Baki Hanma: 9 Weakest Fighters, Ranked

Strength is one of the most treasured qualities in the world of Baki, and these characters seem to be lacking in this regard.


  • Strength is the ultimate power in the world of Baki Hanma, but it is only acknowledged by the presence of the weak.
  • Characters like Doyle, Izou Motobe, and Kiyosumi Katou are considered weak due to specific characteristics and flaws.
  • Despite possessing certain skills and techniques, characters like Mohammad Alai Jr, Gerry Strydum, and Mitsunari Tokugawa lack the raw physical strength and power compared to other fighters in the series.



In a world of martial arts and intense battles, strength is the ultimate power, and such is the world of Baki Hanma. The smash-hit martial arts series centers on and prioritizes strength only. However, strength is acknowledged only by the presence of the weak.

The series, boasting an array of powerful characters, is not without characters who, by its standards, can be considered weak. Although not in the literal sense of the word but due to specific characteristics and flaws, they cannot stand alongside the best of the best in the series. In this regard, below are some of the weakest characters of the series.

9 Doyle

Doyle baki hanma

One of the escaped death-row convicts, Doyle, is an assassin specializing in weaponry. Like Katou, Doyle sees nothing repulsive about winning a fight by any means necessary. He uses different weapons against his opponents, which mainly gives him an advantage due to the element of surprise.

However, despite being a near super-human given the experiments carried out on him, he loses out on multiple occasions to far stronger opponents like Oliver Biscuit and Yanagi, who leave him blind after their encounters. Doyle is strong but simply not strong enough for the series.

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8 Izou Motobe

Izou Motobe

An old Japanese master, Motobe, once served as a trainer for the young Baki Hanma. Depicted as relatively calm and unexpressive in most cases, Motobe is a man of considerable skill and experience.

He possesses a high level of battle intellect, making him one of the deadliest fighters of the series. Still, based on raw power, Motobe loses out as he is said to have a weaker body than most other fighters. This difference, however little it seems, would always be fatal for him in a battle of fine margins.

7 Kiyosumi Katou

Kiyosumi Katou

Katou is one of Doppo Orochi’s top Shinshinkai students. Described as cunning and brutal, he holds a different view of martial arts than his master. Katou is shown to be very temperamental and an underhanded fighter, as he hates losing more than anything. He chooses to use any means possible against his opponents.

Despite being a relatively good martial artist, Katou is aware of being weaker than most other fighters. Lacking physical strength and refined enough techniques, he resorts to being underhanded, and even this is not nearly enough against more powerful opponents.

6 Mohammad Alai Jr

Mohammad Alai Jr

According to the series, the son of the great Mohammad Alai, Alai Jr, is a rather skilled boxer who claims to have mastered a particular martial art that involved only punches. Depicted as arrogant in assessing his abilities, Alai has a fatal flaw.

Contrary to other fighters in the series, he never considers the possibility of his death during a fight, which means he cannot put his life on the line during a battle. On top of this, he also lacks the raw physical strength that other rival fighters are capable of, rendering his skills majorly ineffective against much more powerful opponents.

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5 Gerry Strydum

Gerry Strydum

A general in the U.S. Army and a friend of Yuujirou Hanma, Strydum is the peak of strength for a regular person. He is a man with a reasonably large build, and, contrary to his usual stoic expression, he is portrayed as instead caring towards the young Baki.

Strydum is a seasoned soldier and, as expected, is well-versed with weapons and explosives, but his combat abilities pale in comparison to the martial masters of the series. Lacking in raw power and technique, Strydum is ordinary compared to other characters in the show.

4 Andreas Regan

Andreas Regan

A wrestler with a massive build, Andreas Regan is one of the biggest characters of the series and is only outmatched by just a few. Possessing excessive strength ever since he was a child, Regan is portrayed as having felt repressed since he could not exact his full power against anyone until his fight against Baki.

This strength, however, means little in the world of martial arts and masters, as it is still not enough to take down Baki himself. Despite being able to go all out, Regan lacks martial techniques, which makes his power ineffective against opponents at a higher level.

3 Sergio Silva

Sergio Silva

A Brazilian Jiu-jitsu fighter, Sergio Silva does not demonstrate much of a personality, he, however is one of the 36 fighters of the Maximum tournament, a testament of his strength. Capable of immense power and competence in the Jiu-jitsu fighting style. Sergio is unable to go beyond the first round as his opponent is Jack Hanma.

Defeated effortlessly, he is knocked out of the tournament. Sergio, although possessing enough martial techniques he lacks the physical power in comparison to the strong to be able to compare to them as ultimately only the strongest survive in the martial world.

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2 Minoru Yamamoto

Minoru Yamamoto

One of the 36 members of the Maximum tournament, Yamamoto is not very outstanding but is described as analytical of his opponents. Based off his inclusion in the tournament, it is inferred that he is a powerful fighter.

However, following his easy defeat at the hands of Yui Amanai in the first round, not much is seen of the of the Japanese fighter. With barely effective techniques and a little above normal power, he is a fish out of water in the show.

1 Mitsunari Tokugawa

Mitsunari Tokugawa

A short and bald elder, Mitsunari Tokugawa is the 13th head of the Tokugawa clan. He owns and runs the Underground Arena and determines what the competition is like for participants.

Despite being the head of a martial arts clan, It is apparent that the elder is not a fighter as he is at no point during the series portrayed as one. Still, he is very knowledgeable about martial arts and is only interested in his tournament results. In a world of unbridled power, Tokugawa has no credentials of personal strength.

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