10 Great Manga Like Frieren You Should Read

Fans of Frieren should definitely check out the following manga if they’re looking for similarly thought-provoking reads.


  • Frieren’s emotional journey post-victory offers a unique perspective on heroism and loss worth exploring for fantasy anime fans.
  • Seek out manga like Frieren for heartwarming or contemplative stories that touch on themes of grief and companionship.
  • Experience the emotional ride of Your Lie In April or Fullmetal Alchemist for profound explorations of grief, trauma, and resilience.



With Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End exploring the aftermath of a world already saved from its greatest threat, fans of the stereotypical fantasy anime might find the series’ premise rather intriguing. What is there left to do when the world has already been saved? For the elf mage Frieren, it’s to visit the resting place of souls to meet Himmel, her friend whose Hero Party successfully destroyed the Demon King.

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Despite its fantasy premise, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End turned out to be quite an emotional experience. After all, Frieren and viewers have to grapple with the fact that heroes still mourn the losses they’ve had after saving the world. Readers who want to encounter a familiar experience may want to check out some manga like Frieren, especially if they want stories to tug their heartstrings or just chill stories for relaxing days.

1 The Girl From The Other Side: Siuil, A Run

MyAnimeList Score: 7.55

The Girl from the Other Side



Publication Duration

September 6, 2015 to March 5, 2021

No. of Volumes


While the gothic fantasy setup of The Girl from the Other Side: Siuil, a Run gives a darker Ghibli vibe, it tells a somber tale fitting a Frieren fan who wants light reading with substance. Presented as a storybook, The Girl from the Other Side is set in a medieval world where a curse forbids people from the Inside to touch the monstrous-looking people from the Outside, lest the former transform into the latter. The story begins when an Insider named Shiva is left Outside, only to be taken under the wing of an Outsider known only as the Teacher.

At first, the journey of Shiva and the Teacher remains simple and cute, at best. The Teacher can’t remember his past, and he also doesn’t have the heart to tell Shiva, who is still waiting for her aunty, that she was abandoned. Forces from both Inside and Outside seem to have a vested interest in Shiva, and it’s up to their makeshift family to overcome these challenges.

2 Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

MyAnimeList Score: 8.16



Mari Okada, Mitsu Izumi

Publication Duration

April 4, 2012 to April 4, 2013

No. of Volumes


While originally released as an anime, Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day received a manga serialization alongside other adaptations due to its critical acclaim. This is surprising due to its mundane premise: Jinta Yadomi is a recluse and practically plans on skipping high school. That is until a girl named Menma appears in his hallucinations and forces him to confront his past mistakes.

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Although Anohana didn’t have Jinta and his childhood friends of the Super Peace Busters defeat a bad guy, the manga’s journey is similar to Frieren‘s in its tackling of grief. Despite its story’s short run, Jinta’s attempt to reconnect with his friends has become one of the most riveting journeys one can experience, proving how friendship can transcend even the barriers of the afterlife.

3 Your Lie In April

MyAnimeList Score: 8.59

Your Life In April


Naoshi Arakawa

Publication Duration

April 6, 2011 to February 6, 2015

No. of Volumes


When the meek Kousei Arima encounters Kaori Miyazono in Your Lie In April, she insists he become her pianist as she performs the violin. Somehow, Kaori is aware of Kousei’s past – that of being the gifted Human Metronome whose prodigious nature is seemingly lost forever after the death of his mother. Kaori’s encouragement would slowly bring Kousei out of his shell, but not before complicating his relationships with his friends Ryouta Watari and Tsubaki Sawabe.

Despite its unexpected twist, Your Lie In April becomes a worthwhile emotional ride in its exploration of the concept of grief, trauma, abuse, and reclaiming oneself from these hardships. While the anime didn’t have any great evil to defeat, its exploration of Kousei coming to terms with the musical talent that he’s seemingly lost may be a familiar experience to Frieren fans.

4 Memories Of Emanon

MyAnimeList Score: 8.02

Memories of Emanon


Shinji Kajio, Kenji Tsuruta

Publication Duration

September 19, 2006 to December 19, 2017

No. of Volumes


During the turbulent months of 1967, a 20-year-old man returns home from a ferry while the rest of the world is obsessed with the Apollo Missions or panicking about the Vietnam War. On his way home, he has a chance encounter with a girl who only calls herself Emanon, and she eventually tells him something odd: she may be inside a 17-year-old’s body, but she’s actually three billion years old. In Memories of Emanon, the eponymous girl travels around the world while reminiscing about her memories and making new ones along the way.

Despite its nature as a slice-of-life manga, Memories of Emanon is more of a philosophical story than it is a typical adventure story. While similar to Frieren in terms of exploring the undertones of loneliness and grief, Emanon‘s retro premise can become a nice change of pace for readers.

5 The Old Knight In Frontier Bard Loen

MyAnimeList Score: 7.57

Bard Loen


Shienbis, Morio Kikuishi

Publication Duration

September 6, 2016 to Present

No. of Volumes

10 (Ongoing)

When the knight named Bard Loen in The Old Knight in Frontier Bard Loen reached old age as a devoted servant of the Tersia Family, he decided to retire and spend the rest of his days traveling while waiting for his death. To others, this is the dream: to have spent one’s career with contentment so there’s nothing left but to enjoy one’s retirement. The thing is, Bard Loen’s decision to retire will bring him on the adventure of his lifetime. And while Bard Loen‘s story is still ongoing, his journey is poised to be remembered by the continent.

