16 Great Shoujo Manga That Started in 2022

These fantastic shoujo manga titles started in 2022 and are must-reads for any fans of the shoujo genre.

The year 2022 provided fans with a slew of new shows to binge-watch and new manga to obsess over. The year may now be over, but it leaves behind plenty of great shows and series for fans to look back on, including some of the best new manga in recent memory.

The majority of these new series fell under the shonen genre in some way. However, while the shonen series surged in popularity, there was also plenty of new shoujo manga series that made their debut in 2022. Among the many great examples, these titles are the ones to look out for.

Updated on April 23, 2023, by Izabella Molina: Even long after 2022 has ended, there are still numerous shoujo manga titles that are worth reading. Amidst older, more beloved titles, such as Fruits Basket,receiving new anime adaptations, it may take a little bit of searching to find great shoujo titles that started in 2022, many of which have premises that differ from the genre’s signature tropes. Therefore, this article has been updated to feature even more fascinating shoujo manga with interesting stories and characters. For readers looking for something fresh from the shoujo genre, these titles are certainly worth reading.



16 Aka no Tachi

Akane as she appears in the Aka no Tachi Volume One Cover

Whereas most shoujo manga protagonists are usually portrayed as demure school girls, Aka no Tachi, written and illustrated by Chitose Kaido, balances both the shoujo and sports aspects of the manga. The main protagonist, Akane, is established to be a former kendo champion, having participated in the sport since elementary school.

Naturally, kendo plays a tremendous role in both Akane’s life and the story overall. In this story, Akane is determined to surpass her rival Taki, who managed to beat her the first time they crossed swords. But amidst her resolution, Akane soon finds that someone else is enthralled by her strong will.

15 Olivia and the Never-Ending Dream

Olivia as she appears on the Volume One cover of Olivia and the Never Ending Dream

Written by Milk Nakashima, Olivia and the Never-Ending Dream is a prime example of a reverse isekai manga series, which is usually defined as a female protagonist being sent to another world instead of a male protagonist. This is more or less the case in this manga, though the way she is transported to another world is quite unorthodox to some readers.

After being accused of attacking Prince Luke’s new fiance, Olivia is captured and publicly executed in front of her former fiance. However, immediately after her execution, Olivia finds herself reincarnated in the body of Hanabi Kaburagi, a girl who is constantly being bullied by her peers at school.

14 Shinimodori Reijou no Lucetta

Lucetta and Kyle as they appear in Shinimodori Reijou no Lucetta

Similar to Olivia and the Never-Ending Dream, Shinimodori Reijou no Lucetta also involves a case in which the protagonist is killed off only to awaken sometime later. However, this manga does not send Lucetta, the heroine of the story, to another world; as a result, many readers may not consider this series a reverse-isekai manga.

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Determined to pay her family’s debt, Lucetta enters a passionless marriage with the wealthy aristocrat Kyle, but things turn very grim when the two of them are assassinated during their wedding. After waking up two years before the wedding, Lucetta disguises herself as a fortune-teller in order to support her family, but when Kyle asks for a love fortune from her, Lucetta finds out that he was just a tsundere.

13 Sleeping Pizzicato Forest

Emily and Shura on the cover of Sleeping Pizzicato Forest Volume 1

Published on October 5, 2022, Sleeping Pizzicato Forest provides more of an adventurous experience to its readers instead of the romantic experience that is typically found in shoujo manga. Written and illustrated by Alto Yukimura, the artwork may be likened to The Promised Neverland due to the youthful appearances of the two protagonists.

Sleeping Pizzicato Forest stars Emily, a girl who has lived in seclusion for most of her life. Wanting to live like the protagonist of her favorite novel, after whom she is named, Emily decides to look for her great-great-grandfather’s villa, which results in her meeting Shura, who claims to know where the villa is located.

12 Choking on Love

Official artwork of Hibari and Gaku from the Choking on Love manga

Published on October 24, 2022, Choking on Love first appeared in the December 2022 issue of the shoujo magazine Dessert. Unlike most other popular shoujo manga today, this series has the distinction of having its main protagonist being a college student as opposed to a high school student.

The main heroine of Choking on Love, Hibari Akinishi, is a graphic design major who strives to create a trendy and appealing fashion design amidst her hectic school and work schedules. By chance, she meets the up-and-coming guitarist Gaku Sausei after he ruins her laptop. Though Hibari understandably lashes out at Gaku, she begins to warm up to him after learning he is a fellow art student.

11 Magic Circle Chronocanon

Official artwork of Touma and Karino from Magic Circle Chronocanon

Taking a step away from the more casual titles, Magic Circle Chronocanon is a bit more action-packed than Choking on Love. With eleven chapters already released at the time of writing, this manga may be appealing to shoujo fans due to its detailed art style and unique magic system.

The story revolves around Kano, a girl who is inexperienced in the art of magic despite possessing magic powers of her own. Seemingly imprisoned for her vast arsenal of dangerous spells, Kano is set free and enrolled into the Sefira National School of Magic alongside her savior Touma.

10 Merit Egyptian God

Official artwork of the cast of the Merit Egyptian God manga

Serialized by Hana to Yume magazine, Merit Egyptian God is a collaborative work between the author Fuyu Tsuyama and artist Yukari Sakai. Though the manga came to a conclusion on September 20, 2022, that certainly doesn’t take away from this shoujo manga’s main appeal: the Egyptian setting and motifs.

Convinced that she did not die, Merit, the main heroine, turns to the Egyptian God Anubis for help, as he is the bridge between the realms of the living and the dead. However, what starts as a bid to return to the world of the living turns into a bid to get rid of the curse plaguing Anubis.

