7 Best Manga To Read If You Love JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Manga readers who enjoyed Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure may enjoy these similar mangas.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a long-running manga series that follows the adventures of the Joestar family, whose various members possess unique and powerful abilities. The series is divided into several parts, each focusing on a different member of the Joestar family and their allies as they battle against various supernatural threats.



Fans of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure manga series know how intriguing the series is. Its unique blend of martial arts, supernatural abilities, and well-crafted villains makes it an appealing read. For fans that want more, there are various series that portray similar themes and are just as appealing, if not more.

7 Hunter × Hunter

Hunter × Hunter manga volumes 1-3

The Hunter x Hunter manga series features Gon Freecss, a young boy who sets out to become a hunter like his father in order to find him. In the series, hunters are licensed, elite humans capable of tracking down secret treasures and killing rare beasts. Gon’s father, Gin, is one of the most renowned hunters in the series, and Gon sets out on a journey to find him, and become a renowned hunter like him.

In terms of their power and story structures, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Hunter x Hunter share some similarities. In both series, the characters have unique power structures, with Stands in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Nen in Hunter x Hunter. Furthermore, both mangas explore themes of friendship and loyalty as the protagonists strive to wipe out evil.

6 Baki The Grappler

Baki The Grappler cast

The manga series Baki has always been more known for its incredible fights than the storyline it follows. The series features the young fighter Baki, who tests his battle skills against a variety of opponents in no-rule combat, where everything goes. As Baki defeats various opponents, he comes up against his father, the strongest man in the world.

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Like in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, there are a lot of brutal fights in Baki. These fights are intense and bloody, and death is not a strange occurrence. If fans of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure loved the fight scenes portrayed in the manga, then Baki would be sure to leave its mark.

5 YuYu Hakusho

YuYu Hakusho 

Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator of the renowned Hunter x Hunter manga series, also created the supernatural martial arts manga YuYu Hakusho. The manga series portrays the life of Yusuke Urameshi, a 14-year-old teenager who dies while trying to save a young boy from being hit by a car. After his death, Yusuke is revived to investigate various cases involving demons and spiritual apparitions in the human world.

Yuyu Hakusho has a similar supernatural martial arts theme to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The series focuses on battling the occult with uncommon abilities and a mix of martial arts that mere humans cannot hope to match. Additionally, the series also has a touch of Buddhist mythology incorporated into it.

4 Tenjho Tenge

Tenjho Tenge crew

The creator of the Air Gear manga series, Oh! great created Tenjho Tenge. The plot of the story begins with Souichiro Nagi and Bob Makihara as they attend their new school, Toudou Academy, planning to beat up anyone who gets in their way. This remains the plan until the boys find out that Toudou Academy is a school that incorporates and focuses on teaching many types of fighting styles alongside their academic curriculum.

With some students having supernatural abilities after learning to harness and use ki, the boys must get stronger to survive the competitive environment they find themselves in. As the creator of Tenjho Tenge loved Fist of the North Star as a child, Tenjho Tenge has a lot of similar concepts incorporated into it, making it similar to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in more ways than one.

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3 Sun Ken Rock

Sun Ken Rock

Ken, a high school delinquent, developed romantic feelings for Yumin, a girl at his school. However, Yumin left for Korea to become a police officer. Deciding to pursue his love, Ken followed Yumin’s footsteps as he tried to become a police officer too. However, by some twist of fate, Ken ends up becoming the leader of the gang, the Sun Ken Rock group. As Ken’s gang rises in power, he does his best to hide his gang leader status from Yumin, who despises gangs.

As Ken navigates Korea as a notorious group leader and pursuer of a beautiful police officer, the question of what it means to be a true man comes into play. With its masculine and martial arts themes, fans of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure will find this manga suited to their tastes.

2 Gintama

Gintama manga cast

Set in an alternate late Edo period where aliens have attacked the Earth, Gintoki Sakata works as an odd-job freelancer, slaying aliens when the situation calls for it. As the current shogunate has become a puppet government for aliens to rule the world, humans are not as free as before, and many factions have risen to curb the threat. Despite the threats around him, Gintoki takes on a comedic attitude and engages in various adventures.

Although Gintama has a different storyline than Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, the series still features a man taking out supernatural creatures when they harm those he deems dear or has been contracted to kill.

1 Fist Of The North Star


Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this manga series is seen through the eyes of Kenshiro, a warrior who inherited the deadly martial art ‘Hokuto Shinken’. This martial art allows him to decisively kill his opponents by striking their vital points. As Kenshiro battles against rival martial artists, gangs, and bandits, his masculinity and a lot of blood are put on full display.

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Fist of the North Star is undoubtedly one of the most similar manga series to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The series contains masculine men and intriguing villains, with the protagonist himself looking similar to Jonathan Joestar, the first protagonist of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series.

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