Dragon Ball Super: Cell Max, Explained

DBS: Super Hero brought back Cell in a brand new form. But how?


  • Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the movie adaptation of the ongoing series, became one of the highest-grossing anime films of all time, thanks to the return of beloved villain Cell from Dragon Ball Z.
  • Cell’s powerful new form, Cell Max, showcases incredible regeneration abilities, absorption prowess, and energy manipulation skills, making him an unstoppable force and a terrifying opponent.
  • Although Cell Max was defeated in the movie, there is a possibility of his return in future Dragon Ball Super storylines or in the video game Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, but fans feel that Cell’s resurrection could have been utilized better due to his status as a great antagonist.



Dragon Ball franchise has been enjoying the status of being one of the few critically and commercially successful anime franchises for a long time now. Its ongoing installment of Dragon Ball Super (DBS) has only been elevating the franchise’s success by introducing a set of new and unique characters, incredible new transformations, and solid arcs with impressive fight sequences. Dragon Ball Super anime makers took things to a whole new level by making a big-budget movie on the ongoing series, called Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which hit the theaters last year. DBS: Super Hero did wonders at the box office and became one of the highest-grossing anime films of all time.

A major reason behind the movie’s success was that the makers of DBS: Super Hero teased the fans of the franchise with the return of the antagonist of the Cell Games Saga of Dragon Ball Z (DBZ). He is considered the best villain in the entire Dragon Ball franchise by most of its fans and one of the best shōnen anime antagonists of all time as well by the anime community worldwide. But the real question arises of how Cell rose from the dead since he was defeated and subsequently killed by Gohan in DBZ? Let’s explore Cell’s return and analyze his powerful new form called Cell Max.

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What Is Cell Max?

cell max

Amid the distant stars, Goku and Vegeta were having a blast training with Broly, the powerful newbie on planet Beerus. But back on Earth, it was Piccolo’s turn to take charge and keep everyone safe. Little did he know that danger lurked around the corner. In a shocking turn of events, the Red Ribbon Army’s advanced android Gamma 2 ambushed Piccolo. Determined to protect his friends, Piccolo made a daring decision to track down the android’s hideout. What he stumbled upon filled him with absolute terror the Red Ribbon Army had made an alarming comeback with the mission to wipe out Piccolo and the Z fighters and take over the world.

But that wasn’t even the worst part of it. They were up to some shady business with none other than the nefarious android created by Dr. Gero, Cell. They planned to resurrect him, giving him a terrifying power boost, and named this new version Cell Max. Just the thought of Cell back in action was enough to send chills down Piccolo’s spine.

Cell Max’s Powers

Cell Max

One of Cell Max’s most astonishing powers is his unrivaled regeneration. It’s like trying to put a scratch on an invincible diamond! No matter the damage he incurs, he bounces back in the blink of an eye, leaving his opponents baffled and frustrated. He’s the ultimate survivor, a walking fortress that refuses to be defeated.

But that’s not all! Cell Max’s absorption prowess is simply jaw-dropping. Imagine battling someone who can steal your moves and powers! With each opponent he absorbs, Cell Max gains their abilities, becoming an amalgamation of strength and techniques. He’s like a cosmic chameleon, adapting and improving as he faces different fighters.

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When Cell Max decides to throw a tantrum, you better run for cover! His energy manipulation skills are off the charts. He can summon destructive blasts that can obliterate entire planets, and his attacks are as precise as a surgeon’s scalpel. Fighting with Cell Max is like facing a nuclear bomb that is alive. But brute strength is not just all to him; Cell Max is also a cunning strategist. He possesses a terrifying fighting instinct, analyzing his adversaries’ weaknesses in the middle of battle. Perhaps the most terrifying aspect of Cell Max is his potential for limitless evolution. As he battles stronger foes, he continuously unlocks new powers and abilities. He’s like a never-ending spiral of might, an enigma that keeps on getting scarier with each passing moment.

The resurrection of Cell was most probably done to provide a solid context to give Piccolo and Gohan a new power upgrade which was required for a long time and Cell Max was the best enemy that they could use to fight against. However, the way Cell Max was defeated in the climax of DBS: Super Hero it would be wise to not expect Cell Max to show up in the future. Although, the fans might be able to see Cell Max again if the DBS anime series makers decide to cover the storyline of DBS: Super Hero as a short arc in the future of the series. Cell Max is also available as a new Raid Boss in the Dragon Ball-based video game called Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. However, the fact remains that Cell’s resurrection or return could have been utilized in a much better way because he is such a great antagonist and deserved a better return.

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Dragon Ball Super is available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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