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9 Tiger & Dragon

Official artwork of Konomi from Tiger & Dragon

Unlike the similarly named series Toradora, Tiger & Dragon has the distinction of following a love triangle between three main characters as opposed to a slow-burn romance between two. In regard to the art style, courtesy of Mizuki Hoshino, it can also be described as more innocent and cute, which is on par with other shoujo manga released in 2022.

In Tiger & Dragon, Konomi is reunited with her childhood friend Mikkun, who asks her out on a date. Before she has a chance to take Mikkun up on his offer though, Konomi is suddenly reunited with her other childhood friend Tora, whom she has longed to see again since moving away when she was five years old.

8 Romantic Dark

Neo meeting Yoyo for the first time in Romantic Dark

Written by Natsumi Shirado and Kana Watanabe, Romantic Dark was released on September 13th, 2022. Only three chapters have been released so far, but this manga blends together the paranormal with the humorous implications and situations that come along with it.

Romantic Dark tells the story of Neo, a young musician who mysteriously keeps getting injured, a phenomenon that has been occurring his whole life and is gradually worsening. When he decides to get himself exorcised, as per his friends’ suggestion, he meets Yomi Yobashira, better known as Yoyo, who reveals that the two of them are seers.

7 Ima Koi: Now I’m in Love

The coloured cover of the first chapter of Ima Koi featuring Satomi and Yagyu

Having made its English debut on March 1st, 2022, Ima Koi: Now I’m in Love is unique among shoujo titles in the sense that the main leads, Satomi and Yagyu, start their relationship early on in the series. As a result, the manga explores the tumultuous beginnings of their relationship, from the awkward text messages to Satomi’s overall shyness around Yagyu.

Satomi first meets Yagyu after he saves her from a pervert while riding the train. After thanking him for his act of kindness, the two of them start to meet regularly, which eventually culminates in the start of their relationship.

6 Mitai Mitai

The colored cover of Mitai Mitai by Karuho Shiina

Though this manga is a one-shot, Mitai Mitai is worth reading based on its unique premise. Published on August 12th, 2022, this one-shot was written by Karuho Shiina, the author of the popular shoujo series Kimi ni Todoke.

The premise of Mitai Mitai revolves around two high school students who express interest in seeing each other’s faces; the two of them are always shown wearing masks in order to ward off diseases. Over time, however, what starts out as an interest in what the other student looks like eventually turns into a desire to get to know each other.

5 Tonari no Stella

Chisaki and Subaru as they appear in the Tonari no Stella manga

Also known as Stella Next to Me, Tonari no Stella tells the story of Chisaki and her life alongside her famous childhood friend Subaru. Over the course of the story, it is clear that Chisaki has developed feelings for Subaru, but finds it hard to confess her feelings to him due to his popularity both at school and on television.

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Conflict-wise, Tonari no Stella explores Chisaki being torn between pursuing a romance with Subaru or finding someone else that will suit her. But amidst all the drama, shoujo fans can also expect to find some comedy in the actor and school-boy dichotomy present with Subaru; for example, though he may appear charming on TV, Subaru is actually quite lazy.

4 I My Me Mine

Akira Izuki as she appears in the I My Me Mine manga

Written by Haru Yuuki, I My Me Mine revolves around the life of Akira Izuki, who is starting high school for the first time. Although she is determined to savor her high school experience to the fullest, things take a turn for the worse when she unwittingly helps out the delinquent Amamiya when he is in a pinch.

From then on, Akira finds herself to be the victim of guilt by association as she is both visited by other delinquents and shunned due to being associated with them. The only person willing to talk to her is Amamiya, who ultimately decides to be Akira’s high school companion, much to her shock.

3 Onee-chan no Midori-kun

Official artwork of Midori and Sui from the Onee-chan no Midori-kun manga

Released on March 11th, 2022, Onee-chan no Midori-kun, known in English as Midori Likes My Sister, was first announced and serialized by the magazine Bessatsu Margaret. The series’ author is Amu Meguro, who is also the author behind Hinata Blue, another shoujo series that recently came to a close.

The plot of Onee-chan no Midori-kun revolves around middle schooler Sui and her relationship with her Midori, her older sister’s boyfriend. Initially resentful of Midori for his condescending attitude towards her, things take an interesting turn when Midori is suddenly enlisted to be Sui’s tutor.

2 Teikoku no Koiyome

Official cover of Teikoku no Koiyome featuring Ririel and Rudius

Teikoku no Koiyome, roughly translated as Bride of the Empire, was published on March 24th, 2022. Unlike many entries on this list, this manga series incorporates some isekai elements into it, as Ririel is unwittingly reincarnated as the main villain of one of her internet novels.

Upon finding out about her reincarnation, Ririel wastes no time trying to amend her situation by obtaining a divorce from Rudius, the prince she was originally supposed to marry. For fans of both shoujo and isekai series, this is a series that is worth looking into.

1 Kekkaishi no Ichirinka

Official cover of Kekkaishi no Ichirinka featuring Saku Ichinomiya and Hana Ichise

Originally a novel, Kekkaishi no Ichirinka, or Bride of the Barrier Master in English, received a manga adaptation on March 5th. The series was then serialized by the B’s-LOG Comic magazine and illustrated by the artist Odayaka in collaboration with the original author Kureha.

The main heroine of the series, Hana Ichise, first develops her psychic abilities in order to protect Japan’s five pillars but decides not to use them for the reason of furthering her own education. However, Hana quickly finds herself in a contract marriage when Saku Ichinomiya, the leader of Hana’s clan, claims to have fallen in love with her.

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