12 Best Soulmates In Manhwa

Finding a soulmate is a special connection between two people that lasts a lifetime. Soulmates are said to be either bound by fate or destiny, and no matter the circumstances, they always find their way back to each other. It could be a relationship that occurred at first sight or developed over time, or even begin platonic before turning into something more. At the end of the day, it’s that magical feeling that makes one choose the same person over and over again.



Some of the best soulmates in this trope can be found in manhwa. The genre of manhwa ranges from romance to psychological, yet still manages to grip readers’ hearts when it is implemented. Here are some of the most iconic couples that show readers what it means to fall in love and find their twin flame.

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1 Aseph and Elzay (Villain’s Savior)

A Cursed Soul That Is Healed Through Love

Aseph and Elzay (Villain’s Savior)


Myeong Rang (Story), Jaessun (Art)


Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery


Completed (87 Chapters)

MAL Score


Aseph Randall is doomed to die a villain. He has been set on a path of tragedy and misfortune from a young age, unable to break free from his destiny to be consumed by the devil. Well, that is until the mysterious Elzay Taithe appears in his life with the promise of salvation. Elzay is actually from modern-day Korea, and when she finds a book which contains the promise of his demise, her emotions are so strong that she has visions.

When she wakes up in the book and meets Aseph, she knows instantly that the love she felt for him was real. He’s not just a character in a book to her, but someone she hopes and wishes can live a long happy life. Elzay has actually died multiple times in her effort to try and save Aseph from his tragic fate. Despite her soul being sent off to another world, she still found her way back to him, and him to her. Aseph and Elzay’s sacrifice in Villain’s Savior is what makes readers swoon and root for them, despite fate being against them.

2 Raeliana and Noah (The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up At The Duke’s Mansion)

A Love Born From A Marriage Of Convenience

Raeliana and Noah (The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up At The Duke’s Mansion)


Milcha (Story), Whale (Art)


Shoujo, Fantasy, Isekai, Romance, Mystery


Completed (158 Chapters)

MAL Score


When Eunha wakes up in the story of a novel, the last thing she wants is to be killed off as an extra. Now living as Raeliana McMillan, she devises a plan to change her unfortunate fate by pretending to be the fake fiancée of the male lead. Noah Wynknight is a cold-hearted, angel-faced demon, but he’s the best bet that she has in surviving her fate. The plot of The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up In The Duke’s Mansion takes Noah and Raeliana on a journey which strengthens both their friendship and bond as a couple.

As the two of them grow closer, the love and affection they have for each other is conveyed quite beautifully. Readers that reach the end of the story will soon come to find out that the two of them are actually star-crossed lovers. Noah himself travels to the modern world when Raeliana’s soul is sent back to its original location by the Goddess. He finds her, despite Raeliana losing all her memories, and if that is not the ultimate portrayal of love, then what is?

3 Elise and Linden (Doctor Elise)

The Power Couple Of The Century

Elise and Linden (Doctor Elise)


Mini (Story), Yuin (Art)


Shoujo, Fantasy, Isekai, Romance, Medical


Main Story Completed (143 Chapters), Side Stories Ongoing

MAL Score


Jihyun is a master surgeon in modern day Korea. It’s her life’s mission to save as many people as she can to atone for the sins she committed in her past life as Elise de Clarence. But fate has a different plan in store for her, when she dies and goes back to her first life as Elise. Utterly remorseful and ready to make a change, Elise begins her journey as a medical consultant in the new time period. She doesn’t have the right technology, or the means, but she’s eager to prove to herself that she can do better than her first life. She breaks off her engagement to Prince Linden, but that makes him all the more interested in her change of heart.

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As the plot of Doctor Elise progresses, Linden and Elise work together for the well-being of the empire by going out onto the field and saving countless lives during the war. Their relationship is rekindled and the two of them soon fall in love. It’s the kind of romance that everyone wishes they had. Furthermore, as the story comes to an end and readers view the many medical phenomenons Elise revealed during her time, there is also a future where reincarnations of Elise and Linden meet. It is once again, love at first sight, an unknown attraction and familiarity that draws them to each other, and lets readers know that Elise and Linden will love each other in every single life.

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4 Kyte and Vasser (As You Wish, Prince)

A Forbidden Love With A Book Character And An Author

Kyte and Vasser (As You Wish, Prince)


Mokgamgi (Story), Antstudio (Art)


Comedy, Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance


Completed (93 Chapters)

MAL Score


As the successful author of a hit fantasy series, Yoonsoo is ready to start on her third book when she’s suddenly kidnapped into the world of her own story. Her kidnapper is none other than the doomed Imperial Prince, Einzen Kyte, the villain of the story. Despite his unexplained failures in life, when Kyte finds out she’s the reason behind everything that went wrong, he demands her to rewrite his fate. Left with just her pen, notebook and drive to survive the oncoming mess, she and Kyte grow closer in their venture to seize the throne.

