10 Best Time-Loop Anime, Ranked

Different anime have their own take on the time-loop trope; however, here are some that executed it in the best ways.


  • Time loop anime offer exciting scenarios and psychological themes as characters re-experience past events and face the toll it takes on their minds.
  • Each anime in this genre brings something unique to the table, providing variety and special appeal despite their similarities.
  • From mysterious islands to tragic deaths, time loops are explored in different ways, showcasing the consequences of time travel and the growth of characters as they learn from their actions.



Time loop anime refer to shows where a character or group of characters re-experience a period of time they have already lived through. These setups make for very exciting scenarios and developments, even though each is an altered iteration of a fixed timeline. Anime under this category also tend to have psychological themes, as repeating the same outcomes over and over again places a significant toll on the mind.

They have been explored in different ways by different anime, and as a result, there is a lot of variety in how the theme is approached. Each anime on this list has something different to offer, giving them a special appeal despite their similarities.

10 Summertime Rendering

Summer Time Rendering Ashio Shinpei

Summertime Rendering is an exciting anime set on the mysterious Hitogashima island. The protagonist, Junpei, is faced with the island’s absurdities firsthand after returning for the funeral of his childhood friend Ushio. After learning of mysterious beings called shadows and their role in taking the lives of people on the island, Jupei resolves to do something about it and stop the phenomenon from occurring ever again.

Though it seems like a great task, he is aided by some resourceful characters, as well as his handy ability to travel back in time to a certain point after being killed. Using this special ability, Junpei struggles bravely against the shadows and does everything he can to find out the truth about his friend’s death.

9 In Search Of The Lost Future

In Search Of The Lost Future

In Search of the Lost Future is an anime with great mystery that tells of the adventures of Uchihama Academy’s astronomy club and their different activities over the course of the series, such as following up on ghost stories, preparing for the cultural festival, and dealing with agitation between other clubs.

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The central event of the anime forward is the death of club member Kaori Sasaki, who is involved in an accident after confessing to the protagonist Sou Akiyama. That is not the end of her story, however, as she arrives at school in perfect condition the next day, with many seemingly unaware of her tragic fate. This sets the tone for a series of mysterious events that, though they occur in isolation, are actually more connected than you think.

8 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is arguably Kyoto Animations’ most popular work from the mid to late 2000s. It is centered around a self-centered tyrant named Haruhi and her clubmates, who were mostly coerced into joining.

Though the main focus of the anime doesn’t involve time travel, it is famous for a stretch of episodes occurring in its second season dubbed the Endless Eight. During this period, the characters were stuck in a time loop that all but one of them was initially aware of, and before they could break out of it, they had to repeat the same events for eight episodes in which they looped 15,532 times.

7 Sakurada Reset

sakurada reset

The time loops in Sakurada Reset are mainly conducted by a girl named Misora Haruki. Like many others in her city, she possesses a special ability and is able to reset time up to three days prior. Unfortunately, even she is unaware of the times she makes use of this power and has to be made aware by Kei Asai, the main protagonist with a photographic memory.

Due to his ability, he is able to retain information before she loops, and together they join the Service Club dedicated to helping people around them. After joining, however, they are employed by the Administration Bureau and end up getting caught up in a larger, more complex scheme that could have significant consequences on the fate of their town.

6 The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Makoto in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is a classic directed by Mamoru Hosoda about a girl who comes across a device that allows her to travel back in time after jumping in the air with some momentum. Released in 2006, it was animated by Studio Madhouse and tells of the grave consequences of time travel and the unfortunate events that can occur if abused.

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Though the protagonist, Makoto, doesn’t put the world in danger or cause an apocalyptic event, she endangers the lives of her friends by trying to solve every trivial problem by going back in time. Her growth is put on full display, however, as character development see’s her learn from her actions and take the necessary steps to correct her mistakes.

5 Tatami Galaxy

Tatami Galaxy

Tatami Galaxy is a more lighthearted part of the genre which focuses on university life with a romantic subtext. The main protagonist, usually referred to as “Watashi” and not by his actual name, is a disgruntled third-year Kyoto University student whose life at the university is examined under different circumstances.

Though not a traditional time loop, Tatami Galaxy tells the story of what would happen to Watashi’s university days if he belonged to a different student society in his freshman year. This occurs over multiple iterations across the 12-episode anime, and Watashi is initially unaware that he is looping through different experiences. The anime has a unique art form and is famous for its fast-paced dialogue, also animated by Madhouse.

4 Higurashi: When They Cry

a drawing of some of the protagonists of Higurashi, as seen on the new anime adaptation

Higurashi: When They Cry is one of anime’s most iconic series in the horror and mystery genre. The story is centered around an ominous and mysterious village called Hinamizawa. A curse is believed to plague the area, and it is known as the force responsible for a series of murders and deaths that have been occurring for some time.

The main character Keiichi Maebara is a relatively new inhabitant who initially got used to the peaceful life the village had to offer. However, after getting caught up in the curse and the town’s twisted nature, he is sent down a path of paranoia and bloodshed, set to repeat itself whenever a set of conditions is met.

3 Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers Main Characters Trivia Updated Feature Image

Tokyo Revengers is a more recent addition to the genre and has seen great success over the past few years. The main protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki is an unemployed 26-year old who most likely had his best years behind him. However, after learning of his past girlfriend’s death and being pushed in front of a train, he travels back in time to the highest point of his life and is given a small window of opportunity to save her.

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After trying to influence events as much as he can, he returns to the future and finds out that his actions are capable of changing the timeline. He also discovers that he can make this jump multiple times and, as a result, moves between the past and the present in order to save his middle school sweetheart and prevent other tragic events.

2 Re: Zero

Subaru holding a knife

Re: Zero is an isekai with multiple subplots and a diverse cast of interesting characters, with the protagonist Natsuki Subaru at the center of it all. What makes Subaru special is that he has the useful yet painful power of returning to a certain point in the past whenever he dies.

His power, however, is limited by the fact that he is not allowed to tell anyone of his abilities. This makes navigating through death flags very difficult, as he can sometimes be seen as crazed when trying to convince others to take certain actions. The ability also takes a great toll on his mental state as he has been forced to watch many of his comrades die repeatedly in gruesome ways. He has also been put through many painful ordeals himself.

1 Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate Kurisu and Rintarou

Steins;Gate is one of the most highly acclaimed anime ever released, and its focus is on time travel, giving special attention to the consequences of changing the past and the paradoxes that arise from it. The protagonist, Okabe Rintarou, is a self-proclaimed mad scientist, and after discovering that he can send messages to the past, Rintarou finds himself in a large conflict with different parties attempting to acquire the device he uses.

After some modification which allows him to send memories to the past, it essentially becomes a time travel device. With these capabilities, Rintarou uses it to prevent tragic events, such as the death of Kurisu Makise, from occurring. However, after failing repeatedly, he finds himself in a complex loop with tragedy at every corner.

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