Gundam: 12 Best Female Characters In The Franchise

There are numerous fantastic female characters in the Gundam series, with the following 12 being the best.

While it’s the pilots of any Gundam series that remain the stars in their own shows, it’s no doubt that some female cast members of the Gundam series get the spotlight for bouts of heroism and sheer awesomeness. In the war-torn eras of any Gundam anime, these female characters show that they can become heroes of war in their own way.

As such, a lot of iconic female Gundam characters come not just in the form of the protagonist’s love interest, but also ship captains, crew members, soldiers, and even other Gundam pilots! With Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury starring the first female Gundam protagonist, it’s about time to see other Gundam female characters who were just as awesome in their own shows.

Updated on February 22, 2023, by Rhenn Taguiam: While a lot of major characters in Gundam stories are male, there are quite a ton of female characters who provide more than just love interests for their respective series’ protagonists. In fact, some of the most compelling characters throughout the Gundam franchise are female, offering story arcs and character journeys that further cement various themes and plot points in their shows. Among the best female characters in the Gundam franchise include the resident battle tactician of Gundam 00, a clone of a main character from Gundam ZZ, a peace-pursuing aristocrat in Iron-Blooded Orphans, and the honorable yet naive protagonist of Witch from Mercury who is out to reshape usual tropes found in series characters. Just how did these women make an impact in their respective stories?



12 Lacus Clyne (SEED, Destiny)

Lacus Clyne

When one thinks of Gundam, one might almost immediately think of a pink-haired female protagonist – and everyone can blame this on Lacus Clyne of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and its sequel SEED Destiny. While at first a damsel in distress with a unique kind of naivete that seems odd during an ongoing war, it seems this meek nature is a front for Lacus Clyne’s true nature: that of someone promoting peace.

Originally tasked to become an idol figure to motivate the ZAFT Forces, Lacus Clyne eventually uses her heritage to help stop the war all around her. She eventually becomes the co-commander of the Clyne Faction and even leads the Three Ships Alliance, convincing her lover Kira Yamato and former fiancee Athrun Zala to unite and stop the First Alliance-PLANT War. Such is her influence that she maintains her presence as a neutral faction in the sequel.

11 Sumeragi Lee Noriega (Gundam 00)

Sumeragi Lee Noriega

Tired of constant infighting among humans, technology pioneer Aeolia Schenberg organized Celestial Being, tasked with committing armed intervention to stop all forms of war. This is the main faction of the Gundams in Gundam 00, where Gundams easily outmaneuver the rather primitive Mobile Armor technology of humans – that is until the rest of humanity can keep up with Celestial Being’s “mysterious” GN Drive. Central to Celestial Being’s operations since their reveal is Sumeragi Lee Noriega, the leader of its Ptolemaios Team.

While entirely not the central female lead of the series, Sumeragi remains one of the more interesting side characters of Gundam 00 despite being an ordinary human. Designated initially in the military as a tactical forecaster, Sumeragi is not simply a tactician but talented enough in her craft to rely on foresight in combat, saving Celestial Being and their Gundams on numerous occasions. Despite being an unmodified human, Sumeragi demonstrates enough capabilities to interpret and adapt to the plans of Veda, the artificial intelligence designed to enact Aeolia’s plans for total peace. Outside her combat prowess, Sumeragi acts like a mother figure in Ptolemaios, a much-needed person considering all Gundam Meisters have their respective interpersonal and internal conflicts.

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10 Kudelia Aina Bernstein (Iron-Blooded Orphans)

Kudelia Aina Bernstein

In Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans, the military faction of Gjallarhorn became the self-imposed protectors of peace between the nations of Earth and the territories of Mars. Protagonist Mikazuki Augus, a child soldier in a security company, becomes a vital part of a workplace revolt when their mission of escorting Kudelia Aina Bernstein goes awry after a Gjallarhorn attack. Using the newly-activated Gundam Barbatos, protagonist Mikazuki and his friend Orga establish a new organization named Tekkadan which became the primary team in charge of Kudelia’s protection.

