Best Deadpool Quotes In The Movies, Ranked

The Merc With a Mouth himself, Deadpool, has provided audiences with some hilarious fourth-wall-breaking quotes over the years.


  • Deadpool’s iconic quotes showcase his anti-hero persona & deconstruction of the superhero genre successfully.
  • The fourth-wall-breaking humor of Deadpool mocks confusing Fox X-Men timelines and Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern role.
  • The transition of Deadpool into the MCU hints at a future filled with more quips about the universe and its characters.

The Deadpool movies have been a massive success from years before they were even released, thanks to some leaked test footage. Besides great action, the hilarious talents of Ryan Reynolds, and a new important place in the future of the MCU, the cinematic adventures of Deadpool also feature some truly iconic quotes.

deadpool played by ryan reynolds in deadpool & wolverine (deadpool 3)


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Even without the third film having been released yet, there already exists a wide library of wonderful, zany, vulgar, and bizarre quotes from the Deadpool movie franchise. Ryan Reynolds made this already beloved character a true household name, and his infamy will only continue to grow when Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters on July 26, 2024.

“I May Be Super, But I’m No Hero.”

Deadpool Perfectly Sums Up His Anti-Hero Persona

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

  • Movie: Deadpool (2016)

One of the quotes from the Deadpool movie that really helps the audience get to know the character quickly, this quote was an easy tagline and trailer moment that showcased how much of a superhero deconstruction the movie and character were going to be.

Still at the height of the superhero movie craze, the first Deadpool movie was a complete table flip on the genre, as Deadpool wasn’t much of a hero, and was extremely R-rated. The wave of media that has followed suit was mostly off the back of seeing how successful Deadpool managed to be despite the R-rating, telling studios they could invest more into superhero projects that weren’t directed at younger audiences.

“McAvoy Or Stewart? These Timelines Are Confusing.”

Deadpool Pokes Fun At The Convoluted Fox X-Men Timelines

Professor X & Professor X

  • Movie: Deadpool (2016)

Deadpool takes a lot of potshots at different franchises and previous Ryan Reynolds movies, but one of his earliest fourth-wall breaks in the first film helped the audience realize how wild the style of the movie truly was. The Fox X-Men cinematic outings were marred by changing timelines and most fans were confused about where the Deadpool movie was going to fit into them.

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But, in classic Deadpool style, he managed to avoid any criticism or even give a proper answer to this question by being as confused as the audience was and voicing the frustrations of the fans themselves about how mixed up the timelines of the universe had gotten. With Deadpool now joining the MCU, he’s likely to make more bizarre quips about his new universe and how he got there.

“Life Is An Endless Series Of Trainwrecks With Only Brief Commercial-Like Breaks Of Happiness.”

Wade’s Brutal Nihilism When He Faces A Tragedy

Deadpool & Vanessa In Deadpool

Deadpool is one of the most nihilistic Marvel characters, and he often hides this through humor. This great quote was a brutal one that helped sum up for audiences the reality of how tragic much of Deadpool’s life is. This is something that does come up regularly. Beyond the jokes, Deadpool has a lot of serious issues and has faced heartbreak many times.

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Wade Wilson as a man may have lost much of his mind, but he doesn’t really have a lot of friends generally because of his abrasive personality, and in the movies, he is shown to get cancer, lose the love of his life, and suffer hugely in a relatively short space of time. His hatred of life is an almost inevitable side effect of all this suffering, and it slips through his humorous demeanor much of the time.

“Please Don’t Make The Super Suit Green, Or Animated!”

One Of The Many Jabs At Ryan Reynolds’ Time As DC’s Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds In Deadpool 2

  • Movie: Deadpool (2016)

There aren’t many actors who come out and publicly apologize for a part they played in a movie, and even fewer actors who get to openly mock one of their roles in another film. But Ryan Reynolds isn’t ordinary, and neither is Deadpool, so he did not hesitate to mock his previous superhero role as Hal Jordan in the DC Universe.

