10 Mind-Blowing Anime Plot Twists

A good plot twist can result in an unforgettable moment in an anime, and here are some of the best plot twists in anime.

Anime has become a worldwide sensation because of its innovative storyline and visually striking aesthetic. This has attracted millions of fans across the world with its uniqueness, which lies in its capacity to shock viewers with unbelievable turns of events. These turns have the potential to make fans rethink their assumptions and the entire premise of the story.



The revelation of previously unknown information, the exposure of previously unknown identities, and the disruption of previously established order are all hallmarks of the narrative twists on this list. Their narrative brilliance and ability to surprise even the most ardent anime fans are on full display.

This article contains spoilers, so readers should proceed with caution.

10 A Twisted Revelation (Death Note)

The anime character having thoughts in the class (Death Note)

Light Yagami, who was falsely accused of being Kira, records his own dad’s name in the Death Note to establish his innocence in Episode 25, “Silence”. With the expectation of hoping nothing happens, his father unexpectedly passes away in agonizing anguish.

Later, when it becomes clear that Rem, a Shinigami, killed Soichiro because she was so impressed with Light’s intelligence, the plot thickens. This reveals an additional Death Note and Kira, throwing a wrench into Light’s preparations and heightening the mental war between Light, Detective L, and their new foe.

9 The Web Of Deception Unveiled (Classroom Of The Elite)

ayanokouji in deep thoughts (Classroom of The Elite)

Class D, Year 2, at Kodo Ikusei Senior High School is well-known for its high caliber of students and intense level of competitiveness. Mr. Sakayanagi, their instructor, shows them a map that depicts their classmates’ secret friendships and affiliations. Ayanokouji Kiyotaka, an inconspicuous fellow student, is revealed to be the brains behind the machinations, which comes as a shock to everyone.

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Moreover, the students are taken back to when the balance of power shifts, which then causes them to reevaluate their goals. The intricacy of human nature is shown through Ayanokouji’s disclosures, which question commonly held beliefs. The plot twist has students at the school wondering about their very existence, and Ayanokouji has been dropping subtle indications about further twists to come.

8 The Forgotten Truths (Attack Of Titan)

Eren yaeger's Form in Attack of Titan

Intriguingly, the walls encircling the city in Attack on Titan were not built to protect humans against Titans but rather to trap them inside. The authorities have suppressed knowledge of the Titans’ true nature as altered people rather than mindless monsters. The discovery adds layers of difficulty, moral uncertainty, and a quest for the truth.

Everything the protagonists and the spectator thought they understood about the universe was turned on its head. The plot twist propels the drama beyond the city walls, where epic conflicts and the pursuit of freedom set the stage, and compels the protagonists to examine their own personalities, commitments, and motives.

7 The Endless Cycle Of Return (Re:Zero-Starting Life In Another World)

Betelgeuse's facial reaction after killing Fortuna

The fresh twists and turns of Re:Zero: Starting Life in Another World will have viewers on the edge of their seats. The discovery of Betelgeuse’s collective awareness complicates Subaru’s relationship with his unyielding foe. Subaru’s repeated deaths and rebirths unintentionally fortify the Betelgeuse group, making it harder to defeat them.

By calling the audience’s assumptions about the protagonists and their goals into question, this twist does more than just shock them. It exemplifies the series’ complex storytelling and ability to hold its audience’s attention through surprising developments. It’s safe to say that this unexpected development will have far-reaching and exciting repercussions as Subaru resumes his quest.

6 The Unveiling Of The Dominator’s True Judgement (Psycho Pass)

An Image of characters in Psycho Pass

Surprisingly, Psycho-Pass discloses that not all of the data used by the Sibyl System to calculate a person’s propensity to commit crime comes from automated processes. Instead, it is the result of a group of criminally asymptomatic minds coming together to form a collective consciousness. The truth shatters everyone’s expectations, highlighting the injustices of the system and calling into question the whole concept of justice.

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Akane Tsunemori, caught between her duties as an inspector and her newfound knowledge, sets out on a mission to disclose the truth and deconstruct the system, which causes a seismic upheaval in the way people view authority and sets off a search for a sustainable middle ground between anarchy and order.

5 Destiny’s Viel (Code Geass)

 An Image of C.C in Code Gess

Bloodstained Euphy is a pivotal moment in Code Geass, and it happens when Lelouch schemes to use his Geass power to control Princess Euphemia. However, Euphemia’s glitch results in her issuing an order to slaughter all Japanese people inside a certain zone, with catastrophic results.

This twist exemplifies the devastating and unexpected effects of power and compels Lelouch to face the repercussions of his own deeds. The series pivots around this event, which forces the story ahead and puts the protagonists in increasingly difficult moral situations.

4 Unveiling The Threads Of Fate (Steins; Gate)

Okabe meets Cristina in Steins; Gate

Okabe, the protagonist of Steins; Gate, is hit with a mind-blowing bombshell when he gets a cryptic message from himself, warning of oncoming peril. Further investigation reveals that Okabe’s buddy Mayuri was killed because of the time travel experiments he and his pals conducted, leading Okabe to suspect that he was responsible for Mayuri’s murder.

The novel goes from being a fun adventure to a fascinating account of time journeys, offerings, and the repercussions of changing the past. Because of this unexpected turn, the story will take an exciting and dramatic turn as Okabe attempts to erase the awful occurrences and rescue his companions.

3 The Alchemist’s Dilemma (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Bradley running towards a cliff with a sword

An unexpected turn in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood shows that the homunculi under Father’s command are not the real bad guys. Instead, the Dwarf within the Flask uses them as puppets in a grander game. In Van Hohenheim’s creation, this persona aspired to achieve perfection by becoming godlike. For his own sinister purposes, the Dwarf orchestrated events and made Father and the homunculi.

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This information completely reframes the struggle, turning the homunculi into likable protagonists. It also poses profound philosophical concerns about mankind, ambition, and the will to power. This plot twist sets up the final showdown by compelling the characters, notably the Elric siblings, to examine their own values and goals.

2 Yhwach’s hidden legacy (Bleach)

Yhwach's secret power in Bleach

Throughout the Thousand-Year Blood War arc, the actual identity of Yhwach, Bleach‘s main character, and his link to Ichigo Kurosaka are revealed. Yhwach saved Ichigo’s mother, who is now known to be his biological grandmother, and Yhwach is now known to be Ichigo’s paternal grandfather.

This twist introduces emotional and family tension, which is key to understanding Ichigo’s hybrid skills and delving deeper into the story’s themes of hybridity, ancestry, and the balance of morality and wickedness. This shocking information challenges preconceptions and prompts serious reflection on fate, free will, and the power of family.

1 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

An Image of Lelouch in Code Geass

The protagonist of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Lelouch Lamperouge, surprises readers by apparently betraying his companions and joining arms with the enemy. It challenges the audience’s preconceptions of Lelouch’s personality and the justness of his cause as his intentions come to light.

He intends on utilizing his Geass ability and skill to dominate the whole universe and become the embodiment of evil. With this twist, the scene is set for a dramatic and emotionally charged conclusion that will leave a lasting impression on viewers.

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