10 Darkest Girls In Manhwa


  • Female characters in manhwa stand up against adversity and fight for their rights using unladylike means.
  • Lack of Asian, Middle Eastern, and South Asian representation in manhwa is a constant complaint.
  • Antagonists in manhwa can be just as memorable for their scheming ways as the protagonists.



Some of the greatest manhwa have female characters that speak volumes in just their actions and attitudes. They are the females who stand up against adversity and fight for their rights using means that are considered “unladylike” in society’s view. Most of them are walking red flags and that’s what makes them so enjoyable.

However, the term ‘darkest’ can be interpreted in various ways, aside from a character’s personality, but also through their mental state and race. It has been a constant complaint of many Manhwa fans around the world regarding the lack of appropriate Asian, Middle Eastern, and South Asian representation in such stories. Unfortunately, there’s only a handful of manhwa out there that fit the criteria of such a representation without it coming off as a rude misinterpretation of the culture.

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10 Ihwa (Hero Killer)

A Natural Born Gift User And Killer

Ihwa (Hero Killer) Cover Image

Published2021 to Present
GenresAction, Shounen, Fantasy,

In a world where the line between good and evil is a constant blur, lie humans with special abilities. Recognized for their strength and power, these people are divided into the Hero Clan and the Villain Clan. Ihwa falls under neither as she classifies herself as a Hero Killer. This is simply because the heroes are corrupt and were the perpetrators behind her sister’s death.

Nonetheless, Ihwa herself has also done some questionable things to satisfy her need for revenge, yet she has always been mindful of innocent lives caught in the crossfire. She’s cold and calculating, leaving no room for any mistakes in her missions, and always aiming to come out on top. Her conviction and mentality are rather twisted, but at the end of the day, readers still hope to see her win despite knowing that she’s just like every other morally gray character out there.

9 Medea Solon (Your Throne)

She Will Tear Everything Down To Reach The Throne

Medea Solon (Your Throne) Cover Image

Published2020 to Present
GenresDrama, Psychological, Fantasy

Medea Solon’s very existence is to be nothing but the best. Treated as a tool and trained since she was a child, Medea had known no warmth or love from her parents. Her only way to be above them is by securing her position on the throne as Crown Princess. Unfortunately, her plans fall apart when Psyche Callista wins the position, and her father murders the only person who showed her any love – her nanny. It is here that readers will begin to see and understand Medea’s fragile mental state, which is spurred on by her thirst for vengeance, and the throne.

Your Throne’s twist is that Medea and Psyche end up switching bodies, causing the two of them to live very separate, yet similar lives. The both of them are trapped, yet where Psyche chooses to keep her head down and carry on, Medea fights and kills for what she wants. Compared to Psyche, she’s as cold-hearted as they come, only using people for her benefit, or killing them for fun. She can be best described as a ticking time bomb of chaos, waiting quietly on the sidelines for the right opportunity to hit where it hurts.

8 Jaina Belcheter (Angel or Villainess)

The Biggest Smiles House The Darkest Eyes

Angel or Villainess Cover Image

ArtWaffle Poo
Published2020 – 2024 (Completed)
GenresDrama, Fantasy, Time Travel
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Witnessing the downfall of her house, the death of her father, and losing her fiancé is enough to let Jaina Belcheter know there’s an enemy right where she sleeps. When she finds out it’s her best friend/adoptive sister, Angela, she’s stabbed right before she can even call the authorities. Luckily for Jaina, she uses an ancient magic passed down in her family, and decides to turn back time to before she meets Angela. Now alive in the new timeline, she notices every snide remark, every sneer, and every evil act Angela plans to commit to make Jaina look like the bad guy.

As a character whose morality varies, Jaina knows precisely when to use her charms and tricks to achieve her goals. She has the picture-perfect face of an angel, yet acts like a devil when she needs to, especially when it comes to the safety of her family, and putting Angela in her place. It’s extremely refreshing to see Jaina’s switch flip when she realizes that her kindness will only lead to her death. She’s cutthroat, ruthless, and a master manipulator- going as far as even killing Angela’s closest confidants to keep her isolated and alone. Ironically, she is neither an Angel Or Villainess, but just a woman that enjoys seeing her enemy fall into despair.

