Boruto: The 10 Best Karma Powers (So Far)

The Karma is an incredibly powerful ability introduced in Boruto and here’s what it is capable of doing.


  • The Karma seal in Boruto grants various incredible abilities, including flight, manifestation, resurrection, healing powers, chakra absorption, ninjutsu absorption, space-time ninjutsu, and Otsutsuki abilities.
  • The seal allows Otsutsuki to manifest even after death, with the vessel needing to be depleted of chakra. Resurrection is also possible, allowing the Otsutsuki to be reborn in a new body.
  • The Karma seal not only grants powers, but also Otsutsuki fighting experience, making it a dangerous and potentially the greatest power in the Naruto world.



The Karma is the strongest ability to be introduced in the world of Boruto and is central to the overall plot of the series. First introduced during the Versus Momoshiki arc, the Karma was a mysterious seal that was embedded into Boruto’s palm by Momoshiki after his defeat to the shinobi.

As the series went on, more information about this power was revealed to the fans, and currently, it ranks as one of the greatest power sources in the entire Boruto series, if not the greatest already. So far, quite a few bearers of the Karma have appeared in the story with each of them demonstrating different abilities.

Updated on August 23, 2023, by Rei Penber: The Karma is one of the main power sources in the world of Boruto. In fact, it can be considered to be the biggest power source in the series and fans have, over the years, found out quite a lot about this ability. Created by those of the Otsutsuki, the Karma seal has only grown in terms of importance and influence in Boruto. Currently, fans know 3 major characters who possess this power and it is through them that they have found out a lot more about what it has to offer. While this list already goes over the vast majority of the Boruto Karma powers, fans now know more about it. As such, this list has now been updated.

10 Flight

Momoshiki Otsutsuki Naruto

One of the biggest powers that the Karma seal offers is the ability of flight. Even before the full manifestation of this ability, any person bearing the Karma seal in Boruto can fly. This is because all the members of the Otsutsuki Clan are known to be able to fly easily. Those who possess the Karma can make use of this power for their own good.

As soon as stage 2 of the Karma seal is activated, a user can levitate and then move at blinding speeds, as well as fight midair. While this is not the greatest ability that this seal has to offer, it is certainly one that aids the fighters quite a lot. Boruto Uzumaki, for instance, gains a whole new dimension of abilities once he unlocks this power. Kawaki, on the other hand, is more accustomed to using it and has utilized it quite a lot, especially now after the timeskip, in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex. Boruto Uzumaki, on the other hand, hasn’t displayed this ability when not under the influence of Momoshiki. Perhaps, he has grown to a point where he can pull it off too after the timeskip. Meanwhile, Code can certainly make use of this power and he has displayed it on more than a few occasions.

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9 Manifestation

Boruto Things The Shibai Otsutsuki Reveal Hints About Ninjutsu

It is through the Karma seal that an Otsutsuki can manifest themselves even after dying. Essentially, an Otsutsuki only embeds a Karma seal into someone in order to stay alive. However, the process of extraction of all the data passed on through a Karma seal takes quite a lot of time. This means that the Otsutsuki cannot manifest themselves properly while this process is going on, however, under certain circumstances, they can manifest themselves.

In order to achieve this, their vessel, which bears the Karma, needs to be depleted of chakra at first. When the chakra is below a certain level or the body is completely unconscious, the Otsutsuki can manifest themselves and gain control as if they were alive. During this time, these alien parasites must not absorb too much chakra because doing that would then grant the vessel with enough chakra to function and fight their influence. Momoshiki Otsutsuki has been seen taking control of Boruto on several such occasions. As soon as his chakra falls below a certain degree, Momoshiki manifests himself.

8 Resurrection

Shibai Otsutsuki in Boruto

The biggest power of the Karma is that it allows the Otsutsuki clan members to resurrect themselves, essentially transcending death permanently. The Karma contains all the data of the actual person who passes it on. Slowly, as it gets embedded into the body of a vessel, it extracts itself and over time, this extraction process completes. When that happens, the Otsutsuki that passes over the Karma can essentially be reborn in a completely new body.

This way, these alien parasites have cheated death itself and they have continued to do this for a millennium. Anyone bearing the powers of the Otsutsuki completely or near completion can use this ability. It is theorized that even Boruto Uzumaki can pass on a Karma to someone else and be resurrected in their body. Fans have seen this process happen once and, perhaps, in the future, it will show up again.

