Jujutsu Kaisen: Sukuna’s Return To Full Power, Explained

Sukuna returns to his full power, making his defeat even harder to imagine in JJK.


  • Sukuna’s battle against Gojo led to a weakened state, but his prowess with reverse cursed technique prevailed in the end.
  • Black Flashes allow Sukuna to regain his strength and reverse cursed technique output, paving the way for a potential comeback.
  • With Sukuna on the path to recovery, the sorcerers in the raid against him face even greater challenges ahead in JJK.

Jujutsu Kaisen continues its Shinjuku Showdown arc in a somewhat exciting manner, and fans have seen quite a lot of Ryomen Sukuna at the peak of his power over the course of the last few chapters. In JJK chapter 255, Sukuna was, once again, at the center of attention, and he certainly did incredibly well in combat against Miguel, and of course, the other sorcerers who are currently leading a raid against him.

how sukuna killed gojo jujutsu kaisen jjk


Jujutsu Kaisen: Gege Finally Reveals How Sukuna Killed Gojo

It is finally clearer how Sukuna managed to take down Gojo in JJK.

While Sukuna was certainly getting outnumbered, he still had quite a few trump cards up his sleeve. Of course, the biggest of them all was his bet on his reverse cursed technique returning and that is exactly what happened at the end of the chapter.

Sukuna’s Weakened Body Vs Gojo

Gojo Left Sukuna In Complete Tatters


Sukuna was greatly weakened in the battle against Gojo. This was expected, given that Gojo is an incredibly powerful sorcerer around the same level as Sukuna. When these two individuals fought, Gojo took a lot out of him. In fact, through parts of the battle, Gojo was utterly dominant and was leading the battle against him effectively. Near the end of the battle, Gojo took the upper hand and he did so quite effectively. Even against three enemies, Gojo held his own incredibly well, and got rid of them one after the other. He even managed to land powerful black flashes, one after the other, and certainly weakened Sukuna greatly.

Eventually, Gojo launched a powerful Hollow Purple, which left a scar not just on Sukuna but the entirety of Shinjuku. This was quite a devastating blow and could certainly have ended the King of Curses had it been launched from close proximity. Thankfully, this was only a remote Hollow Purple that Gojo detonated and, as a result, Sukuna was able to survive. However, he was greatly weakened at this point. While Gojo was totally in control of the battle at this point, Sukuna had finally received the blueprint to bypass Gojo’s Infinity. He did just that in quite some style, and managed to chop Gojo in half using the World Splitting Dismantle.

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This technique killed Gojo, the strongest modern sorcerer, despite him being stronger than Sukuna at that point in battle. Despite the win, however, Sukuna was extremely exhausted. He was now without his domain expansion, and, at the same time, he couldn’t even utilize the power of reverse cursed technique properly. Furthermore, Sukuna couldn’t utilize domain amplification properly either, and of course, his cursed energy output was incredibly low too. Simply put, Sukuna was incredibly weak at this point in battle, and ever since then, he has been greatly restricted in the many battles that he fought as well.

Sukuna’s Growing Power

Sukuna Continued To Heal Slowly After Beating Gojo

sukuna ui ui miguel defeat jujutsu kaisen jjk 255

While the damage then Gojo Sukuna was great, him regaining his reverse cursed technique meant that all the damage could have been easily undone. Reverse cursed technique is an incredible ability and fans know that it allows one to heal greatly. In the case of Sukuna, this is doubly dangerous, given that Sukuna possesses incredibly powerful RCT. Thankfully, Sukuna’s reverse cursed technique was slowed down. However, little by little, he kept getting back to his best. In the battle against Kashimo, Sukuna was able to recover somewhat, and he managed this by returning to his true form. Once he returned to his true form, Sukuna healed from all his injuries, and, most importantly, he had some of his cursed energy restored. This was evident as Sukuna was able to launch powerful techniques such as the World Splitting Dismantle, among other things, once again.

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After the fall of Kashimo, Sukuna fought in the raid that was led against him. While this might have been a very difficult situation for him, Sukuna still held out, and most importantly, fought in a way that conserved his cursed energy, and saw to it that his reverse cursed technique was increasing as well. Little by little, Sukuna was getting back to his vest. In fact, in his battle against Yuta, the young sorcerer made it quite clear that the battle couldn’t be allowed to be prolonged.

This was because he believed that Sukuna would eventually regain his reverse cursed technique, and, through that, access to his domain expansion after he healed his burnt-out cursed energy, as well as his body. Sukuna was able to beat Yuta, and his reverse cursed energy output did increase after. Meanwhile, he continued to heal, even though he received many more injuries, such as a stab by Maki through the heart.

The Black Flashes

Sukuna’s Black Flashes Mean Return Of His Reverse Cursed Technique

sukuna lands powerful black flash on maki jujutsu kaisen jjk 256

In JJK chapter 255, it appears that Sukuna has finally started his return to full power. This has been made possible by the king of curses hitting a special ability that fans know as Black Flash. Black Flash is a very powerful phenomenon that occurs when cursed energy is applied to a blow in 1 millionth of a second. When that happens, black sparks are produced from the blow, and the output is multiplied to the power of 2.5. Furthermore, hitting Black Flashes also allows one to perform at a higher level, and repeated usage can help regain lost power too, such as reverse cursed technique output.

This was first observed when Gojo hit multiple black flashes in the battle against Sukuna. Now, Sukuna has managed to do the same. Sukuna hit his first black flash against Maki, and sent her flying. In JJK chapter 255, Sukuna was seen hitting yet another powerful Black Flash, and this time around, he managed to regain his reverse cursed technique output. With this blow, Sukuna’s reverse cursed techniques as well as cursed energy will have returned to him, and now, he’s going to be back at his very best. This means Sukuna will heal immediately, and, above all, potentially even gain access to his domain.

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If that were to truly be the case, then the battle against Ryomen Sukuna is going to be even harder from here onwards. This means Sukuna can make use of Malevolent Shrine, and possibly even incorporate techniques such as the World Splitting Dismantle into it. This also means that Sukuna might be more open to using techniques such as Fuga once again, and that is certainly a scary sight for any sorcerer to witness.

It is unclear as to how much Sukuna has recovered from hitting these two Black Flashes. Hopefully, JJK chapter 256 will clarify that to the fans. Regardless, the narrative made it quite clear that Sukuna will be in a much better shape, and that in itself spells trouble for everyone around him. While those fighting in the raid against Sukuna have already suffered, from here onwards, they are going to suffer even more. Perhaps Miguel, and all the others around him, are going to fall, and, as things stand, it is becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to beat this monstrously powerful sorcerer. How Sukuna will eventually be defeated remains completely unknown.

Jujutsu Kaisen is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of JJK, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 256, is set to be April 6, 2024.

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