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7 Mielle Roscente (The Villainess Reverses The Hourglass)

Behind Every Pretty Face Is An Even Uglier Soul

The Villainess Reverses The Hourglass Cover Image

ArtAnt Studio
Published2020–2022 (Completed)
GenresFantasy, Time Travel

Everyone loves a female main character who can dish out as much as she can in the worst way possible, but sometimes we have some antagonists in manhwa who are just as memorable for their scheming ways. Most antagonists tend to be sloppy, easily angered, and frustrating to follow, but Mielle Roscente, Aria’s step-sister in The Villainess Reverses The Hourglass, knows exactly how to get on anybody’s nerves.

In the original timeline of the manhwa, Mielle is extremely sadistic, elitist, and frustratingly selfish, especially towards Aria. She wears the mask of an innocent, childish girl, when in reality she prefers to watch as people crumble and humiliate themselves. Although Aria eventually does outwit her in the revised timeline, Mielle’s skills in manipulation, acting, and false empathy make her a character worth remembering. Readers will be able to notice that her actions hold no morality and are purely for her selfish needs. She just wants to be number one wherever she goes, and if she doesn’t get what she wants, she would rather tear everyone else on the way down.

6 Blanche Margueritte (All Hail Lady Blanche!)

Enjoys Inflicting The Cruelty She Suffered On Others

All Hail Lady Blanche! Cover Image

StoryNa-mok Eun
Published2022 – 2023
GenresFantasy, Action, Isekai, Romance

Ever since she was born, Lady Blanche Margueritte has been the laughingstock of her family. Unloved and ridiculed for her disability, they take pride in abusing and using her for their own benefit. When the opportunity arises, her family decides to sell her without a second thought. Blanche, who has been vying for their affection only, then realizes that no matter what she does, she will never be accepted into the family. Following this, she tries to kill herself, but when she wakes up, Blanche is back in her room with memories from her past life. She’s currently in a video game that can only be played with the help of the villain.

All Hail Lady Blanche! is set in a world where the mafia reigns supreme, and together with its packed cast of characters that not only break gender norms, readers also get a glimpse into the complexity of each of their relationships and childhood traumas. Blanche is what readers might call a green flag stained in red- and yes, the red is from the blood of her allies, enemies, and family. She’s nothing short of a screw loose, and it’s completely justifiable given the life she’s had to endure. Funnily enough, she becomes the villain in everyone else’s story and the savior in her own.

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5 Cosette Weinburg (I Am The Real One)

She Uses Her Kindness To Manipulate People

I Am The Real One Cover Image

Published2020 to Present
GenresFantasy, Romance

Everyone loves a good revenge story where the villain gets all the hate. But what if the villain’s actions were justified and readers could finally understand the other side? In I Am The Real One, Kiera Parvis is brutally executed after being manipulated by her half-sister Cosette Weinburg. It’s a typical reincarnation story where Kiera goes back in time and changes her fate. What’s interesting is that in most of these time regression manhwas, the antagonist has an immature plan to take everything away from the protagonist with zero justification whatsoever.

Yet, the more readers find out about Cosette’s background, struggles, and the abuse her mother & uncle have had to endure, it is when things are finally put into perspective. Readers end up viewing the antagonist in a new light and somewhat end up rooting for her. All Cosette is doing is avenging her mother’s death, a wrongful accusation, whilst simultaneously trying to get her life back. This manhwa not only has likable characters, but a villain who is relatable enough to connect with. In addition to that, the plot is filled with twists, keeping readers on their toes and wondering who will come out on top.

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4 Princess Ludis Amaryllis (Sacrificed)

Her Freedom Is Only Possible Through Destruction

Princess Ludis Amaryllis (Sacrificed) Cover Image

StoryJeong Ochan
Published2021 – 2023 (Completed)
GenresPsychological, Tragedy, Historical, Shoujo

As the illegitimate daughter of the Empire, Princess Ludis spent her entire life being mistreated and abused. Now, with the Empire on the brink of destruction, her father decides to use Ludis as a sacrifice to summon an Ancient God. However, when she’s thrown into the room, all she finds are golden eyes and the warmth of a mysterious man. Despite the potential horrors, Ludis comes out unscathed and learns that Ravian, the Ancient God, is now only under her command and will.