Strong-willed and hardheaded by nature, Kudelia is a shining beacon of hope throughout Iron-Blooded Orphans. Kudelia has spent much of the series fighting for the independence of Mars’ Chryse region from its Earth rulers. Her rather steadfast, persuasive, and naturally pacifist personality had the crosshairs of Gjallarhorn pointed squarely toward her, giving her the image of someone pursuing peace despite all odds.

9 Marida Cruz (Gundam Unicorn)

Marida Cruz

Serving as a side character in Gundam Unicorn, Cyber Newtype Marida Cruz is known best for being the ace pilot of the Sleeves, the remnants of Neo Zeon, during the Laplace Incident. However, older Gundam fans may recognize Marida Cruz as a somewhat older character: the powerful and kindhearted Newtype Elpeo Ple of Gundam ZZ. And this resemblance isn’t a coincidence – Marida Cruz is a genetic clone of Elpeo Ple, whose innate psychic abilities have passed on to her. However, what makes Marida iconic isn’t just her powers and keen piloting ability.

Instead, it’s her kind nature and preference for not fighting despite her talents that make her an inspiring figure in Gundam Unicorn, even if she didn’t pilot the eponymous Gundam Unicorn. Moreover, Marida’s journey of growing past her identity as Ple Twelve (or the 12th Clone) and becoming her own person is a touching tale in Gundam Unicorn’s riveting narrative, giving fans who don’t feel themselves a better place in the world.

8 Haman Karn (Zeta Gundam, Gundam ZZ)

Haman Karn

Unlike other female characters in a Gundam series, Haman Karn of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and its sequel Gundam ZZ remains iconic for one reason: becoming one of the most terrifying villains in the series. Although sincere in her belief that Earth had to be reformed to a better place, her vision of the world has no place for Earthnoids, and believes they should be saved by Spacenoids instead – particularly with her at the helm.

It doesn’t help that Haman Karn has exactly all the skills she needs for the job. Protagonist Judau Ashta already senses a malevolent aura about her, which she constantly masks for being extremely cool, collected, and charismatic. Deep inside, however, Haman Karn is ruthless and merciless, and won’t hesitate to discard anyone to achieve her goals.

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7 Relena Darlian (Wing)

Relena Darlian

While initially appearing as a damsel in distress, Relena Darlian of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing is perhaps one of the fiercest female characters in a Gundam series. Originally Relena Peacecraft, Relena’s encounter with Gundam pilot Heero Yuy will have her embroiled.

However, it’s her drive for peace that allows her to use her legacy for the good of mankind. Throughout the series, Relena cements her authority over her heritage and leads a path toward pacifism – something her family truly devoted themselves to. However, her kindness and eye for a better tomorrow allows her to be one of the more iconic Gundam characters out there.

6 Fumina Hoshino (Build Fighters Try)

Fumina Hoshino

In a world where Gunpla Battles has inspired a lot of builders and pilots to create unique Gunpla models, Fumina Hoshino of Gundam Build Fighters Try is a high-schooler whose caring nature and drive for success fuels her comrades Sekai Kamiki and Yuuma Kousaka. While female characters in traditional Gundam series would have Fumina stand behind skilled fighter Sekai and skilled builder Yuuma, Fumina always has tricks up her sleeve that surprise even the most elite of their opponents.

Throughout the series, Fumina comes up with unique methods of utilizing her team’s strengths in combat. For one, her signature Winning Gundam was thought to be only a Core Booster when it can actually transform into an SD Gundam – giving her two machines in one. Its upgraded SD form, the Star Winning Gundam, can actually transform into a real-type. Not only that, but she’s made sure that the components of the team’s Gundams can be switched with one another, ensuring that one machine can always use the parts of the others.

