8 Strongest Dragons In Manhwa, Ranked

Dragons appear in so many stories whether it’s movies, comics, anime, manga, or even manhwa. Here are the strongest dragons in manhwa specifically.


  • Manhwa and manga are both comics or graphic novels named for their respective regions of origin: Korea and Japan.
  • Manhwa stories often feature tropes like dungeons, hunters, dragons, and energy cultivation for dramatic effect.
  • Some of the most powerful dragons in manhwa series include Murakan, Napolitan, and Soldrake, each with unique backgrounds.

Manhwa is, like manga, basically comics or graphic novels appropriately named for the area of the world they were created in. Japanese comics are called manga, and Korean comics are called manhwa. Obviously, there’s a bit more to it than that, but as a simple explanation, this works. Now, in manhwa, there are a lot of tropes just like there are in standard comics or in manga.



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In particular, manhwa stories seem to like the idea of dungeons, hunters, constellations, energy cultivation, regression, and of course dragons. When it comes to dragons, they’re seen in just about every type of media, as these mythical gigantic lizards are beloved the world over. So, let’s take a look at some of the most memorable and some of the most powerful dragons to ever appear in a manhwa series.

Murakan, The Guardian Dragon of Solderet

The Swordmaster’s Youngest Son

Swordmaster's Youngest - Murakan As Human And As Dragon

First up is a dragon by the name of Murakan. Murakan is a dragon that appears in Swordmaster’s Youngest Son as the guardian dragon of whoever is contracted with Solderet (the god of shadows and swords). In Swordmaster’s Youngest Son, Jin Runcandel forms a contract with Solderet, who tells him that he was actually cursed all his life, but before he can even enjoy this non-cursed existence, Jin is killed. However, due to this contract, Jin Runcandel then regresses back to the beginning of his life. About seven years after this, a (now) young Jin stumbles upon Murakan while accessing the secret library of the Runcandels, and from there the two are inseparable.

Murakan is a pretty blunt character, he’s abrasive and loud, but he’s obviously a real softie. However, when it comes to anyone threatening those close to him, Murakan becomes absolutely terrifying. In his dragon form, Murakan is gigantic and is covered in pure black scales with a ‘mane’ of shadowy fire. While Murakan is pretty weak at the moment compared to a lot of the other dragons in Swordmaster’s Youngest Son, that’s just because he woke up rather recently. At his peak, none could stand against Murakan, making him the strongest dragon in this setting.

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Brohmier Napolitan, the Final Boss of the Shadow Labyrinth

The Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

A Returners Magic Should Be Special - Examples Of Brohmier Appearance

While this next dragon wasn’t directly responsible for the genocide of most of the world’s population in A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special, he was the last obstacle in the way of humanity regaining any sort of control over the world from the Shadow Worlds. The Dragon of Destruction, better known as Napolitan, was the final ‘boss’ of the Shadow Labyrinth that most of the known world was pulled into. Out of the 150 million people that entered the Shadow Labyrinth, only about 100 remained just 9 years later.

These 100 were the strongest warriors of their respective people, and together they had the strength to beat just about anyone or anything. However, against Napolitan, 94 of those 100 fighters tragically died. So, it’s safe to say that Brohmier Napolitan is an incredibly strong dragon. And, even after dying Napolitan is deadly, as his heart stopping is enough to cause a massive explosion due to the remaining unstable mana.

Enchinda, Child of the Demonic Dragon Kargath

Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later

Player Who Returned 10000 Years Later - Enchinda Appearance

Not a ton of stuff is known about this next dragon, but considering who her father was and who eventually summoned her, it’s safe to say that Enchinda is pretty powerful. Enchinda first appears around chapter 40 of The Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later manhwa, and she’s brought to Earth by the protagonist of this manhwa, Kang Woo, in his attempt to summon a demonic familiar. But, it isn’t just Enchinda that’s summoned, as the party of ‘heroes’ from the fantasy world Enchinda is from come through the portal with her to finish her off, as they ignorantly blame Enchinda for their country’s famine and disease.

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After Kang Woo saves Enchinda from this fantasy party (and sort of becomes her new pseudo-parent, in a way), she joins Kang Woo in battle from this point on. And, while she’s not nearly as strong as the ‘King of Hell’ Kang Woo, Enchinda could likely beat any of the S-Class Hunters seen so far in this manhwa, and she hasn’t revealed all of her powers yet.

Verkis, the Dragon King

The Greatest Estate Developer

The Greatest Estate Developer - The Dragon King's Human and Draconic Forms

Now, compared to a lot of the other dragons on this list, this next one doesn’t really display his strength very much. However, Verkis, the King of the Dragons in the manhwa The Greatest Estate Developer, is assuredly one of the strongest beings in this setting, the story of Knight of Blood and Iron that Kim Suho (now Llyod Frontera) has been pulled into via isekai shenanigans. Even just a Bone Dragon was difficult for Llyod Frontera and Javier to take care of, and both of them are incomprehensibly strong.

