Goblin Slayer: 10 Strongest Characters, Ranked

Who are the most powerful people in the Dungeons & Dragons inspired anime, Goblin Slayer?

Goblin Slayer debuted in 2018, and it managed to introduce a number of fun and interesting characters in just 12 episodes. Most of these characters are human adventurers, but there are several who belong to other races. These adventurers explore the world and fight monsters. There are several adventurer ranks, with platinum, gold, and silver being the highest. Thanks to this ranking system, fans know who the strongest characters are.



Goblin Slayer was clearly inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. In fact, many of the spells and classes are identical. There is even a die rolling component. It is true that most of the action revolves around goblin slaying, but fans also enjoyed it because it is a dark series with lighthearted moments. The long-awaited second season will release later this year.

10 High Elf Archer

High Elf Archer Smiling In Goblin Slayer

She may be over 2,000 years old, but High Elf Archer is still considered young by elven standards. She is a silver-ranked adventurer who has been friends with Goblin Slayer since the second episode. Despite her age, she is still quite innocent, but she is also hot-tempered and prone to outbursts, especially when she speaks to Dwarf Shaman.

High Elf Archer carries a pair of knives, but she prefers to use her great bow and shortbow to hit enemies from afar. Her accuracy is incredible, to the point that she can fire multiple arrows at once and shoot arrows on curved paths.

9 Witch

Witch Speaking With Spearman and Goblin Slayer

Witch is a silver-ranked adventurer who travels with Spearman, and unlike other witches, she uses her powers for good. She is a beautiful woman with long purple hair, and she causes others to feel embarrassed because of her seductive demeanor. She is considered by many to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

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Witch is a powerful spell-caster who possesses multiple spells and magical objects. She can use Magic Missle for offense and Deflect Missle to ward off nonmagical projectiles. She can put multiple enemies to sleep, and she can enchant weapons with magical fire.

8 Lizard Priest

Lizard Priest Meeting With The Sword Maiden In Goblin Slayer

Lizard Priest is part of Goblin Slayer’s party, and like his name suggests, he is a large humanoid lizard. He looks like a dinosaur, and most people are intimidated by him, including his friends. He wears traditional Lizardman garb to represent his priesthood, but he wears a chest guard for protection.

He is a calm and respectful silver-ranked adventurer who loves cheese. Lizard Priest is a capable warrior who can use four spells a day and fight at close range. He can fight with his bare hands, and he can transform his fangs into scimitar-like blades.

7 Female Knight

Female Knight Smiling At Heavy Warrior In Goblin Slayer

Female Knight is part of Heavy Warrior’s party, and she is a silver-ranked adventurer with a noble upbringing. She is a beautiful woman with blond hair and body-fitting armor. She is a reliable fighter with a strong sense of duty, but she becomes very argumentative when she gets drunk at parties.

Thanks to her noble background, she is well-educated and well-versed in swordsmanship and defensive strategies. She uses a large shield and longsword. She used to be able to bless her weapon with holy energy, but her arrogance caused her to lose access to this power.

6 Heavy Warrior

Heavy Warrior Holding His Massive Sword In Goblin Slayer

Heavy Warrior is another silver-ranked adventurer, and he has a lot of respect for Goblin Slayer, who once saved his home village from goblins. He is a tall man with a chiseled face, and he usually wears a black suit of armor with a cape. He has a soft side, but he likes to fight strong opponents, which is why he became an adventurer.

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He is strong enough to block an attack from a goblin champion, and he can shatter a gargoyle to pieces. He has a magical ring and bracers, which allow him to swing his great sword with enhanced strength.

5 Spearman

spearman Smiling while fighting a hobgoblin in Goblin Slayer

Spearman is a silver-ranked adventurer, and has a one-sided rivalry with Goblin Slayer because he seemingly looks down on him. He also does not like the fact that Goblin Slayer does not acknowledge his accomplishments. Spearman is a confident and courageous fighter, and he believes in justice.

Like his name suggests, his weapon of choice is an enchanted spear, but he can use two spells every day. He has been fighting monsters for years, and all that experience allowed him to take down some hobgoblins and a goblin champion in mere moments. People call him the “Frontier’s Strongest,” and he was even offered to become a Royal Guard.

4 Goblin Slayer

Gobling Slayer Appearing To Kill The Goblin Lord

Goblin Slayer is the main protagonist of the series. He hates goblins because they destroyed his family and village when he was a child, and he has vowed to kill every goblin in existence. As a result, he has become the world’s most skilled goblin slayer.

Goblins may be his main focus, but he has taken down powerful non-goblin monsters as well, including an ogre, troll, giant eye, and a dark elf who served the Demon Lord. Goblin Slayer has a variety of skills which have allowed him to become a silver-ranked adventurer, and unbeknownst to him, he is capable of interfering with the dice rolls of the gods who oversee fate.

3 Sword Maiden

Sword Maiden Smiling While Meeting With Goblin Slayer

Sword Maiden currently serves as the Temple of Law’s Archbishop of the Supreme God, but prior to that, she was known as Female Bishop. She is an extremely beautiful woman who covers her eyes with blindfold. Thanks to her position, she wields a great deal of religious and political influence.

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She was a gold-ranked adventurer, which means that she is one of the world’s most powerful humans. She could not overcome the trauma she sustained from the goblins, but she is capable of casting high-level defensive spells.

2 Goblin Lord

Goblin Coming Face-to-Face With Goblin Slayer

Goblin Lord may not be as strong as other anime villains, but he is still dangerous. He is taller than ordinary goblins, and he sports a muscular build. He became a wanderer after his nest was wiped out, and this allowed him to become far more resourceful and intelligent.

Thanks to his intelligence, he was able to command a large goblin horde, which included multiple hobgoblins and two goblin champions. He uses a high grade double-headed battle axe that he took from another adventurer, and he was able to fight Goblin Slayer to a standstill with it. According to Goblin Slayer, Goblin Lord is a platinum-level enemy.

1 Hero

Hero and Her Team Celebrating the Demon Lord's Defeat In Goblin Slayer

Hero received limited screen time, but she is actually the strongest female character in Goblin Slayer. She is very friendly, and she understands that Goblins are dangerous. That being said, she can be very confident and arrogant. She can also be quite impulsive, to the point that she will intentionally give away her party’s location to make a flashy introduction.

She is the one who defeated the Demon Lord, and in doing so, she became a platinum-ranked adventurer. Her skills and abilities are so high that she was able to defeat the Demon Lord’s forces with relative ease. She wields the Holy Sword, which she found on her first adventure.

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