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The journey in Bard Loen is quite similar to that of Frieren not just from the perspective of retirement, but of retirement being precisely the kind of age range where one’s greatest adventure will be experienced. It’s Bard Loen staying true to the adage “life begins at forty” (or in his case, at retirement) that makes it quite a compelling read.

6 Karate Survivor In Another World

MyAnimeList Score: 7.49

Karate Survivor in Another World


Takahito Kobayashi

Publication Duration

May 27, 2019 to Present

No. of Volumes

6 (Ongoing)

When Nozaki Hitoshi is hit by Truck-kun and is reincarnated in another world with a high Karate Skill, isekai fans know Karate Survivor in Another World may be more interesting compared to generic cookie-cutter power fantasy plots. Whereas Kirito uses his penchant for solo fighting and dual wielding against hordes of foes, Hitoshi will use his karate skills to fight swords and other weapons in the new fantasy world he ended up in.

What makes Karate Survivor in Another World quite compelling as a story is how Hitoshi uses his survival instincts to outlast his peers, especially when a dismissive god has dropped him in a merciless world. Early on in the manga, Hitoshi demonstrates his prowess by testing food for poison, using tree bark for clothes, and the like. Contrary to Frieren‘s journey after a fight with a big boss, it’s interesting to see how Hitoshi starts his journey from scratch.

7 To Your Eternity

MyAnimeList Score: 8.31

To Your Eternity


Yoshitoki Oima

Publication Duration

November 9, 2016 to Present

No. of Volumes

21 (Ongoing)

While continuous character development is a focal point in any story, To Your Eternity seems to exhibit this in a way where viewers grow not just with the protagonist but with the world at large. Its premise is simple: an otherworldly being sends “it” to the world with no identity of its own, but it can take the shape of anything with a strong will. At first, this thing became a rock, and then a dying wolf, and then a boy.

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This protagonist, who will eventually become Fushi, will experience trials that will test their and their companions’ resolve amid trying times. Whereas Frieren grapples with the notion of surviving past trials, To Your Eternity choosing to tackle the immediate aftermath of such encounters can make it an equally captivating experience.

8 Nicola Traveling Around The Demons’ World

MyAnimeList Score: 7.70

Nicola Traveling Around The Demons' World


Asaya Miyanaga

Publication Duration

March 15, 2017 to February 15, 2021

No. of Volumes


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Beneath the giggle of the bubbly witch Nicola is a horrible reality: she’s chosen to travel the perilous Demon World despite laws forbidding a human such as herself inside its dangerous wastelands. Such is her adventure in Nicola Traveling Around the Demons’ World, which in itself is a surprisingly wholesome tale of Nicola’s curiosity getting the better of her and the traveling merchant Simon who accompanies her even if he’s a demon.

Unlike other manga which might take advantage of such a dark premise to present a story filled with dread, Nicola Traveling Around the Demons’ World provides a fresh set of eyes when traveling such a location. In contrast to how gloomy Frieren can get, Nicola’s adventures can bring more smiles to a reader’s face.

9 Delicious In Dungeon

MyAnimeList Score: 8.54

Delicious in Dungeon


Ryoko Kui

Publication Duration

February 15, 2014 to September 15, 2023

No. of Volumes


Frieren’s adventure in Beyond Journey’s End centers around a desire to look for a lost companion, a trait she shares with Laios of Delicious in Dungeon. Technically D&D with a dash of Worcestershire sauce, Delicious in Dungeon explores Laios and his team’s attempt to recover her sister after she is devoured by a dragon. When Laios suggests they should eat monsters to survive in the perilous cavern, monster cooking enthusiast Senshi joins their journey in the hopes of being able to eat a dragon.

Despite its fantasy premise, the cooking undertones of Delicious in Dungeon make it a worthwhile read – at least, with readers ensuring they have a snack with them first. While not as solemn as Frieren, Laios’ determination to get his sister back is something Frieren shares, making him quite a familiar protagonist.

10 Fullmetal Alchemist

MyAnimeList Score: 9.03

Fullmetal Alchemist


Hiromu Arakawa

Publication Duration

July 12, 2001 to September 11, 2010

No. of Volumes


Despite the existence of extremely powerful magic users in the form of alchemists, the story of Fullmetal Alchemist goes beyond its action premise. Its premise revolves around the brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric as they want to find the legendary Philosopher’s Stone to repair their respective bodies. It’s soon learned that Edward has a prosthetic arm and leg while Alphonse is a literal walking suit of armor – the body parts (or in Al’s case, the body) they’re missing were taken from them as a result of attempting to revive their mother through forbidden human transmutation. As they cope with their grief, the Elric Brothers are willing to do what it takes to get their life back.

While Edward is a more feisty protagonist compared to the silent Frieren, their respective stories are contenders for MyAnimeList’s best anime – and for good reason. The riveting story of the lengths Ed and Al would take for each other matches Frieren’s determination. And their supporting cast that have their own takes on the idea of sacrifice make Fullmetal Alchemist a worthwhile read.

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