Kyte and Vasser of As You Wish, Prince, incorporate the ‘enemies-to-lovers’ trope in the most fantastic way possible. Their dynamics are quite comical and as their romance develops, readers will not be able to put this manhwa down. The two of them have made many sacrifices for each other, even waiting their whole lives just to meet again.

5 Cordelia and Archie (Answer Me, My Prince)

The Lost Art Of Wooing Through Love Letters

Cordelia and Archie (Answer Me, My Prince)


Yoo Paulhee & Teava (Story), Jjunya (Art)


Drama, Fantasy, Time Travel, Reverse Isekai, Romance


Completed (85 Chapters)

MAL Score


Cordelia Grey, an editor at a publishing company, is given the manuscript for her favorite novel, The Princess and the Knight, along with a vintage chest. She places the manuscript inside it for the night, but when she wakes up in the morning, the manuscript is gone and instead replaced by a letter. It’s written by Prince Archie Albert, the handsome playboy and protagonist from said novel, and Cordelia is curious, to say the least.

What starts as basic curiosity grows into a budding friendship, and soon, more than that, readers particularly enjoy the depth of Cordelia and Archie’s love story. Their exchange of letters brings back a lost art of courting that not many stories incorporate today. Answer Me, My Prince pulls at the reader’s heartstrings as Cordelia and Archie’s relationship begins to quite literally transcend time and space. It’s extremely bittersweet and teaches readers a thing or two about the quality of romance, the commitment to love, and the pain it can also bring a person.

6 Ji-o and Gyeol (My Reason To Die)

He Turned Back Time To Save His Love

Ji-o and Gyeol (My Reason To Die)


Yuju (Story & Art)


Drama, Psychological, Supernatural, Romance


Completed (99 Chapters)

MAL Score


Ji-o felt that the minute she met Gyeol, there was something about him that attracted her. He’s the definition of a bad boy with a good heart, and years after high school, when she sees him again, her heart still beats fondly for this mysterious man. However, as the plot of My Reason To Die unravels, readers come to understand how tragic love can be when it is lost.

Gyeol, more so, has been through hell and back trying to make sure Ji-o is safe. Their undying love was tested multiple times. Readers too end up falling in love with Gyeol’s perseverance and drive to give Ji-o the life she deserves. It’s only when he stops and realizes that he cannot change anything, does he finally rest and readers begin to hope their ending is happy in another universe. The two of them could quite potentially be the definition of what it means to find your other half.

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7 Dillon and Cedric (For Better Or For Worse)

Fate Tied Them Across Time

Dillon and Cedric (For Better Or For Worse)


No Heeda (Story), Eunren (Art)


Drama, Comedy, Historical, Fantasy, Romance


Completed (115 Chapters)

MAL Score


For Better or For Worse paints star-crossed souls in a whole new way. Dillon, is the spunky daughter of a quiet count who meets Marquess Cedric one evening on some errands. Seeing him jogs a dormant memory of a novel’s plot, where her beloved sister dies after meeting him. Determined to save her sister, Dillon proposes to him and decides to change her fate. This is the start of an onslaught of comedic mishaps, fluttering hearts, and fate’s intervention.

Readers find this story to be enjoyable as it brings together a variety of genres into one. There is reincarnation, magic, and a whole lot of soulmate analogies that makes one root for the main couple. What’s interesting is that Cedric and Dillon have actually loved each other in countless timelines before this. In the present one, Dillon’s soul was actually switched through dark magic, and she was known as Adeline in her past life. The red strings of fate are so strong between Cedric and Dillon, that they still fall in love with each other in every life, despite having different bodies and upbringings.

8 Hades and Aisha (I Married The Male Lead’s Dad)

A Love That Curses But Also Heals Them

Hades and Aisha (I Married The Male Lead’s Dad)


Go Eun Chae (Story), Eongsseu (Art)


Drama, Fantasy, Reincarnation, Romance


Ongoing (109 Chapters)

MAL Score


I Married The Male Lead’s Dad centers around Hades and Aisha, a newly married couple who are both learning how to take care of their son, Abel. Aisha is a transmigrator who recognizes that the novel’s original male lead is her son. Thus, her goal is to shower him with enough love and affection, so that he doesn’t grow up to be a villain. It’s endearing to witness the motherly love she has for Abel despite her role as a stepmother.

The story starts off simple, but as readers continue on, more earth-shattering secrets are unlocked. As the reasons behind Aisha’s strong sense of motherhood towards Abel are revealed, readers enjoy a carefully curated blend of familial bonds and ill-fated romance. Hades and Aisha have been connected for thousands of years, yet cursed to be apart every single time. It’s an unfortunate story of love, loss, and longing. But as the two of them go against all odds, in order to save their child, their past connections, and lives reveal more than they could ever hope for.

