6 Best Manga By Yoshihiro Togashi, Ranked

Yoshihiro Togashi is an iconic figure in the world of manga, and these are some of his best works.

Yoshihiro Togashi is a legendary figure in the world of manga who has garnered considerable acclaim for his impeccable storytelling and unique artistic style. With a career spanning decades, Togashi has created a large library of captivating tales and series that have captured the imaginations of readers worldwide.



From paranormal exploits to thrilling action sequences, Togashi has shown great talent in crafting intricate and engaging narratives throughout his lengthy career. The biggest of Togashi’s creative efforts have left a lasting impact on the manga industry. From his early success with popular series such as the supernatural martial arts extravaganza Yu Yu Hakusho to the complex intensity of the universally acclaimed Hunter x Hunter, Togashi has successfully won over fans and critics alike over the decades.

6 Ten de Shōwaru Cupid Is A Surprisingly Comedic Break From The Norm For Togashi

Ten de Showaru Cupid manga cover

In a mind-blowing twist for readers more accustomed to Togashi’s action-packed, high-concept adventures, the manga master once tried his hand at the world of romantic comedy. First dropping back in July 1989, Ten de Shōwaru Cupid sees Togashi at his most comedic and crude.

The story follows Ryuji Koinobori, a mild-mannered teenaged son of a notorious yakuza boss and philanderer. Determined to get his son more in line with his own lifestyle, Ryuji’s father arranges for him to meet Maria, a tail-sporting devil girl assigned to introduce Ryuji to a more erotic lifestyle. The series is as hilariously ridiculous as it sounds, frequently relying on crass humor and innuendo for laughs. It also manages to provide some interesting meditations on coming of age and masculinity, making it an impressively diverse piece of storytelling from an earlier point in Togashi’s esteemed career.

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5 Yu Yu Hakusho Tales Is A Thrilling Return To The Beloved Series

Collage of Hiei and Kurama's first meeting and a picture of team Urameshi

Yu Yu Hakusho Tales provided readers with a delightful revisit to the beloved world of Yu Yu Hakusho. In the exciting new stories on offer, Togashi reminds readers why they got so into the series in the first place, providing background and development to some of the series’ most beloved character in effective, one-shot stories.

The collection presents intriguing mysteries, captivating battles, and heartwarming moments seemingly designed to leave fans feeling nostalgic about their favorite characters and adventures. One such story begins with Yusuke and his friends reuniting to investigate strange occurrences at a high school. As they delve further into the mystery, they encounter new adversaries and engage in exhilarating battles, providing showcases of their powers and teamwork. It ultimately serves as a fantastic tribute to Yu Yu Hakusho and as a great way to relive the magic of this iconic series.

4 Akuten Wars Is An Underrated, Fast-Paced Thriller

Akuten Wars Roto

Togashi’s vicious one-shot sees him take a backseat on the art front, instead bringing in Hachi Mizuno to bring his script to life. The manga zeroes in on a dangerous game involving both angel and devil cards that could ultimately lead to the destruction of the planet.

The main character, Roto is initially presented as a straightforward middle schooler until he experiences a bizarre dream warning of devils looking to use a trendy card game to take over the world. While the dream itself seems absurd, Roto quickly begins to notice demonic activity at his high school and soon realizes his dream was far more important than he ever could have guessed. At just two chapters, Akuten Wars isn’t exactly a grand-scale epic, but it is a fun and imaginative piece of work that saw Togashi bring a then-relatively new artist to the forefront. A fast-paced bit of fun for Togashi fans.

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3 Hunter x Hunter Has Become One Of Manga’s Most Essential Shōnen Epics

Hunter x Hunter (1)

This epic adventure follows Gon Freecss, a young boy who embarks on a dangerous journey to find his absentee hunter father and become a hunter himself. Set in a world brimming with unique creatures, superpowers, and complex character dynamics, Hunter x Hunter excels in creating intricate, immersive storylines by the standards of the adventure genre.

One of the highlights of Hunter x Hunter is its exceptional character development. Togashi crafts a diverse cast, each with their own intriguing backstories, motivations, and complex growth arcs. The intricate world-building is another standout aspect, with the Hunter Association, Nen abilities, and the vast array of unique locations adding depth and richness to the narrative. Togashi’s ability to develop multifaceted characters and explore moral dilemmas makes this series a standout in the manga world. Hunter x Hunter defies typical shonen tropes, offering unexpected plot twists, moral complexities and exploring unconventional themes such as the nature of power and human psychology. Togashi’s intricate artwork and well-structured panel layouts enhance the storytelling, creating visually stunning and immersive scenes.

2 Level E Provides Readers A Perfect Blend Of Comedy And Sci-Fi

Level E anime cast still

Level E takes a different approach compared to many of Togashi’s other works, blending science fiction with comedy for a unique tone and atmosphere The story revolves around a high school student named Yukitaka Tsutsui, who encounters Prince Baka, an alien who has taken up residence in his room.

As Prince Baka’s pranks and tricks progressively intensify, Yukitaka finds himself drawn into a whirlwind of bizarre events that test the limits of his own sanity. Togashi skillfully blends humor, mystery, and intricate sci-fi concepts, seamlessly intertwining them to create a compelling storyline that continually surprises and delights readers. This unique approach imbues the series with an undeniable charm and unpredictability that captivates fans. It solidifies Togashi’s reputation as a versatile creator capable of pushing the boundaries of storytelling, thrilling readers and leaving them eagerly anticipating each new twist in the plot.

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1 Yu Yu Hakusho Gives Readers A Wild, Afterlife-Focused Ride

Yu Yu Hakusho anime Dark Tournament Kazuma Kuwabara Kurama Hiei Yusuke Urameshi

Yu Yu Hakusho is a beloved classic that has solidified Togashi’s place as a seminal figure in the manga medium. The story follows teenager Yusuke Urameshi, who dies saving a child and is given a chance to return to the human world as a Spirit Detective.

Throughout the enthralling storyline, Yusuke fearlessly explores the eerie dimensions of the supernatural, fostering numerous alliances while encountering adversaries, each of whom adds layers of complexity to the plot. What truly distinguishes Yu Yu Hakusho is Togashi’s remarkable ability to intricately weave together multifaceted plotlines, effortlessly captivating readers with every turn of the page. Eloquent storytelling interwoven with unforgettable characters defines the essence of this action-packed series. Amidst the heart-pounding battles, Togashi also masterfully infuses moments of humor that alleviate tension, allowing readers to find respite amidst the chaos. Yu Yu Hakusho is a must-read for fans of the supernatural genre.

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