First-Ever Bruce Lee Anime Project Coming 2024

With “Enter the Dragon” turning 50, Shannon Lee announces “House of Lee”, the first Bruce Lee anime series set to arrive sometime in 2024.


  • House of Lee, a new anime project announced by Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon, will commemorate the 50th anniversary of Enter the Dragon.
  • The project is a collaboration between Bruce Lee Entertainment and Shibuya, and is expected to arrive in 2024.
  • Shannon Lee was inspired by personal stories and chose anime as a storytelling medium for its potential in action, culture, fantasy, and history.



A brand-new trailer teasing the first-ever Bruce Lee anime project was released this past Friday. House of Lee, a new anime project to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the legendary martial arts film, Enter the Dragon, was announced by Lee’s daughter, Shannon. The project is a collaboration of Bruce Lee Entertainment, the Shibuya content platform and its co-founder Emily Yang.

4K resolution screenings of the classic film are scheduled for Sunday, August 13, and Wednesday, August 16 at over 650 theatres across the United States. The trailer of House of Lee will be featured at the screenings. House of Lee is expected to arrive in 2024.

Shannon Lee created the story of House of Lee through inspiration from personal stories, and saw a major opportunity to use anime as a storytelling medium due to all the possibilities the medium will afford the story in areas of action, culture, fantasy and history. Bruce Lee Entertainment has been looking into creating a Bruce Lee animated project for a long time, and this story is set to be an action/fantasy that features Bruce Lee as the protagonist looking to assemble a team of warriors to thwart an ever-encroaching darkness.

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The House of Lee project is created independently by Bruce Lee Entertainment and Shibuya, who came up with a community campaign to garner support for the production. Shannon Lee chose to work with Shibuya because she was a fan of their White Rabbit anime short film which was co-created by Shibuya co-founder Emily Yang.

Lee was first shown White Rabbit by Dennis Chang, a managing partner of Bruce Lee LLC., and had many good things to say about the creativity and diligence of the Shibuya team, speaking of the “organic” nature of its coming together being good evidence of the massive potential of the collaboration.

Yang found herself inspired by the narrative and its exploration of themes like spirituality, inner turmoil and the lived experiences of AAPI people. The 50th anniversary Enter the Dragon screenings will also feature an introduction from the film historian Leonard Maltin and an exploration into the legacy of the film as Hollywood’s first kung-fu film, and its prevailing influence on the martial arts genre in various mediums.

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