Dragon Ball: How Strong Is the Evil Saiyan Warrior Cumber?

Cumber is the latest Saiyan to be introduced in the Dragon Ball franchise. Just how strong is he?


  • The Dragon Ball franchise has achieved immense success across various industries, including manga, anime, merchandise, and video games.
  • Dragon Ball Super and the introduction of new powerful characters like Cumber are keeping the charm of the original series alive.
  • Cumber is an overpowered Saiyan warrior with immense destructive power, making him one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball universe. However, he is not canon, which means fans may not see him in the official Dragon Ball Super story unless the creator decides to make him canon.



The Dragon Ball franchise has been quite successful in elevating itself to the status of an all-time commercially and critically successful anime franchise which is a feat immensely difficult to achieve. The Dragon Ball franchise is not just limited to manga and anime series but to other industries like merchandise, video games like Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi series, etc., and plenty of other things as well.

The franchise is only growing with time as new installments like Dragon Ball Super (DBS) and new canon movies like DBS: Super Hero is carrying forward the legacy of the original Dragon Ball series and the fans are enjoying every bit of it. What has kept the charm of the original Dragon Ball series in its newer installments are its elements like amazing storytelling, breathtaking fights, and the introduction of new powerful unique characters. One such new and powerful character is a Saiyan warrior named Cumber. Let’s explore how strong Cumber is.

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Who Is Cumber?

Cumber Dragon Ball

Although Cumber is only a recent addition to the roster of the Dragon Ball franchise, he has been in existence since the ancient period as far as the storyline goes. He debuted for the first time in the video game Super Dragon Ball Heroes and was on-screen in the anime adaptation of this game with the same title. He was taken away from his original timeline and brought to the Core Area of the Prison Planet which is a set of seven planets restrained together and used as a prison by a powerful character called Fu.

The latter did so to study and use the evil aura of the former.

However, in the arcade game, Cumber appeared first when Fu made a wish with the Dragon Balls. Cumber seems to have bad blood with the original Super Saiyan God as the former got angry and agitated after coming across Goku in his Super Saiyan God transformation. Cumber has all the elements of a Saiyan race warrior like lust for challenging fights and competition, savagery, and extremely violent nature. It does not matter to him whether he is going to win or lose, the only thing that matters to him is a good and challenging fight.

How Strong Is Cumber?

Cumber Dragon Ball

Cumber is a tall guy with an intimidating appearance with a heavy muscular build with long spiky black hair that can send shivers down the spines of his adversaries. It seems like his body secretes an evil aura making Cumber even more scary. It would not be an exaggeration to call him overpowered as he is one of the most powerful in Universe 7 and the entire multiverse in the Dragon Ball world. A small example of his destructive power is the fact that even while wearing the restraining jacket which was limiting his power, he was able to release enormous amounts of ki and destroyed the prison that he was put in by Fu. He is a real deal and a menace as Vegeta and Goku transformed straight into their Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan God forms just after sensing Cumber.

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He took down a powerful foe like Cooler who was in his Final Form like it was child’s play. Goku and Vegeta struggled against Cumber too even though they were able to knock down the latter but were unable to deliver him any damage. Goku had to go Ultra Instinct (UI) to take down Cumber who was in his Super Saiyan 3 transformation, however, the latter gets saved by the other Core Area warriors otherwise he would have been defeated by UI Goku. Cumber’s abilities include Flight, attacks like Ki Blasts, Désastre Eraser (a powerful energy wave made from Cumber’s dark ki), Evil Aura (it corrupts the minds of his fellow Saiyans), Désastre Compress, Power Ball, Mouth Energy Wave (Powerful Black and Red Mouth Energy Wave that he produces in his Golden Great Ape form), etc.

Cumber’s Future In Dragon Ball

Cumber Dragon Ball

While Cumber is a great character with a decent background (that could be cultivated better) and he can spice things up for the Dragon Ball fans after his inclusion in DBS (if that ever happens), there remains a big problem which is the fact that Cumber is not canon. Since Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime is based on a video game of the same name and does not follow the story of the DBS manga which is currently the ongoing manga and anime series in the Dragon Ball franchise, it is not canon. And that means the fans would not be able to see him either in the DBS manga or its anime adaptation unless Akira Toriyama decides to make him canon and introduces him in a future chapter of DBS.

It could be significant and beneficial for Toriyama and the makers of the DBS series because Cumber checks out all the boxes of proving to be one of the best villains of the Dragon Ball franchise but only with an interesting storyline worthy of utilizing his character in the best possible way. However, Cumber becoming canon is still a long shot and everything depends on Akira Toriyama and if he ever wants to make Cumber canon or not.

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Dragon Ball Super is available to stream on Crunchyroll & Funimation.

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