8 Best Anime About Angels & Demons, Ranked

Angels and demons make appearances throughout a broad spectrum of anime. These are some of the best of the bunch.


  • Anime featuring angels and demons draw inspiration from various mythologies, resulting in a diverse range of supernatural stories.
  • Shows like “Rage of Bahamut” and “Gabriel DropOut” offer unique takes on angels and demons, mixing genres like horror, comedy, romance, and drama.
  • “Devilman Crybaby,” “Angel Beats,” and “Demon Slayer” explore intense battles between demons and humans, with compelling characters and captivating storylines.



The vast anime library includes plenty of supernatural fares, drawing inspiration from the mythology of angels and demons. The lore of these celestial and hellish beings varies depending on what lore or legend the animators are drawing from, which means there’s plenty of variety when it comes to anime that features angels and demons.

Angels and demons from Biblical lore are common in anime when the writers or producers want to use famous and familiar names, while others use the general template of denizens of heaven or hell for their characters. These shows or movies are often found in the horror section, but can also include comedy, romance, and drama in their plots and storylines.

8 Rage Of Bahamut (2014, 2017)

Bahamut in Rage of Bahamut

There’s a monstrous being named Bahamut in real-world legends that holds up the earth, but he’s not inherently evil like the titular creature of Rage of Bahamut. The story takes place in the world of Mistarcia, which is populated by demons, humans, and angels living together in relative harmony as long as Bahamut is safely contained.

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The anime series consisted of two seasons; Genesis was released in 2014 and Virgin Soul followed a few years later in 2017. It’s based on a social-digital card game from 2011, and there’s also a manga series for those who prefer physical media.

7 Gabriel DropOut (2017)

Raphiel, Gabriel, Satanichia, and Vignette in Gabriel Dropout

The reference to the angel Gabriel is clear as one of the better-known names in the Biblical celestial pantheon, but the similarities end there. In the universe of Gabriel DropOut, angels are schooled and trained in Heaven before graduating to a high school on Earth, and not all of these supernatural beings are equipped to weather the perils of moral life.

The main character is an angel named Gabriel that becomes addicted to video games when she arrives on the earthly plane. She neglects all of her other responsibilities and studies as a result, hence the title of this anime. There’s also a manga series that’s been running since 2013.

6 Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby - Akira As Devilman Standing Underneath A Cross

The original manga, Devilman, was a favorite among both fans and critics, so the anime adaptation was eagerly anticipated by a loyal fanbase. Devilman Crybaby follows the same basic premise and storyline but moves the setting from the 1970s into the present day.

As the title suggests, this anime series is about devils. Akira is the character who is partly possessed by a demon, but controls its powers through his force of will, and seeks others like him to help fight the demons off before they possess all of humanity. The angels don’t appear until the very end, but revealing the details is too much of a spoiler.

5 Angel Beats

Angel and Yuri standing back to back holding weapons in Angel Beats

Of course, there are going to be angels and demons in a story that takes place in a “limbo” of sorts for traumatized souls. The main character is Yuzuru Otonashi, who arrives in the afterlife without any memories, and he has to confront and defeat his personal demons before ascending to Heaven.

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However, there’s more to the story than Otonashi’s personal saga. He’s immediately recruited by Yuri Nakamura to join the Afterlife Battlefront as part of a rebellion against god and the class president, who is obviously and appropriately named Angel.

4 Ah! My Goddess

Ah! My Goddess flights of fancy

When Keiichi Morisato accidentally rings the Goddess Help Line, someone actually answers, a goddess named Belldandy that can grant him a single wish. Keiichi, thinking this must be a prank, wishes that the goddess stays with him forever, and hijinx ensues when his wish is granted.

This anime series was inspired by the popular manga of the same name and is now part of an extensive franchise that includes live-action television and film adaptations along with several video games and even a soundtrack. The plot includes a variety of demons, angels, and other supernatural creatures, with the now-famous Belldandy being the one that takes up most of the storyline.

3 The Devil Is A Part-Timer

sadao from The Devil Is a Part Timer Mg Ronalds Pepper Fries

Demons and angels might be intimidating on their home planes of existence, but The Devil is a Part-Timer imagines what these supernatural beings would look like if they found themselves in the mundane dimension of real life, in this case, the world of Ente Isla.

Demon Lord Satan, aided by his fellow devils, attempts to conquer Ente Isla but is thwarted by a hero named Emi Yusa, who also happens to be descended from an archangel. She follows his defeat into the material world, where they are both reduced to teenagers but retain some of their powers.

2 Claymore


The plot of Claymore is about a group of women who have been augmented by a mysterious group called The Organization to fight demons. It’s unknown exactly how this is done, but rumor has it that these women are somehow part-demon themselves or have learned to use the same deadly powers.

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The knights featured in this series aren’t referred to as angels, but so much of how they are depicted refers to these celestial beings that it’s hard not to draw an obvious comparison. This is especially true of characters like Teresa, who keep a Stoic, peaceful visage and hardly ever use their demonic powers.

1 Demon Slayer

Tanjiro Demon Slayer Mark

Demon Slayer relies heavily on the Japanese version of demons and their elated mythologies. That means there are a lot of demons and very few angels to be seen in this popular series, which started as a manga, spawned an anime television series, and several video games.

Tanjiro Kamado, the main character, has a life that’s so idyllic it’s bound to be ruined by something. His family is attacked by demons and his sister is possessed by one, so not only does he have to save the world from demons, but he also has to save her. It’s found in the horror section, and it’s earned that title for the level of gore alone, but it could also be a period piece with the traditional clothing and design lifted from Japan’s Taishō era.

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