Eiichiro Oda’s Plans After The Completion Of One Piece 

With One Piece entering its final saga, here’s what Oda could be planning after the end of his manga.


  • One Piece is approaching its final saga, signaling that the end of the story is near. Fans can expect captivating storytelling and exciting events in the remaining arcs.
  • Once the current Egghead Island arc concludes, the story will progress towards Elbaf, where secrets about the Void Century and the One Piece’s location will be explored. The series is expected to reach its conclusion before 2030.
  • While there is speculation about whether One Piece will have a sequel or spin-offs after the main story concludes, creator Eiichiro Oda has emphasized that he wants to end the series on his own terms. However, he has expressed interest in working on side stories and exploring characters like Garp and Monkey D. Dragon.



One Piece is a manga that countless fans all over the world hold very close to their hearts and it is a story that has been thoroughly enjoyed by a lot of people over the years. One Piece has had a very successful run over the last 2 decades and the incredible popularity of it and, more importantly, the astonishing sales of the manga are there to show for it.

However, all good things must come to an end at some point and One Piece is no different. The story is currently in its final saga and that only means that the end is now edging closer than ever before. Luffy is very close to fulfilling his dream and fans know that the story might not last for another decade and will most certainly conclude before that. Fans have often wondered what will happen once Luffy ends his journey and curiously, there are some things for them to be excited about.

The Conclusion Of One Piece

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Before any fans start worrying about what happens after One Piece concludes, they must first think about the conclusion of the story itself. Currently, One Piece is in its final saga and Oda has kicked it off in quite some style, thanks to the Egghead Island arc. The story thus far has been incredibly captivating and fans cannot wait for more of the same. This story arc has featured nearly every major faction of the One Piece world, such as the Worst Generation, the Yonko, the Revolutionary Army, the Marines, and even the higher-ups of the World Government, such as the Five Elders and Imu themselves.

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This arc is one like no other in One Piece and the greatest thing about this arc is that the biggest incident that is supposed to be the focus of everything has not even happened yet. Oda has hyped up the Egghead Incident quite a lot for this arc and fans are incredibly excited to see what ends up going down on Egghead Island, where Vegapunk the Straw Hat Pirates are going to be faced with a protracted siege of 100 Navy ships, led by Admiral Kizaru and Saint Jaygarcia Saturn.

Once the Egghead Island arc concludes, fans will see the story move forward towards the land of Elbaf, where the Giants live. Fans will get to see the story explore more incredible details, such as the secrets of the Void Century and even the fourth Road Poneglyph, the disappearance of which has been tied to the Man with the Burn Scar. Once Luffy has all his Poneglyphs, he will eventually find the One Piece and whatever great war follows will then conclude as well. The story will surely reach its conclusion before 2030 and fans are already braced for that, given that the current events give them a clear idea that One Piece won’t last for too long.

Will One Piece Continue After The Main Story Concludes?

Luffy with his straw hat

Once One Piece does conclude, questions about its continuation will almost certainly pop up. Fans have seen this happen several times, starting with the iconic Dragon Ball series, which, despite its perfect conclusion, ended up getting a sequel series. More recently, even Naruto received a continuation, called Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, which has largely been a failure. When it comes to One Piece, questions about whether there will be a sequel or not will arise in the minds of fans. In fact, even the editor of Shueisha previously stated that he would like One Piece to continue forever. However, whether this is something that will happen or not remains to be seen.

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When it comes to Oda, he has made it quite clear in the past that the ultimate decision will rest with him. He does not want One Piece to continue beyond what he has planned for the series. A proper conclusion for Oda is something that he has planned for over 20 years now and he certainly wouldn’t want to mess up that ending just because of the editor of Shueisha. Oda has his own plans and he certainly will make the ending of One Piece special. After all, Oda has already planned even the last panel of the series long ago and the story that he has crafted around all those details is slowly coming to light.

Oda’s Plan After One Piece Concludes

The Straw Hats in We Are

After One Piece concludes, Oda will most certainly want to rest, first and foremost. Oda barely gets any sleep and he doesn’t even get time to spend with his family. One Piece has been going on for the vast majority of his life and he has missed out on quite a lot and sacrificed quite a bit to create this magnificent masterpiece. Before Oda even thinks about anything, his priority will probably be himself and his family. This is something Kishimoto has previously mentioned as well.

After the conclusion of Naruto, he was able to spend quite a lot of time with his family and, at the same time, get the proper rest that he needed. Oda certainly said that he was envious of that and fans can only assume that once Oda finishes his work on One Piece, he would like to spend time with his wife and his daughters, and, at the same time, look out for himself as well.

Oda has often wanted to take more vacations that he, understandably, couldn’t go on, because of One Piece. Once the story does wrap up, Oda will most likely spend his time doing everything that he missed out on. Fans who are truly grateful to him can only be happy for him, as One Piece is a story that they will never get to experience again and he made it possible for them. Of course, that does not mean that One Piece won’t continue in any shape or form. In fact, Oda has previously mentioned that he would like to work on some side stories related to One Piece.

One Piece Spin-Offs

Garp From One Piece

While Oda has not specifically mentioned that he will write spin-off mangas that will be long-running, he has mentioned that he would like to do short mangas every once in a while after One Piece ends. The incredible thing about this is the fact that the One Piece world has quite a lot to offer and Oda can potentially write countless spin-offs if he wants to. At the same time, the fans will get their fill of One Piece and what’s incredible about this is Oda will get time to work on them at his own leisure and not be pressured into publishing chapters weekly.

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When speaking about spin-offs in 2018, Oda mentioned that one particular character that he would love to write about is Garp. The Navy Hero is a character adored by Oda and the fans alike. Sadly, One Piece didn’t allow for the story to focus too much on him. Even though the Egghead Island arc certainly did focus quite a bit on Garp, the vast majority of his past still remains under wraps. Fans got to see his relationship with Kuzan get explored quite a bit, but there is more to Garp than just that.

Oda continued to state that he would love to draw his relationship with the likes of Akainu, Aokiji, Smoker, Koby, Hina, and even the Cipher Pol. Furthermore, he even mentioned that he would love to draw his relationship with Roger even further. Other than that, Oda said that he would also love to work on a story related to the Revolutionary Army and, consequently, Monkey D. Dragon. According to him, a side story about him would certainly be very intriguing and serious at the same time. Whether Oda will eventually end up drawing these or not remains to be seen, however, what fans do know for a fact is that Oda does have plans to continue One Piece in some way, even though it might not be weekly, like the series currently is.

One Piece is available to read on Viz Media.

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