Black Clover: All Forms Of Magic And What They Do

A way that Magic is classified in Black Clover is by the Form it appears to take in regards to its function. Here’s all of them and what they do!

In the complex fantasy world of Black Clover, Magic in all of its forms gets quantified and qualified by a variety of different parameters to help mages better understand this powerful natural medium. The base of all Magic originates from natural energy known as Mana. It flows through the environment as well as living organisms, therefore all people have some sort of aptitude to harness it for Magic.

One of the ways that Magic can be classified is by the Form it appears to take in regard to its function, not its Type or element of origin. There are 17 Forms of Magic overall in Black Clover and each is used in notably different manners.

Updated on February 26, 2023, by Suzail Ahmad: Like every major shonen series, Black Clover has its own power system. Throughout the series, fans have witnessed different kinds of magic, ranging from healing to curses. Given the fact that there are so many types of magic, it is extremely difficult for a person to master them all. So, it is better to just focus on a few types and increase one’s proficiency in them. As a character improves their control over a specific type of magic, they can use their mind to add variations and create new spells. With that in mind, the list has been updated to include the strongest techniques and some of the best users of each type of magic in Black Clover.



17 Anti Magic

asta in black asta form in the anime.

Most known for being used by Asta, Anti Magic can be considered the inverse of almost all kinds of Magic. Use of it can nullify incoming spells, penetrate magical barriers, as well as even deactivate magical traps and curses. This Form of Magic is best implemented when used in conjunction with certain items, like the swords in Asta’s five-clover grimoire.

It is worth noting that Anti Magic cannot be imitated by spells using Imitation Magic, however, it can be replicated via Mirror Magic spells. The latter combination allows for good synergy between mages like Asta and his Black Bulls ally Gauche, who uses Mirror Magic.

Notable technique and user: Anti Magic is considered by many to be the strongest type of magic within the series. The most notable user of this magic is Asta. He can use Anti Magic to cover his body and spin rapidly to discharge swings that can dispel magic spells in an instant.

16 Barrier Magic

magical shield protecting the capital city.

Purely defensive Forms of Magic are relatively unique in that they don’t require specific spells, or even a grimoire, to be cast, however, spells borne from a grimoire can make Barrier Magic significantly more powerful. By utilizing specific orb-like tools, multiple mages can work together to weave a much greater magical barrier than otherwise possible.

Mostly artificial Magic, the huge barriers erected around the desired location can be turned on and off more than it can be cast, despite needing to be activated by one, or preferably more, mages.

Notable technique and user: Barrier Magic can be used by a mage with little to no difficulty. As the name suggests, the main purpose of this type of magic is to erect barriers to protect oneself from harm. As it is primarily used for defense, there are many mages who excel at Barrier Magic.

15 Communication Magic

a character using magic spells to get into the minds of someone.

A broad term that encompasses all kinds of long-range Magic that transmit auditory and visual information. One can think of Communication Magic as using a cellphone or performing a video call. Skilled mages can imbue tools and devices so that those not capable of using this Form of Magic can use them to interact over great distances.

Magic knights use devices like these to keep in contact while on missions that split them up. They can be handy in relaying vital battlefield information to comrades.

Notable technique and user: Communication Magic is very useful for extracting information from a person. Memoir Absolu is a technique used by Marx Francois in order to gain intel by forcing another person to answer all the questions. The technique is unnamed in the manga, but the anime gave it a name of its own.

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14 Compound Magic

lightning, metal, and wing magic used together.

While not truly a Form of Magic on its own, Compound Magic is more like a technique that combines different Forms of Magic together to create a very powerful new spell.

This displays aspects of all the different kinds of Magic being combined, and it is the most common way for mages of different Magic Forms and Types to merge their might. An example of Compound Magic is the Thunder Arrow spell, which is a combination of Lightning Magic, Steel Magic, and Wind Magic. The Steel Magic creates a projectile while the Lightning Magic charges it with an energetic payload while the Wing Magic propels it in the desired direction for a deadly attack.

Notable technique and user: Compound Magic cannot be used by mages who have a low aptitude for Magic. Elemental Quintet is a Compound Magic technique that requires five different individuals to perform. It is a strong offensive technique that can cause significant damage to the opponent. Since the Magic needs more than one mage, there are no stand-out users.

13 Creation Magic

sea dragon's roar, a spell using water creation magic.

The most common and versatile Form of Magic, Creation Magic offers nearly infinite possibilities for mages to bring forth creatures and allies composed of their Mana. Such spells can create dragons made of water, hawks made of wind, and other non-sentient elemental beings whose potential is only limited to a mage’s imagination and skill.