Reynolds starred in the 2011 Green Lantern movie, which was generally disliked by fans and critics. The lack of success led to a stall in the creation of the intended DC Cinematic Universe. Deadpool in his movies took several shots at his previous role, including shooting an alternate version of Ryan Reynolds in the head while he was reading the script for the Green Lantern movie.

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“Almost Like The Studio Couldn’t Afford Another X-Man…”

Another Nod To Reality

Deadpool With The X-Men

  • Movie: Deadpool (2016)

Many of Deadpool’s best quotes come from his fourth-wall-breaking moments in the films. The reality of Deadpool being an R-rated movie meant that the studio couldn’t take as big a risk on it as they could with other superhero movies. The lower budget led to the studio only adding a couple of other X-Men characters to the first film.

Instead of attempting to hide this weakness from the audience, Deadpool, in his traditional style, decided to lay into his own movie and studio by complaining that there weren’t more cameos from other major Marvel Comics characters. This would be somewhat rectified by a larger budget and cast in the sequel, and Deadpool’s own personal hero, Wolverine, will appear in his new movie.

“You’re Still Here? It’s Over, Go Home!”

A Post-Credits Scene That Pokes Fun At Post-Credits Scenes

Deadpool Post-Credit Scene

  • Movie: Deadpool (2016)

Superhero movies have co-opted the post-credits scene and have made a trademark, convincing audiences to sit until the very end of the credits for almost all superhero movies. While this means the cast and crew get better acknowledgment for their hard work, Deadpool couldn’t resist poking fun at the expectation for significant events occurring after the credits.

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Deadpool did add a scene at the very end of the film, only for it to be a parody of the post-credits scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off which was one of the first films to include such a tease like this, long before it became a staple of the superhero genre.

“You’re So Dark. You Sure You’re Not From The DC Universe?”

Taking A Shot At The DCEU’s Darker Tone

Josh Brolin In Deadpool 2

  • Movie: Deadpool 2 (2018)

The DCEU was always a little rocky compared to the MCU, and Deadpool didn’t mind bringing up the war between cinematic universes even before he was a part of the MCU. When he first met Cable, a much darker character than the ones who’d previously been surrounding the Merc with the Mouth in his films, he couldn’t help but make this comparison.

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The DCEU took a darker tone than that of the MCU, or the Deadpool movies, and as a character who had lost his entire family and come to the past in a fit of vengeance, Cable was always going to produce a reaction of this sort from the fourth-wall breaking hero.

“Good News And Bad News. Bad News Is The Whole Team Is Dead.”

The X-Force Gag Pays Off With Hilarious Violence

Deadpool and the X-Force jump out of the plane in Deadpool 2

  • Movie: Deadpool 2 (2018)

There might not have been quite as many memorable quotes from the second Deadpool cinematic outing as there were in the first. But the scene in which, having formed an X-Force team through a series of auditions, Deadpool is forced to watch as they all die disastrously, except Domino, is incredible.

Despite them being mostly made up of C-tier X-Men characters, the X-Force team looked like it may have a significant role in the sequel. Instead, they all immediately die after a series of mishaps, all immediately following one another, leaving Deadpool to end the amazing scene by informing Domino of their untimely fate. The good news which followed this bad one was simply “I don’t think anyone is going to miss Shatterstar”.

“Your Little Cinematic Universe Is About To Change Forever”

A Great Teaser For The Future Of The MCU

wade wilson saluting captain america

  • Movie: Deadpool & Wolverine (2024)

Though Deadpool & Wolverine hasn’t arrived in theaters yet, there are already some infamous quotes from the trailers seen thus far, including this one. With this new movie, Deadpool is going to officially enter the MCU, using the multiversal concepts recently taking center stage in that franchise.

While the other characters and main story of Deadpool & Wolverine will just think of this as being a variant from a different timeline, the Ryan Reynolds character himself will know, in classic Deadpool fashion, that he’s now entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he will likely make several more jokes about the MCU and Disney before he’s finished in this new entry.

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