Jujutsu Kaisen: Every Death In The Series (So Far)

Jujutsu Kaisen fans have witnessed the deaths of many characters.


  • Key takeaways:
  • Jujutsu sorcerers are tasked with protecting people from deadly curses, but they can’t save everyone and have faced failures and deaths themselves.
  • Characters like Riko, Junpei, and Toji have all tragically died in the series.



The world of Jujustu Kaisen is filled with all kinds of curses that are willing to kill humans. To combat the threat of these curses, certain individuals blessed with special powers became Jujutsu sorcerers. They were given the job of protecting the common people.

However, it is unrealistic to expect them to save every single person. In fact, they failed several times, which led to the deaths of many people. Sometimes even the sorcerers are overwhelmed by the curses and end up dying. With that in mind, here are all the characters who have died in Jujutsu Kaisen.

This list contains spoilers for season two of Jujutsu Kaisen.

7 Riko

Riko moments before her death jujutsu kaisen episode 27

Riko Amanai was introduced in the second season of the anime. She was the Star Plasma Vessel for Tengen, so she had to be escorted to the location where she would be assimilated. Many people were against the idea, so they did everything in their power to kill her before she could reach the location.

Thankfully, she was being escorted by Geto and Satoru, who made sure that she would safely arrive at her destination. Upon her arrival, Geto told her that she had a choice. Riko could go back if she wanted, and no one would object. Riko was overjoyed to hear this, as she wanted to continue living. Just when things seemed to be going well, Toji Fushigoro appeared out of nowhere and shot her.

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6 Junpei

Junpei and Mahito from Jujutsu Kaisen

Junpei was a victim of bullying, which caused him to be filled with hatred against the perpetrators. Mahito took advantage of this and offered him the power to fight back. Junpei believed that Mahito was a good person and that he was helping him out of the kindness of his heart.

Junpei had no idea that Mahito was only using him. By the time Yuji told him the truth, it was too late. Mahito turned up at the location, and he used his power to mutate Junpei, turning him into a hideous monster. Before succumbing, Junpei begged for death. This moment moved Yuji to his core, and he swore to kill Mahito.

5 Toji Fushiguro

toji death jujutsu kaisen

Toji Fushiguro was also known as the Sorcerer Killer. He earned the name after slaughtering many sorcerers for one reason or another. Toji Fushiguro was a member of the Zenin Clan, but he took up the name of his wife. He was a dangerous character who did not care about killing people as long as he was paid.

Toji had made a Heavenly Pact, which significantly increased his physical capabilities. He was able to blitz Satoru and Geto and outsmart them rather easily. Toji was also adept at using different kinds of weapons, which is what he normally used to fight. During his initial encounter with Satoru, Toji absolutely demolished the young sorcerer. However, Satoru managed to survive and came back to kill Toji.

4 Kechizu and Eso

eso and kechizu jujutsu kaisen every death

Kechizu and Eso are the main antagonists of the Death Painting arc. The brothers were sent on a mission to retrieve one of Sukuna’s fingers. As they started to look around the area, the two of them encountered Itadori Yuji, Megumi Fushiguro, and Nobara Kugisaki.

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Things escalated quickly, and Kechizu and Eso ended up fighting Yuji and Nobara. The Cursed Womb: Death Paintings gave their all in an attempt to crush the sorcerers. However, Yuji and Nobara remained resolute and refused to back down. Ultimately, Kechizu and Eso were defeated and killed by the young sorcerers.

3 Nanami


Not many characters can keep their cool in a perilous situation like Nanami. In the first season of the anime, Nanami had a fierce encounter with Mahito. The two went at it hammer and tongs, but neither of them could gain the upper hand.

Suddenly, Mahito managed to trap Nanami in his Domain Expansion and would have killed him if not for Yuji’s intervention. Nanami lived to see another day, although he wasn’t so lucky in the Shibuya Incident arc. He was killed by the cursed spirits, and his death shocked the entire fan base.

2 Hanami

Jujutsu Kaisen - PNG Of Hanami Over Image Of Hanami Summoning The Cursed Plants

Hanami was a special-grade curse that was introduced in the first season of the anime. He infiltrated Jujutsu High during the Goodwill Event as a part of Mahito’s plan to steal several cursed objects. Hanami’s overwhelming power allowed him to get the better of most students except for Aoi Todo and Itadori Yuji. The two managed to put up an excellent fight against the curse.

Hanami retreated after Satoru joined the fray. However, he did fight the strongest sorcerer in the Shibuya Incident arc. Hanami and his allies tried to kill Satoru, but they fell short. Unlike their last meeting, Satoru did not let Hanami escape and crushed him completely, exorcising the cursed spirit.

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1 Jogo

Jogo jujutsu kaisen all deaths

Jogo was a hot-headed, special-grade cursed spirit who was extremely confident in his abilities. He even decided to test out his power against Satoru, which turned out to be a rather silly decision. The sorcerer had an answer for Jogo’s every single technique. Sensing defeat, Jogo ran away to save himself.

In the Shibuya Incident arc, Jogo came face-to-face with Sukuna, the King of Curses. Jogo foolishly tried his luck against Sukuna, only to be outclassed yet again. Before meeting his end, Jogo was praised by Sukuna, which made the former extremely emotional.

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