As a victim of abuse, Sacrificed portrays the fragility and helplessness that one can constantly feel on a daily basis. Ludis is inflicted with trauma that is not easily cured due to mistreatment, manipulation, and hostility from her own family. When she finally receives the power and conviction to stand up for herself, her actions toward them carry no empathy or forgiveness. To her, if their demise resulted in the fall of the empire, she would gladly make the same choice a million times over.

3 Estelle Emerald / Jewel Garnet (House Garnet’s Archvillain)

Killing Is The Only Thing That Brings Her Joy In This Life

Lady’s Dark Secret Cover Image

ArtDoha Yeo
Published2022 to Present
GenresFantasy, Psychological, Romance

There is a stark difference in a character that plays a villainess, or a villain. Villainesses often consist of characters who have been reborn into dreadful roles and choose to change the plot to ensure their survival. Villains, on the other hand, are driven by greed, misfortune, and hatred. They come from tragic situations, and when all hope is lost, they are reawakened as beings of darkness and apathy. This is what happened to Estelle Emerald, a mistreated daughter of the duchy, who was sacrificed to the devil by her family. For 600 years she endured unimaginable pain in all forms, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. When the demon of hell gets bored with her, it gives her the chance to return. Estelle jumps at it and begins committing all sorts of atrocities.

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Now living her life as Juvelle Garnet, Estelle takes pleasure in secretly killing all the six ducal families who were involved in her death. House Garnet’s Archvillain may bring in a variety of emotions for readers, as many would feel that Estelle’s actions are justified despite her horrifying ways of murder. She enjoys watching her prey squirm, beg for their lives, and gaslighting them into thinking they have a chance to survive. She could quite potentially be one of the most psychotic protagonists in manhwa, as her morality teeters on the edge of her sanity.

2 Princess Larcy (I Will Fall With The Emperor)

The Enemy Of Her Enemy, Shall Be Her Husband

I Will Fall With The Emperor Cover Image

Published2022 to Present
GenresFantasy, Time Travel, Romance

Set in a world of monsters and mayhem, Larcy, the Princess of the Empire, is sent to the battlefield as a last hope. Known for her exceptionally destructive power, she follows her family’s will and ends up killing numerous innocents in the quest for victory. When she gets captured by the enemy, it is only then that she finds out that her naive loyalty to her family was all for naught. They had used her as a pawn to ensure their survival in the war, and hope for her death on the battlefield. When the destined day of her death does come, Larcy, however, finds herself 10 years in the past, way before any word of war reaches the empire.

She has her memories and extended knowledge from her past life, so when the opportunity to distance herself from the family shows itself, she manipulates her way towards it. Larcy decides to get married to the Emperor of the neighboring kingdom, the exact one she fought in her previous life, as she knows her family is afraid of him. She uses the chance to take her revenge on them by using her husband’s military might and influence. I Will Fall With The Emperor takes the typical revenge-driven character and adds a touch of extremity to it. Larcy knows how to take care of herself, and despite her violent outbursts, they are certainly justifiable due to the years of abuse and manipulation she has faced from her family.

1 Azela Salvatore (Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter)

Representative Of Dark-Skinned Women And Protective Mothers

Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter Cover Image

Published2019 – 2022
GenresDrama, Fantasy, Romance

Despite the rise in popularity of manhwa around the world, sadly, a lot of them have characters that are heavily influenced by Western culture. Some of the stories out there do indeed include characters from other cultures, yet they are portrayed poorly and always take on the role of the aggressor with no class. A manhwa that does do justice is the Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter and has characters like Azela Salvatore, a dark-skinned ‘monster’ Duke who has fought against all societal limitations and made a name for herself.

She’s the adopted mother of the main character, Leslie, and despite all the rumors surrounding her, she can be one of the most warm-hearted characters in the story. Aside from being the only POC (Person of Color) in the story, she’s also the most fearsome woman in the empire, revered for her military might and battle strength. Azela has led a tough life, trying to overcome the challenges as a woman in the military and a dark-skinned woman in society. Her temper can indeed be ‘monstrous’, especially when her family or allies are threatened, leaving no enemy alive in her destruction.

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