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So when Llyod meets a few other dragons like Solitas and Anticus later on, he can immediately tell they’re much stronger. Then, when finally meeting Verkis, despite the guy’s lazy attitude, both Llyod and Javier can tell that Verkis is incomparably powerful. Of course, it’s very unlikely that Llyod will ever fight Verkis, considering he’s much more concerned about getting Verkis’ treasure or getting on the Dragon King’s good side than he is with proving himself superior to the Dragon King.

Soldrake, the Dragon Queen

Duke Pendragon

Duke Pendragon - Soldrake Draconic and Human Forms

Moving on to a Dragon that pretty much represents the entirety of the manhwa they’re in, let’s talk about Soldrake. Soldrake is the Dragon Queen in Duke Pendragon, and is basically the guardian dragon of the Pendragon Duchy family. Every new Duke of the Pendragons must form a contract with Soldrake, and if they can’t handle this contract they fall into a coma. Raven Valt (AKA Eren Pendragon) seems to be her favorite among all the contractors, which is great for Raven since Soldrake is an absolute monstrosity in terms of mana and power.

Sadly, even though the Immortal Queen or Master of Mana (other titles for Soldrake) is known to be absurdly powerful, she doesn’t actually fight all that much in Duke Pendragon. However, that’s sort of exactly how a deterrent should be right? As the idea of even causing Soldrake to act is enough to stop most people from messing with the Pendragons.

Flood Dragon King Anaxtus & Drakan, Descendant of Dragons

Dungeon Odyssey

Dungeon Odyssey - Both Examples Of Draconic Characters

Technically, Dungeon Odyssey doesn’t really have any ‘true’ dragons in it yet. However, two characters are descended from dragons and have just about all the traits of a dragon, those being Anaxtus and Drakan. First up is Drakan, and this cowardly goofball loves to talk about how he’s a descendant of dragons constantly. And, while this might make it seem like he’s embellishing or being unabashedly arrogant, Drakan actually is incredibly strong and is a dragon descendant.



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Though Drakan, compared to the Flood Dragon King Anaxtus, the Labyrinth Owner that Kim Jinwoo defeats first on the 9th floor of the Labyrinth, is still much weaker. Anaxtus seems to have tougher skin, has more physical strength, can transform into a more offense-oriented form, and even has a thermal beam that might as well be fire breath. Sure, Kim Jinwoo does defeat Anaxtus (and dominate Drakan) relatively easily, but he’s a 12th-level Dungeon Baby, so that’s hardly enough to call either of these draconic descendants weak.

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The Dio Valshesis’ Twins

The S-Classes That I Raised

The S-Classes That I Raised - Noah and Riette's Dragon Forms

Moving on to a more ‘classic’ manhwa setting where the world was suddenly invaded by dungeons and a percentage of humanity became ‘hunters’, let’s look at The S-Classes That I Raised. In this setting, there are quite a few dragons. There’s the dragon that the protagonist of this manhwa, Han Yoojin, ends up defeating to turn back time, the Transcendent known as Diarma, and of course the twin hunters with the power of the Dio Valshesis twin dragon AKA Riette and Noah Luire.

Riette Luire is an S-Class Hunter (and a criminal) while her younger brother Noah Luire is an A-Class, and the two of them got their draconic abilities after beating the twin-headed dragon Dio Valshesis together. Now, both Noah and Riette can actually turn into dragons, though these forms don’t seem to give them many extra abilities, or if they do they haven’t been shown quite yet.

Antares, The Dragon King

Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling - Antares Human and Draconic Forms

Disclaimer: HEAVY SPOILERS for Solo Leveling below, do not read this entry if you’re actively reading/watching Solo Leveling.

And finally, let’s talk about Antares. Antares is the Dragon King of the world Solo Leveling takes place in and is also basically the ‘end boss’ of Solo Leveling as a whole. As a Monarch of Destruction created by the ‘Absolute Being’ Antares wants nothing more than to destroy the world and win the war against the Rulers.

As such, when he discovers that the Shadow Monarch (AKA Jinwoo) has killed multiple Monarchs as well as the forces these Monarchs had prepared, he descends to the ‘human world’ to take out Jinwoo. Outside of the Absolute Being (basically God) and the Shadow Monarch, no one could even hope to stand up to Antares. In fact, even the Rulers had to rely on a tool that could rewind time over and over again in order to even attempt to beat Antares for good, and they never truly succeeded in doing this.

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