10 Marvel Characters That Could Beat Homelander


  • Marvel heroes like Thor and Silver Surfer outclass Homelander in strength, speed, and abilities by a wide margin.
  • Characters like Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange have powers that can easily overwhelm Homelander in a battle.
  • Mutants like Jean Grey and Rogue could manipulate or absorb Homelander’s powers, leaving him vulnerable in a fight.



It’s not that Homelander needs to be the most powerful figure in the media to stand strong. He just needs to be the most powerful one in The Boys. He’s a sociopathic obstacle that the relatively ordinary heroes need to expose and crush. Having a caped wonder from another universe fix the problem for them Injustice-style probably wouldn’t do much for the series’ fans (or creator Garth Ennis, for that matter).

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Nonetheless, fans are always going to wonder how Homelander would fare against classic heroes like DC’s Superman or the Marvel heroes. With his flight, speed, and strength, he could likely get around Captain America, and maybe even Spider-Man. But these Marvel characters would give him a run for his money.

1 Thor

Mighty, Astonishing, And Immortal

Norse Thor Reaching for Mjolnir

  • Advantages
    : Strong enough to destroy planets and withstand neutron stars, invulnerable to anything short of a Celestial’s attack, manipulate energy to form storms, can see to the farthest edges of the Solar System, and move at Mach 32 with his hammer, Mjölnir or similar weapons (Stormbreaker, etc.).
  • Disadvantages
    : Susceptible to Warrior’s Madness, which makes him stronger but more uncontrollable. Speed and flight are reduced without Mjölnir, Stormbreaker, etc.

The problem with gauging the Marvel Universe’s strength is that they kind of give up past 100 tons. DC will put a ridiculous number to rate Superman’s strength, but Marvel is happy to leave their strongest heroes at “an excess of 100 tons.” Compared to Homelander’s estimated max lifting strength of “a dozen Mag trucks” (approximately 480 tons), that doesn’t bode well for Marvel.

Luckily, fans can compare the two by their feats of strength. For example, the Mighty Thor has held up bridges, pulled islands, and destroyed planets with his physical strength alone. He’s immune to all diseases, poisons, ailments, radiation, and more, can see as far as the edge of the Solar System from Earth, and has near-endless stamina. That’s without accounting for his weapons, items, and storm powers. Against that, Homelander’s chances look bleak.

2 Silver Surfer

When Silver Outdoes Gold

Silver Surfer traveling through a dimensional rift

  • Advantages
    : Strong enough to throw stars, survive supernovas and all kinds of radiation, move faster than the speed of light, manipulate elements, and see/hear at great distances.
  • Disadvantages
    : Is prone to self-doubt, is noble to a fault, and often holds back to avoid killing his foes.

The same could be said for the Silver Surfer. The Former Herald of Galactus has been able to withstand black holes, shrug off practically all kinds of radiation, and survive in the vacuum of space. He’s withstood supernovas, has thrown dwarf stars around, and can move faster than light with his board.

Without his board, he’s still agile enough to dodge any errant strikes and figure out a winning strategy in a second. The Fantastic Four had to reason with him and his conscience to get him to become more than Galactus’ warning shot. Given Homelander’s lack of said conscience, his cynicism and brutal outlook on life aren’t likely to move the Surfer any more than his strikes.

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3 The Incredible Hulk

Limitless Rage, Limitless Strength

Marvels Wolverine Character Cameos Hulk

  • Advantages
    : Super strength and stamina grow exponentially with no upper limit. Capable of destroying planets and withstanding the largest supernovas.
  • Disadvantages
    : Base forms are weaker than Homelander, with some Hulks being weaker than others (e.g. Gray Hulk), susceptible to sleeping gases and cosmic radiation, reverts back to Bruce Banner once calmed down or tired.

Homelander taking on the Incredible Hulk seems just as imbalanced, but the Man in the Sky might have a chance in the early goings. Depending on which form he takes (gray, green, etc.), the Hulk’s base strength starts between 80–150 tons. If Homelander went full-on at the Hulk the moment he transformed, he might be able to stop him in his tracks. The problem is that the angrier Hulk gets, the stronger he gets, and his strength is practically infinite.

