USD 1.99 (1,600) up to USD 99.99 (80,000 + 50,000), access to episodes until Ink runs out.


Access to mainstream and indie titles. Free Access and Watch Ad options provide more free viewing options. Tapas Creators allows fans to create their indie titles. Bundle Feature can buy episodes in bulk, while 1-Tap auto-purchases episodes for a lower price when swiping on the next locked chapter after a previous episode. Free Episodes and Free Ink can be obtained via promos, invite referrals and events.


Regular price adjustments and multiple Ink-based purchases can make keeping track of reading options confusing.

Tapas offers diversity to the manhwa-reading scene with its plethora of manhwa choices across different genres and even reading options. Similar to most other platforms, its desktop and mobile iterations make reading their selections of impressive manhwa and novels accessible and intuitive. However, unlike other platforms, Tapas does offer different free-browsing options outside their Ink system. These include Free Access that makes chapters available for limited timeframes, and Watch Ads that unlock episodes after watching an advertisement. Tapas Creators also provide fans with the option to create their indie manhwa.

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In terms of availing episodes, Tapas has a currency called Ink that can be purchased in bulk, much like in other services. Ink can be used to purchase episodes in bulk via Bundles, and 1-Tap that auto-unlocks episodes upon swiping. Perhaps a point of contention regarding Tapas has to do with its pricing, as the variability of Ink costs per episode can limit browsing options for readers. Moreover, multiple Ink-based purchase methods for chapters can make keeping track challenging for casual enjoyers.

2 Webtoon

Use Coins To Read Episodes, Or Aspire To Make An Original Webtoon


Subscription Fee, System

Coins: USD 0.99 (10) up to USD 64.99 (723), access to episodes until Coins run out.


Access to both mainstream and indie titles. Fast Pass provides early-access features to episodes. Webtoon Canvas lets indie creators showcase their stories. Daily Pass and other free-browsing options frequently available. Free Coins are given periodically through promotions.


Limited free-browsing options. Coins system can limit browsing opportunities.

Webtoon has a recognizable green branding it has earned for being one of the most popular manhwa-reading sites, making the site a must-try for newcomers. Perhaps considered the “OG” mainstream manhwa website, Webtoon has some of the most comprehensive libraries of manhwa across various categories, including mainstream works. Aspiring content creators can also become a creator via Webtoon Canvas, giving them a platform to publish indie stories. As with other platforms, Webtoon has a user-friendly mobile and desktop interface integrated fairly decently with its pricing model.

Webtoon uses a Coins system for viewing its stories. Locked episodes can be unlocked and stored in a user’s library through Coins, which they can purchase for different amounts at a time. Coins can have a variety of uses, such as early-access Fast Passes for specific series, and an Episode Bundle to unlock a set number of episodes. Webtoon also has free-browsing options, such as Daily Passes that refresh daily, or Free Coins that are periodically given during promotions. While Webtoon has one of the most expansive manhwa libraries in the reading market, its subscription model can cause headaches for fans – especially since the country and the payment platforms are only available in select countries, alongside potential payment technical issues.

1 Manta

Monthly Subscription For All-Episode Access Instead Of Per-Episode Pricing


Subscription Fee, System

Manta Unlimited: USD 4.99/mo, access to all stories.


Manta Unlimited’s monthly fee lets users maximize their manhwa reading, while Free Passes let users access stories for free at a limited time. The platform is accessible in both mobile and desktop formats.


Limited Free Passes mean users have to wait a certain timeframe for the pass to refresh. Discontinued series only stay for some time and can be permanently removed from libraries.

Manta has a reasonable subscription option that makes this reading platform a practical choice for fans willing to splurge for quality reading time. Both the Manta website and mobile app are navigable and accessible to users, with an interface that immediately displays the highest-rated series, completed stories, and genre hits. Manta also has suggested stories per day, encouraging users to try different stories instead of sticking to a few favorites.

However, what makes Manta an ideal subscription-based platform is its payment model: the Manta Unlimited program. Unlike other websites with per-episode or credit-based subscriptions, Manta makes all pieces available for reading with a straightforward USD 4.99 monthly fee. Another alternative for readers would be Free Passes, where “locked” series episodes can be made available for 72 hours with limited Passes that refresh daily.

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