An impressive example of this Form of Magic is Sea Dragon’s Roar, where the mage produces a serpentine jet of water that grows the head of a dragon. This creates an intelligent projectile that will race toward its target, however, if it misses, it can redirect itself to continue the pursuit.

Notable technique and user: Due to its simplistic nature, there are plenty of techniques derived from Creation Magic. One of the more striking techniques is “Slashing Sea Serpent,” in which the user sends out streams of water shaped like a serpent. The sheer speed of the serpent is strong enough to damage the opponents. Nozel Silva and his brother, Solid Silva.

12 Curse Magic

yuno dodging a witch's curse magic.

A tactic for those wishing to inflict genuine harm on targets, Curse Magic revolves around afflicting others with negative health effects. These can be minor illnesses, serious diseases, or even eternal doom. This Form of Magic is one that pertains specifically to hurting humans, as magical creatures and elves are not affected by the same Curse Magic spells.

All Curse Magic seems to have originated from the powerful devil known as Megicula, who is a high-ranking being connected to the Tree of Qliphoth. An example of this Form is the Joyful Destructive Ash spell, which produces orbs that, when making contact with a person, will cause their physical senses to be dulled. Too much exposure to these ashen blobs will result in blindness and deafness, among other sense-related maladies.

Notable technique and user: Aufwachen Dachs is a poison-based Curse Magic technique that was used by Gordon Agrippa. In this spell, the user creates badgers made out of poison, and they can destroy corpses reinforced by magic.

11 Forbidden Magic

antagonist vetto opening his third eye.

Borne from the Negative Mana of the Underworld, Forbidden Magic is a wide umbrella term for Forms of Magic that originate from the realm of devils, and spells in this classification are not bound by normal restrictions, making them exceptionally more powerful; healing can regenerate whole limbs, humans forms can be twisted permanently, and curses can become incurable.

The Evil Eye spell is a sinister tactic that can essentially stuff a new soul into the body of a host and force the original into some sort of artificial coma. The new soul takes over, but this Forbidden Magic spell can be broken if the host’s soul wakes up.

Notable technique and user: By gathering the Negative Mana, the user can use spells such as Eternal Prison to trap the target inside a magic cube for centuries. Patry is among the most renowned users of Forbidden Magic.

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10 Healing Magic

mimosa healing many people at once with plant magic.

Users of this Form of Magic can heal wounds, however, the capacity to aid the injured is limited. Lost limbs cannot be regrown, though severed ones can be re-attached and healed to great effect.

Death cannot be reversed either, therefore Healing Magic is only useful at the times injuries occur or while the target is still breathing. The adorably named Princess-Healing Flower Paradise spell can produce a garden of small, vibrant flowers that will exude an aura that will heal injuries and relieve people of exhaustion, however, it cannot restore magical energy.

Notable technique and user: Healing Magic can come in handy when a person has suffered an injury. Budding of Yggdrasil is a spell derived from Healing Magic. Using the spell results in the sprouting of a massive tree, which then covers people with its branches and heals them. William Vengeance, one of the most talented mages in the series, is an expert at using Healing Magic.

9 Reincarnation Magic

special spell used to reincarnate a soul years after being cast.

Immensely powerful Magic that can bring the dead back to life or prevent a target from dying. While this Form of Magic sometimes gets classified as Forbidden Magic, it stands out on its own for being able to manipulate the souls of living creatures and may not actually have origins in the Underworld, like other Forbidden Magic spells.

An example of Reincarnation Magic is the Noad Nephesh spell, which can force a soul into a limbo state so that it can possibly be restored later. This spell’s usage can span centuries under the correct conditions.

​Notable technique and user: Reincarnation Magic is a very special type of Magic, and only a handful of people can use it. Zagred, a high-ranking demon, could use Reincarnation Magic because of his large mana reserves.

8 Reinforcement Magic

yami reinforcing his arm to shatter a boulder.

Used almost exclusively to enhance the physical properties of the human body, Reinforcement Magic allows mages to increase the strength and speed of various limbs or their entire body. One can even cast spells of this nature onto allies to buff their hand-to-hand combat prowess or grant many other battlefield boons.

One application of the Form of Magic is to increase the running speed and jumping power of an individual’s legs with the Leg Strength Boost spell.

Notable technique and user: Reinforcement Magic is primarily used in fights as it improves the physical attributes of a person. Roland and his Magic Pollen spell can greatly help his allies in battle.

7 Restraining Magic

julius using time magic to trap people.

Primarily functions as a way for mages to disable and bind their enemies, Restraining Magic is a versatile way to immobilize threats. Not only can such spells physically tie down a foe, but they can also restrict the target’s use of magic. Restraining Magic often takes the form of bubbles that trap targets or chains and ropes which snare them.