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He can smash asteroids twice the size of Earth with a punch, and withstand 100 supernovas. Killing him as his human self, Bruce Banner, doesn’t work either (despite Ennis doing that in Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe), as regular continuity has him Hulking out the moment a lethal bullet or blade strikes him. Unless Homelander got smart or lucky, he’d be puny compared to the Hulk.

4 Captain Marvel

Interstellar Hero Can Bring Homelander Back Down To Earth

captain marvel

  • Advantages
    : Strong enough to carry Celestials and knock out Superman-level heroes like Sentry, durable enough to withstand equal blows, can manipulate energy as Binary, and use it to enhance her strength and heal herself.
  • Disadvantages
    : Can run out of energy as Binary, bringing her back to her base level.

Whether it’s as the original Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, or just herself, Carol Danvers has had a messy superhero journey. At first, she was a Human-Kree hybrid who could lift 100+ tons, and catch bullets if she wasn’t in the mood to just let them deflect off of her body. Like this, she’d have a close enough battle with Homelander to annoy him. But then aliens called the Brood experimented on her, and linked her strength with “the primal forces of the universe.”

It gave her the ability to become Binary, an alter-ego who could manipulate all forms of energy. Like this, she could turn any attack Homelander lands into energy to make herself stronger. Even if he didn’t fight, she could do the same with heat, light, radiation, etc., and pulverize the guy. Her ability to make energy duplicates of herself, fire nuclear bomb-level photon blasts, sense his attacks in advance, and survive in space seem like overkill to mention.

5 Doctor Strange

He’s Sorcerer Supreme For A Reason

Doctor Strange in his Defender Costume casting a spell Cropped

  • Advantages
    : As Sorcerer Supreme, he can use telepathy, phase through strikes, shift him or others into astral forms, manipulate minds, time and elements, and fire energy blasts strong enough to destroy planets.
  • Disadvantages
    : No super strength or durability. Some of his spells require special items, like the Eye of Agamotto, etc.

Homelander doesn’t have Superman’s level of strength, speed, etc., but he also lacks his weaknesses. Sure, he can’t see through zinc, he’s annoyed by certain sound frequencies, and might be incapacitated (not killed) by enough Novichok gas. But the Boys can’t just find a special mineral and wave it at him to make him humble. However, since magic isn’t a thing in The Boys, Homelander has no special protection against Doctor Strange.

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He can turn Homelander into anything he likes, rewire his mind with telepathy, phase through his strikes, reduce him to his astral form, etc. If he wanted to keep things simple, he could just banish him to another dimension. Only someone of equal or greater magic can overcome the latter, and since Homelander isn’t magic, he’d be in trouble.

6 Jean Grey

When Homelander’s Greatest Weakness Is His Mind

jean grey marvel comics

  • Advantages
    : Arguably the strongest telepath and telekinetic in the Marvel universe, can rewire people’s brains, change their emotions, memories, and possess them. Can summon superstrong forcefields, and rip people apart molecule by molecule.
  • Disadvantages
    : No super strength or durability.

Doctor Strange shows one doesn’t have to be physically strong to overcome Homelander. But they don’t necessarily need to be Sorcerers Supreme either. Jean Grey gets the mention here, though any of Marvel’s strong telepaths like Professor X or Emma Frost could fit here, as Homelander doesn’t have any special mental protection against them.

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Jean Grey alone can manipulate people’s emotions, memories, minds, and more. She could mentally block Homelander from using his powers, send him to sleep, and then probe his deepest traumas to see how he got so messed up. Jean could practically turn him into a completely different person. But if she’s feeling violent, her telekinetic forcefields are strong enough to hold Captain Marvel and honed enough to disintegrate people at the molecular level.

7 Rogue

Look, But Don’t Touch

Marvel Heroes Who Could Beat Homelander- Rogue

  • Advantages
    : Is strong enough to match or exceed Homelander’s strength, speed, and flight. Can predict her foes’ movements and counter them quickly. Can drain their energy via skin-to-skin contact, and even absorb their powers.
  • Disadvantages
    : Only has the power-draining and absorption abilities in some continuities.

