Dragon Ball Super: The Granolah The Survivor Arc, Explained

Set after the events of the Moro Arc, the Granolah arc adds many new additions to the series and brings the story of the Saiyans full circle.


  • Dragon Ball Super has shifted focus to new arcs, introducing Granolah, last survivor seeking revenge on Saiyans and facing Goku and Vegeta.
  • Vegeta unveils Ultra Ego form, tapping into powers of Destroyer Gods, overpowering Ultra Instinct Goku in epic battle with Granolah.
  • Bardock’s past revelation changes Granolah’s view as Gas becomes the strongest, only to be defeated by trained Frieza in return.

Dragon Ball Super has been going strong since the anime series officially debuted in July 2015. Starting with the adaptation of the 2 movies released prior, the series would then follow this up by showing 3 original arcs that were praised by fans and were later adapted into the manga. Since then, the anime has been on hiatus, but the manga has been going strong ever since the end of the Tournament of Power arc.

After this, the manga told the story of Moro, an ancient and powerful sorcerer that the Z-Fighters had to come together to defeat. Immediately after this, the Granolah arc began, which saw the truth of the Saiyans’ conquest of the galaxy as well as adding many new aspects and characters to the franchise that have since become a staple, so let’s break down the events of Dragon Ball’s Granolah Arc.

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Granolah, The Survivor

Dragon Ball Super Granolah

Start of the Arc

Dragon Ball Super, Chapter 67, “Happy Endings… And Then…”

End of the Arc

Dragon Ball Super, Chapter 87. “The Universe’s Strongest Appears”

The arc begins in the very last chapter of the Moro Saga, as the scavengers escaping with OG-73 are followed and their base is later intercepted by a mysterious character. This character is later revealed to be Granolah, and upon his successful recovery of OG-73, he makes his way to the base of an operation run by a family called the Heeters, led by the enigmatic Elec.

Here, it’s revealed that Granolah is the last surviving member of the Cerealian race who, many decades ago, had their home planet invaded by the Saiyans who were working under Frieza to wipe the planet clean and sell it to the highest bidder. This formed a lifelong grudge against Frieza and the Saiyans within Granolah as he spent his entire life in a pursuit of revenge, which led to him becoming a bounty hunter working for the Heeters.

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Eventually, on his home planet, Granolah was seen to have pretty cordial relations with the new owners, the Sugarians, but still lived his life in exile with his friend and mentor, Monaito. Learning of Frieza’s resurrection, Granolah knew that he could finally take revenge on the person who took everything away from him, so, he gathered the Cerealian Dragon Balls and made a wish to become the strongest warrior in the universe.

Enter Goku and Vegeta

dragon ball z goku and vegeta

After the events of what happened with Moro, Goku and Vegeta were training harder than ever. With Goku now reaching a level of Ultra Instinct even greater than what he displayed in the Tournament of Power, he underwent specific training under Whis to hone the technique further and tailor it specifically to himself, so that he could make the most out of it with his preexisting powers.

Vegeta, however, could not attain Ultra Instinct as he realized that this was a technique that was directly opposite to him as a fighter. This is when Beerus makes the surprising announcement that the Destroyer Gods have their own technique to contend with Ultra Instinct, one that would suit Vegeta far more, prompting the God of Destruction to take the Saiyan Prince under his wing and teach him all the powers of the Destroyer Gods.

Listen, if you really want this power you’re going to have to destroy any stray thoughts and recreate yourself from scratch. Before creation comes destruction.

Upon learning of the existence of Granolah under the pretense of him being a threat to the universe, Goku and Vegeta eventually make their way to Planet Cereal to confront him. As Vegeta goes off to investigate the planet and see whatever links he can make to the past of the Saiyans, Goku engages in combat with Granolah, as the latter blames all Saiyans for the destruction wrought on his homeland.

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While awestruck and trying to convince him otherwise, Goku uses his Ultra Instinct masterfully and successfully evades all of Granolah’s attacks and keeps getting the better of him. However, it is eventually revealed that Goku had been fighting a clone of the Cerealian the entire time, which was significantly weaker, as Granolah makes his proper entrance to the fight with blistering speed and attacks Goku’s vital points, knocking him out where he stands.

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Vegeta Gains The Power Of A Destroyer

Vegeta in Ultra Ego Form

Once Vegeta joins the battlefield, he lures Granolah away from Goku and leads him on a chase across the planet. Though he is far weaker at this point, he holds his own until they both land and Vegeta reveals the power he has been holding back this entire time. Getting into position, he charges up an astronomical amount of Ki and unveils his Ultra Ego transformation, a form that lets him use the powers of Destroyer Gods.

A God of Destruction taught me that power derived solely from instinct is unbounded.

His training with Beerus finally pays off as he is able to completely clobber Granolah and proceeds to beat him senselessly, proving that at this specific point in the story, he is even stronger than Ultra Instinct Goku. As the fight rages on and Vegeta invites more damage to himself, due to the unique trait of this form taking damage to get stronger, he eventually starts to succumb to it when Granolah unlocks a new form. Over here, Granolah matches Vegeta’s strength and states that the only way to kill the Saiyan is with a powerful attack that will destroy them both.

Bardock, Father Of Goku

Dragon Ball Z Bardock Father of Goku movie

Just as Granolah is about to fire off the killing blow to seal both his and Vegeta’s fates, Monaito enters and makes a bombshell revelation; it was a Saiyan that saved him and his mother’s lives. Back when the invasion of the planet was happening, none other than Bardock felt a duty to protect young Granolah and his mother from the destruction, eventually transporting them and Monaito to safety.

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Here, they were set upon by the Heeters, where Bardock would meet the strongest of the race, Gas, in a battle. Though he suffered heavy injuries, Bardock defeated Gas and was the only reason Granolah survived to this day. This revelation turns Granolah’s perspective upside down, as the three warriors come together to face Gas, who has undergone the same wish as Granolah and is now the strongest person in the universe.

The Strongest In The Universe

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 4 The Case for Black Frieza

The closing moments of the arc see the heroes go up against Gas after he makes his wish. He proves himself to be far greater than the other 3 warriors as he takes them all on at once. However, as the heroes grow in strength throughout the fight, so too does Gas, as his wish makes his body start to decay to compensate for the increase in power he keeps getting in order to stay the strongest.

Despite doing very well against Gas until the end, they still aren’t able to kill him. Though his entire appearance is destroyed, he still manages to damage the heroes and seems unstoppable, until the Galactic Tyrant makes his return to the franchise. As explained by Elec, the true reason for making Gas the strongest in the universe was not to fight the Saiyans or Granolah, but instead to be strong enough to defeat Frieza.

I doubt I need an introduction, but just in case, I am the mighty Frieza and yes, all the horrible stories you’ve heard are true.

However, Frieza reveals that he has been training extensively and unveils his incredible Black Frieza form that kills Gas with a single punch. Following that, he also takes out Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta in just one hit and leaves the planet, opening up incredible possibilities for the future of the series.

Dragon Ball can be streamed on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Dragon Ball Super


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Dragon Ball Super

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