7 Healing Powers

Momoshiki using the remaining 18% to heal Boruto

The Karma seal in Boruto also offers powers to heal the vessel when needed. During the process of extraction, a certain percentage can be sacrificed in order to heal the vessel. This was seen when Boruto Uzumaki was killed by Kawaki. At this point, the extraction process had completed 82%. Momoshiki ended up using the remaining 18% to heal Boruto and bring him back to life.

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It must be remembered that Boruto had a large gaping hole in his chest and several of his organs, including his heart, had been completely destroyed. Boruto’s Karma seal possesses enough power to revert those changes and bring the vessel back to life, which is nothing short of incredible. Perhaps, these healing powers offered by the Karma seal will come into play once again in the future. Provided that there are lots of Otsutsuki out there, fans might see this ability very soon in part 2 of Boruto.

6 Chakra Absorption


Chakra absorption is one of the basic powers that the Karma seal offers to its user. This power can be used quite early into the extraction process of the seal and, as the name suggests, it allows them to absorb chakra from any source.

Boruto Uzumaki was able to steal Naruto’s chakra when he felt low on reserves during his fight against Boro. By merely placing his palm on Naruto’s body, he was able to absorb as much chakra as he wanted. This power of the Karma seal is quite similar to the Rinnegan’s ability to absorb chakra from someone’s body and relies heavily on contact. However, this is also one of its biggest drawbacks.

5 Ninjutsu Absorption

boruto karma full

Just like the Karma can absorb chakra directly from someone’s body, it can also absorb any ninjutsu that is fired at them. The world of Naruto and Boruto relies heavily on the usage of ninja techniques and various elemental jutsu. All of them can easily be countered using the Karma seal.

By merely holding it in front of the technique, any form of ninjutsu can easily be absorbed. However, no technique that naturally manipulates elements, such as the water dragon jutsu or Kashin Koji’s flame jutsu that he summons from the burning mountains, can be absorbed. Nonetheless, it is still extremely useful in combat and grants a major advantage to any user of karma.

4 Space-time Ninjutsu

Karma Rift Boruto

Space-time ninjutsu are rare in the Naruto world and those who do possess it hold a significant advantage over those who don’t. The likes of Minato Namikaze excelled at the usage of these techniques. These Jutsu allow the user to open a portal for instantaneous travel to either a different location or even a different dimension completely. Any user of Karma also has access to space-time ninjutsu, as seen on various occasions now.

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Boruto Uzumaki and Kawaki are both capable of using this jutsu. Initially, the two needed to use their karma together to open a portal to any dimension. Now, they have grown strong enough to individually use these techniques, granting them near godlike abilities that will only get stronger with time.

3 Otsutsuki Abilities

Boruto Kawaki Destroys Konoha

The Karma is basically the encrypted data of an Otsutsuki that is embedded into another person. Slowly, the seal extracts itself and once this extraction is complete, the Otsutsuki is then reborn. As such, it is natural for the seal to also grant Otsutsuki abilities to its users.

For instance, the karma seal gives Kawaki the ability to use Sukunahikona and Daikokuten, both of which belong to Isshiki Otsutsuki. These abilities allow him to shrink himself or any other non-living object instantaneously to microscopic sizes and return them to normal size, and store anything in a dimension where time doesn’t flow and summon it from there, respectively. Any ability that is unique to the Otsutsuki is also granted to the user of the Karma.

2 Stage 2

Boruto Karma Stage 2

The karma also grants a significant power boost to the base abilities of the user. Upon the activation of the seal, the fighting capabilities of the user shoot through the roof. This was seen when Boruto Uzumaki used the seal in combat against his father. Prior to using it, he was not able to keep up with Naruto’s advanced techniques, yet after using it, the gap between the two shortened.

The seal, when fully unleashed, grants the features of Otsutsuki, such as the horns and even the Dojutsu. This is widely known as the second stage of the Karma seal. During this stage, their fighting capabilities are enhanced to the point where the user almost feels like an Otsutsuki. This can only, however, be accessed when the seal has extracted most of its data and the process is close to completion.

1 Otsutsuki Experience

jigen using karma

Apart from granting the abilities of the Otsutsuki, the Karma seal also grants the fighting experience that they possessed. As the seal extracts itself slowly over time, all the experience that the Otsutsuki gained over the years is also stored within the bodies of the karma bearers.

As such, fighting comes as second nature to them. This was evident from Boruto Uzumaki’s fight against Code, where just using the seal gave him abilities and experience that Momoshiki once possessed. This makes the Karma seal an incredibly dangerous power and is one of the major reasons why this seal might just well be the greatest power to exist in the Naruto world.

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