Depending on the source, Homelander would either have a chance against Rogue, or he’d be outmatched. In the comics, her power absorption abilities were enough to give her Wonder Man and Carol Danvers’ pre-Binary powers permanently. With flight, super speed, and super strength, she’d at least be an even challenge for the hero, with the advantage of Carol’s Seventh Sense to predict Homelander’s next moves, and the reflexes to counter them.

Without those skills, like in the X-Men movies, Homelander could reduce her to a smear…provided she didn’t get to touch him beforehand. All she needs is some skin-to-skin contact to gain Homelander’s powers and durability. Prolonged contact could weaken Homelander further until he’s a withered husk. Few beings have been able to counter her abilities, and they’ve usually been special cases, like Juggernaut’s magic.

8 Shadowcat

Homelander’s Many Ruses Beaten By Shadowcat’s Sole Trick

Kitty Pryde Loki Season 2

  • Advantages
    : Her phasing abilities are versatile, helping her escape, hide from foes, or harm them horribly.
  • Disadvantages
    : No super-strength, has difficulty phasing through particularly dense elements like adamantium.

Homelander isn’t exactly a dunce, though he’s gotten so used to being the strongest figure in his universe that he coasts on his powers. He doesn’t handle getting challenged well, or admitting his weaknesses. So, one can imagine how frustrated he could be if he had to deal with Shadowcat. He could potentially be undone by her ability to make herself intangible and phase through objects.

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Homelander’s super-strength and powers can’t help him if they can’t touch his targets. Conversely, if she can’t phase into an object to hide, or flee by phasing through them, she can give her opponents grievous injuries. In What If…Wolverine: Enemy of the State, she finished off her mentor-turned-monster Wolverine by phasing her hand through his head, then making it solid again to destroy his brain. If pushed, she could do the same to Homelander.

9 Wolverine

Homelander’s Closest Fight

An image of Wolverine healing from bullet wounds in a Marvel comic.

  • Advantages
    : Healing factor can help Wolverine recover from practically all serious wounds, and his adamantium skeleton is resistant to the hardest strikes.
  • Disadvantages
    : Can’t fly, isn’t super-strong (2-ton max lift), could lose to Homelander if he got serious.

Speaking of Wolverine, the claw-swinging hothead is more of a borderline case against Homelander. He can’t fly, and could still be burned by his heat vision. Only his adamantium-infused skeleton could help him hold up against Homelander’s strength, and his claws would need more heft to slice through Homelander’s flesh. But Homelander wouldn’t be the first powerhouse Wolverine fought against.

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He’s fought the Hulk to a standstill and even killed him in some stories. However, the big reason Wolverine’s been able to bounce back has been his healing factor. It’s been capable of helping him recover from being reduced to a skeleton, getting bisected, and worse. So, Homelander could potentially beat Wolverine, but he’d have to go all-out from the start. Otherwise, Wolverine would keep coming back until Homelander was skewered by his claws.

10 Franklin Richards

Potentially The Most Dangerous Figure In The Marvel Universe

Franklin Richards

  • Advantages
    : Can practically warp reality to his whims, manipulate energy, and has telekinetic and telepathic powers with infinite range.
  • Disadvantages
    : Has locked his powers away for all but one day of the year, but can unlock those powers whenever he likes.

Homelander losing to Jean Grey or Scarlet Witch would be embarrassing to him. They may be omega-level threats, but they’re also women, and he has issues with the fairer sex. However, whether he’d prefer to get beaten by a kid is another matter. Franklin Richards, son of Reed & Sue Richards, has the mental abilities of Jean Grey and the reality-warping powers of the Scarlet Witch, at much higher levels.

Franklin can create whole new universes, create energy constructs, and turn beings as powerful as the Celestials into flowers. He can read, manipulate and take over minds from any distance away, and possess them fully. Homelander’s only hope comes from the fact Franklin purposefully locks his powers away for 364 days a year. But he can unlock them at a moment’s notice. Unless Homelander knew he had to strike him as a regular boy first, he could be destroyed before he knew it.

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