6 Best Shonen Jump Manga That Started In 2023

Out of the 17 series in Weekly Shonen Jump, six debuted in 2023. Every title is available on the English Shonen Jump app, ready for reading.


  • Shonen Jump’s app and subscription service offer access to popular titles like Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen for only $2.99 a month.
  • New manga titles debut on the app as they are released in Japan, providing a wide range of options for readers.
  • The featured manga series, including Ice-Head Gill and Do Retry, offer unique settings and intriguing storylines that appeal to Shonen lovers.



Shonen lovers unlocked a new level of access to their favorite titles since Shonen Jump launched its app and subscription service. Every chapter of Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, and other staples is available for a mere $2.99 a month. The service isn’t limited to big titles either, as new titles debut on the app as they come out in Japan.

Out of the 17 currently running series in Weekly Shonen Jump, six debuted in the magazine in 2023. Every title is available on the English/Worldwide Shonen Jump app, with some already reaching more than 30 chapters. Some titles have well-known illustrators or writers, while some are from completely new mangaka.

6 Ice-Head Gill

Ice Head Gill full page color illustration announcement

  • アイスヘッドギル, Aisu Heddo Giru

Ice-Head Gill is Ikuo Hachiya’s first full manga series after his one-shot Seiryuu no Magoi. Hachiya shifted from regular Japan to ambiguous Europe for his magazine debut. Said hero is Gill Sol, a precocious boy from the Kingdom of Ashen Ice who yearns to restore his father’s legacy after his mysterious change of heart.

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Right off the bat, Gill is eye-catching because of its Scandinavian setting and precocious, matter-of-fact child protagonist. Sword and sorcery elements mix with Norse mythology freely, with some neat historical details. So far, the manga progresses at an episodic pace as Gill uncovers the root cause of his father’s disappearance and the evil forces slowly taking over his world.

5 Nue’s Exorcist

Nue's Exorcist Viz Media cover with Shonen Jump watermark

  • 鵺の陰陽師, Nue no Onmyōji

Nue’s Exorcist is the best in the sense that it’s possibly this year’s Weekly Shonen Jump ur-example of a manga that needs more time in the oven. The series has some fanart and even a few manga artists following it, but Nue is taking its time to find its voice, pacing, and character direction.

Curious manga fans should note that it has 13 chapters and counting. In these 13 chapters, they’ll witness Yajima growing out of his trauma to become the strong man his father was before his death. Nue, the titular spirit, kickstarts his quest with a power boost, and the series’ trend of apparently popular female character designs.

4 Do Retry

Do Retry Shonen Jump front cover

  • ドリトライ, Do Ritorai

Do Retry’s immediate selling point is its time period. Works set in post-World War 2 Japan tend to be heavy, and this fledgling manga is no exception. In fact, the manga starts with an air raid and escalates on how grueling the main character Aoozora’s journey will be for the first few chapters.

As mature as the setting is, the manga’s action, dialogue, premise, and character journey are firmly for Weekly Shonen Jump’s stated demographic of young kids. Aoozora has an almost comedic level of pain tolerance that sees him getting up from gang beatings and car crashes. His indefatigable body and spirit see him through the world of underground boxing for the sake of his tuberculosis-afflicted sister.

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3 Martial Master Asumi

Martial Master Asumi cover art with asumi and major recurring characters

  • アスミカケル, Asumi Kakeru

Martial Master Asumi is better grounded in reality than its big brothers, Baki and Kengan Ashura. Its characters are introduced to mixed martial arts naturally, even with a character having preternatural fighting abilities. Grappling and action choreography are also given the proper space and pacing appropriate to their real-life counterpart.

Kawada’s shift to MMA from sumo is marked by three main characters who have distinct outlooks on fighting and strength. Nito has natural fighting gifts but absolutely hates violence, Okiba doesn’t have the skills to uphold her strong virtues, and Yuya has no formal training at all. With a striking amount of pages per chapter, Asumi has a lot of action and character growth in store for readers.

2 Kill Blue

Kill Blue cover announcement Juzo Eri and Kotatsu

  • キルアオ, Kiru Aoi

Kuroku no Basket creator Tadatoshi Fujimaki enters the current trend of hitman/assassin manga with Kill Blue. Action fans may think about a cross between Sakamoto Days and Detective Conan or ReLive to get a baseline of what to expect from this series.

Hitman Ogami never had a normal childhood, so when he regresses in age, he actually takes to middle school learning enthusiastically. Naturally, his new lease on life comes with caveats: he needs to attend middle school to keep his job with his assassin organization and find a way to back to his near 40s.

1 Tenmaku Cinema

Tenmaku Cinema Hinaki Hajime Tenmaku on Viz splash art

  • テンマクキネマ, Tenmaku Kinema

The pair behind Food Wars is back with Tenmaku Cinema. Junior high school cinephile Shinichi Hajime is possessed by the ghost of prodigal teen screenwriter Tenmaku Takehiko. Chosen for his true love of movies, Shinichi is given an ultimatum: Help Tenmaku produce his unwritten work, or get stuck with his ghost pal forever.

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As expected of the pair, the art, pacing, and humor keep a lively beat throughout the manga while easing readers into Shinichi’s world. Cinema lovers would be delighted by the peeks into cinema, from scriptwriting, to producing, up to acting. Shinichi, Tenmaku, and Hinaki’s love for cinema, along with the growth of the cinema club, make it a must-read early on.

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