A unique way of immobilizing multiple targets with this Form of Magic can be achieved by using the Chrono Stasis spell, which will cause those afflicted to be trapped in a short loop of time as long as the caster desires.

Notable technique and user: To be able to stop the target from moving is an excellent ability to have in one’s locker. Nebra Silva used her mastery of Mist-based spells to create Mist Spider’s Thread, preventing an opponent from moving.

6 Seal Magic

character breaking a seal of magic.

While this Form of Magic overlaps a bit with Restraining Magic, Seal Magic is exclusively used to contain an enemy mage’s magical power.

Spells of this nature prevent the target from using spells for either a short period or over a very long time, depending on the intent of the caster.

The spell known as the Trinity Magic Seal requires 3 separate mages to stand around a target and cast magical writing between themselves and around the desired individual. This process can encase a target in a crystal while locking away their power.

Notable technique and user: Patry had the ability to Seal Magic, which enabled him to restrict his target from moving and using their mana properly.

5 Spirit Magic

fuegoleon summoning the fire spirit salamander.

Vastly different from Creation Magic, despite similar appearances, Spirit Magic encompasses spells that allow a mage to summon a sentient elemental being from their grimoire. The ability to call upon one of the four great elemental spirits of the world is considered an undeniable sign of magical strength and offers incredible power boosts.

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Salamander is the spirit of fire that can be summoned with Fire-type Spirit Magic. This draconic being can take multiple forms, like that of a flying reptile covered in flames.

Notable technique and user: Spirit Magic is a rare type of Magic, and it can only be accessed by a few individuals. Saint Valkyrie Armor is one of the most striking spells that incorporate Spirit Magic. Fuegoleon Vermillion, the captain of the Crimson Lion Squad, is one of the best users of Spirit Magic.

4 Transformation Magic

grey transforming into asta.

This Form of Magic may not have huge combat potential, but it can be used in a plethora of subversive or comical ways. Transformation Magic allows a mage to change into the shape of another human, regardless of age, gender, and other physical differences. Exceptionally skilled mages can even change the shapes of others with such spells.

One spell worth noting is Magic Convert, which produces a dense fog that can envelop a target and turn their magical energy into a different like, like changing Fire Magic into Water Magic.

Notable technique and user: Transformation Magic may require a great deal of effort to master, but it is worth it. Julius Novachrono continuously used Transformation Magic to blend with the commoners and learn about their lives.

3 Trap Magic

one of the black bulls setting off a trap magic spell.

Trap Magic, as it sounds, is a manner in which mages can place magical circles imbued with Mana upon the ground, wall, or even in mid-air. These magical trap circles become invisible to all except the caster after being drawn and require the user to prime them ahead of time. Trap Magic can do a lot of things, like snare victims with other Forms of Magic (including Restraining and Seal Magic), reverse incoming spells, and much more.

Vine Bind is a spell of this Form of Magic that can snare and drain targets of their magical energy. Even more sinisterly, it can be hidden and set off.

Notable technique and user: Due to its limited use in the series, Trap Magic does not have many spells. Like his father, Zora Ideale is highly skilled when it comes to Trap Magic. Sadly, most of his techniques remain unnamed in the manga.

2 Unite Magic

manga panel depicting nacht using unite magic.

Unite Magic is a special Form that can only be used by mages who have a contract with a devil. An equal contract requires a mage and their devil partner to synchronize thoughts while a master-servant contract lets a mage use their servant devil’s power however they please. In this manner, one can take on the appearance and immense magical power of a devil.

With the right contract in place, mages can summon their devil allies to cover their bodies in shadowy armor that increases their offensive and defensive abilities significantly.

Notable technique and user: Devil Union Mode: Gallus × Felis is a Union Magic technique used by Nacht Faust. In this spell, he summons two devils, whose powers he uses to bolster his own magic power, making him a dangerous mage.


1 Weakening Magic

luck being affected by weakening magic.

The inverse of Reinforcement Magic, mages who wish to debilitate the physical prowess of foes can use spells in the Form of Weakening Magic. This is ideally used on enemies who have impressive strength and speed in order to even the odds. Those afflicted by this Form of Magic are only inhibited as long as the spell remains active and don’t often suffer long-term effects.

The spell that is known as Smoke Garden of Usurpation can create misty expanses that will cause those within it to eventually lose their balance. Worse yet, if targets remain in the miasma for too long, it can kill them.

Notable technique and user: Weakening Magic has the potential to become a devastating weapon, but there is only one confirmed user of this type of Magic, namely Lotus Whomalt. Unless there are new users in the future, Weakening Magic will not see more use.

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