9 Isaac and Clea (The Villainess’s Days Are Numbered)

An Unlikely Love Between The Villainess And The Just Male Lead

Isaac and Clea (The Villainess’s Days Are Numbered)


Harasyo (Story), Yeoneo (Art)


Fantasy, Isekai, Romance, Mystery, Drama


Completed (110 Chapters)

MAL Score


Clea Rino’s life is cut short with every step she takes. After dying and reincarnating into the body of a villain, the protagonist makes a deal with the Demon King. She is to live in said body for six months only if she manages to make Isaac Detroi marry her. It’s purely business between Clea and Isaac. But when the person who killed her is hell-bent on finishing the job, and her body deteriorates from the slightest movement, the two of them slowly begin to rely on each other.

The Villainess’s Days Are Numbered is quite an intricate story. Readers naturally end up enjoying the growth in Clea and Isaac’s friendship turned relationship. The adoration and effort that blossoms is a sight to behold, as Isaac’s affections take him beyond the realm of the living in order to save Clea. It’s the pinnacle of a healthy relationship where two partners respect each other, communicate, and know how to be patient with one another.

10 Eris and Anakhin (Kill The Villainess)

A Villainess That Wants To Die And The Knight That Wants Her To Survive

Eris and Anakhin (Kill The Villainess)


Sawol Saeng (Story), Haegi (Art)


Drama, Fantasy, Psychological


Completed (102 Chapters)

MAL Score


A common factor in the soulmate trope is the absolute loyalty and yearning each partner has for each other. No matter the outcome, their choice to be with their significant other will always be the same. This is the same for Anakhin and Eris in Kill The Villainess. As the name suggests, Eris is the villainess of the story she has reincarnated into, and despite all her attempts, she just can’t seem to die. The laws of the world prevent her from not only dying, but also trying to create a peaceful life for herself. She is fated to be tortured for an eternity and if she can’t go back to her world, she’d rather take her own life.

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Meeting Anakhin was a breath of fresh air for her in this unfamiliar world, and as he became her loyal knight, there was nothing she could do without him. They grew closer with each experiment as Eris dedicated all her time and energy to finding a way back to modern day Korea. Many readers enjoyed the dichotomy in the forbidden love trope and the vast differences between a noblewoman and a knight; a modern average office worker and a warrior of the past. Anakhin pledged his undying loyalty to Eris, and as it bloomed into love, he followed her wherever she went. Even if it ended up being her homeworld.

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11 Julian and Leah (June Peach)

A Couple Cursed To Fall In Love And Lose Each Other In Every Life

Julian and Leah (June Peach)


Yoo Paulhee (Story), 38 (Art)


Fantasy, Romance, Time Travel, Psychological


Completed (47 Chapters)

MAL Score


Multiple deaths, endless reincarnations, and a love that is never fulfilled. June Peach takes readers on a ride with the tragedy behind soulmates that never had the chance to create something beautiful together. For over 9000 years, Julian and Leah have lived over 200+ lives with no happy ending. Leah always awakens with no memories of her past lives, until one dreadfully awful marriage with a different man allows her to unlock the key to turning back time. The trade-off, however, is that Julian remembers every smile, every tear, and every death of hers that he had to witness.

Julian could very well be the definition of “if he wanted to, he would”. Readers can’t help but swoon at the ultimate sacrifice he has had to make just so that Leah has a chance to survive. It’s a bittersweet feeling that one can carry after reading this story, because it teaches one the importance of cherishing a moment. Julian and Leah are proof that, despite fate’s curse on their love, soulmates do indeed always find their way back to each other.

12 Jieum and Seoha (See You In My 19th Life)

After Multiple Lives, She Finally Found Someone Worth Loving

Jieum and Seoha (See You In My 19th Life)


Hye Lee (Story & Art)


Drama, Mystery, Romance, Reincarnation


Completed (115 Chapters)

MAL Score


Jieum Ban has a particular condition, and it’s that she can remember her past lives. They were all pretty mediocre and tiring to the point that she saw no point in making any human connections. It’s only when she reaches her 18th life that she sees that maybe this is the most exciting one so far. She meets Seoha in this life, a young boy of a rich family who has just lost his mother. The two of them grow closer over the years and just when Jieum realizes she has feelings for him, she dies an early death.

Reborn into her 19th life, she’s on a path to find Seoha because he’s the only one who made her look forward to living. She’s working in the same company as his family’s and as the two of them meet, it’s an instant familiar connection that doesn’t seem to leave either of their minds. Jieum is pretty straightforward in See You In My 19th Life, and she’s done a lot to make sure she and Seoha can finally be together. The road is long, but their hearts are in the same place they were 20 years ago, making this a love that crosses space and time.

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