5 Soma Peries (Gundam 00)

Soma Peries

When the threat of Celestial Being and the Gundams against all of warfare in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 has spiraled the world’s powers into finding a solution to this problem, the Human Reform League has reactivated its Super Soldier Program to produce pilots of specialized mechas – with Soma Peries being their best candidate for the job. Goal-oriented and tactically acute, Soma Peries can use a bulkier and slower mecha to contend with the likes of Allelujah Haptism and his extremely fast Gundam Kyrios.

However, it’s revealed that Soma is actually an alternate personality born out of the strain of the Super Soldier Program. Her original personality, Marie Parfacy, is a spiritual person with a love for peace. And when Marie’s memories returned, the Soma persona didn’t contend with it at all, instead opting for coexistence in one’s mind. As such, Soma and Marie are the perfect balance of a merciless fighter especially when her loved ones are threatened.

4 Sayla Mass (Mobile Suit Gundam)

Sayla Mass

Perhaps one of the first supporting female characters to ever be introduced in a Gundam series, Sayla Mass of Mobile Suit Gundam is the epitome of competence in a conflicting era of war. Originally Artesia Som Deikun of Zeon (which makes her Char Aznable’s sister), Sayla was taken to the Side 7 colony. The ensuing battle there had Sayla Mass taken to the White Base, eventually aiding the Earth Federation as a communications officer.

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And even then, Sayla Mass has demonstrated nothing but competence despite her position on the sidelines. On top of guiding the pilots under her wing, she’s not afraid to state her opinions and fight anyone who shows cowardice in front of her.

3 Rain Mikamura (G Gundam)

Rain Mikamura

While Mobile Suit G Gundam protagonist Domon Kasshu provides more than enough hot-blooded entertainment in the series, it’s his assistant and companion Rain Mikamura that provides the much-needed voice of reason when things get out of hand. Originally studying to become a doctor, Rain returns to Neo Japan and becomes the mechanic and assistant of sorts in Domon’s efforts to win the Gundam Tournament.

Such is her skill in various specializations that Rain is sort of a one-woman team for any job possible. Aside from her medical training, her familiarity with the Shining Gundam allowed her to pilot it when necessary, even getting her own Gundam in the form of the Rising Gundam. Empathic and compassionate, Rain is a “no one left behind” kind of gal, and is more than capable of talking and even shooting her way to land her point across. She eventually becomes the pilot of a Core Fighter, aiding Amuro in their battles with other Mobile Suits.

2 Roux Louka (Gundam ZZ)

Roux Louka

It’s one thing to be recognizable for good looks, and another thing to be equally deadly in one’s field – and this one-two-punch combination is what makes Roux Louka of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ quite the iconic female character. While everyone in the series is almost immediately stunned at her appearance, Roux can almost immediately use this to her advantage – especially with her nature as an ace pilot.

In fact, such is the recognition of her piloting skills that she inherits none other than the Zeta Gundam from its pilot Kamille Bidan. This alone proves that Roux has what it takes to pilot the revolutionary mecha, and can stand on equal ground with the likes of rookie Judau Ashta in the AEUG’s war against Neo Zeon.

1 Suletta Mercury (The Witch From Mercury)

Sutella Mercury

When the Folkvangr settlement was attacked in the years before Gundam: The Witch From Mercury, not only did this cost the life of Ericht Samaya’s father Nadim but also forced her and her mother Elnora into hiding. At the beginning of the series, Eri – now Suletta Mercury – becomes a student at the Asticassia School of Technology, with recent events eventually having her innocence and naivete involve her in much deeper conspiracies.

Considered the first female protagonist in a Gundam series, Suletta Mercury follows and breaks a lot of series trends. Like other protagonists, Suletta is hardworking, respectful, and a protector of the people she cares for. However, unlike other protagonists, Suletta is rather timid and isn’t an immediately effective communicator, often having trouble deciphering social cues – which are things that others usually use to manipulate her. She is much more vocal with her emotions, and is considerably more similar to the usual teenager, compared to the more somber, sullen, and brooding protagonists of older series.

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