Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 26 Drops A Hint About Gojo’s Revival

The most recent JJK volume hints at Gojo’s return.


  • The Shinjuku Showdown arc in Jujutsu Kaisen’s Volume 26 covers the epic battle between Gojo and Sukuna.
  • Gojo’s unexpected death in the fight with Sukuna left fans shocked, but hints suggest his eventual return.
  • Artwork in Volume 26 hints at Gojo’s possible revival, sparking debate among fans about his fate.

Jujutsu Kaisen has been absolutely incredible for the fans over the course of the last few weeks. Specifically, the Shinjuku Showdown arc has been amazing, and when it comes to this arc, Volume 26 covers the most exciting battle of all, and that is the fight between Gojo and Sukuna.

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This fight was hyped up right from the beginning of the series, and for the author to finally deliver on it towards the end of the story was certainly satisfying. That said, the result of the fight was certainly not what many fans expected. Much to the surprise of the readers, Gojo ended up dying in this battle, and that saddened a lot of the fans. However, there is still hope for the strongest modern sorcerer, and he could very well return later down the line. Recently, Jujutsu Kaisen volume 26 dropped, and it dropped a piece of art that has sparked a lot of theories surrounding Gojo’s eventual revival.

Gojo’s Death In JJK

Sukuna Killed Gojo With the World Splitting Dismantle

Satoru gojo death jujutsu kaisen 244

Gojo vs Sukuna was an amazing battle for the fans to follow. This is especially true because this battle was one that was teased in the story right from its very beginning. Starting from when Sukuna took over Yuji’s body for the first time, Gojo was there to fight him and completely overwhelmed him in battle. That was what set the basis for this fight. In the Shinjuku Showdown arc, Sukuna was finally at full power, and as a result, fans knew this battle would end up happening when Gojo was unsealed. As soon as Gojo returned, this battle began in the manga, and it was certainly an exciting fight, to say the least.

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Sukuna was able to bring out his very best in this battle, and so did Gojo. The strongest modern sorcerer was up against the strongest sorcerer and history and right from the get-go, it was clear for the fans to say that neither was giving the other an inch. Both Sukuna and Gojo were on the same level, and, as a result, it was expected of them to go toe to toe against each other. That is precisely what happened. In terms of cursed energy output, domain battles, and just about everything, Sukuna and Gojo were equal. Sukuna certainly held an advantage in some aspects, simply down to being in Megumi’s body, but Gojo did well to counter his abilities intuitively, and strike back efficiently.

Towards the end of the fight, Gojo versus Sukuna was actually more dominated by Gojo. Even after Sukuna made this battle 3 vs 1, Gojo was the one who dominated the fight, hitting one black flash after another and getting rid of his enemies. Gojo planned a powerful Hollow Purple to bust Sukuna up, and while it certainly did quite a number on him, it was not strong enough to kill him. This is because this was a remote Hollow Purple, and not one launched from close proximity. Sukuna survived, and, at the end of the battle, thanks to Mahoraga, he gained the ability to counter Gojo’s Infinity. Essentially, with that, Sukuna was able to kill Gojo, and thus ended the battle between the strongest sorcerers of JJK.

Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 26 Art

JJK Vol 26 Holds Some Clues To Gojo’s Fate

gojo satoru on JJK jujutsu kaisen volume cover 26

Recently, Jujutsu Kaisen volume 26 dropped officially, and, as always, Gege certainly had a lot of interesting stuff in it for the fans. The cover itself featured Gojo Satoru, which the fans expected at this point, given that this was his last big battle in the story before dying. At the same time, there were bits about Gojo in the volume. For instance, the author illustrated Gojo’s brain bleeding out after being overused. Similarly, there was another interesting art of Gojo in this manga. This art featured Gojo opening his right eye wide and some gleams coming out of it. Gojo almost felt like he was down on the floor, and that is what makes this very interesting.

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Gojo Volume 26 Return-1

When aligning it with the panel of Gojo dying, it lines up perfectly and almost seems like Gojo is waking up after being hit by a powerful technique. That is what makes this intriguing to the fans, and it has sparked quite a lot of debate as to whether this panel is supposed to imply that Gojo Satoru is actually alive.

If that were to be the case, then this panel would be fitting. It would depict how Gojo woke up after being split by Sukuna. Fans know that Gojo was transported to Shoko, and as a result, it’s entirely possible for him to be revived and open his eyes similar to how the volume art shows it. Of course, the volume art is not the only thing that hints at Gojo’s return. That would be quite a flimsy basis for this particular character to re-enter the Shinjuku Showdown arc. There are other things that Gojo can do that can see him rejoin the incredible battle in Shinjuku.

Is Gojo’s Return Possible?

Gojo Might Still Be Able To Return


Many fans would wonder whether Gojo returning is possible at all. The answer to that question is certainly yes. Gojo can return, and depends on three major factors. For one, fans should remember that Gojo’s brain was not stabbed. As long as his brain is alive, he can heal himself. Secondly, Gojo regained his reverse cursed technique moments before he was hit with World Splitting Dismantle. This has to play a significant role if he is to return. Thirdly, Gojo has been transported to Shoko. If Shoko is there, then, she can potentially use reverse cursed technique to bring him back. Even though Sukuna believes that her cursed technique is not all that strong, she could have an ace up her sleeve, or potentially make use of a Binding Vow to bring him back. After that, Gojo can use his own reverse cursed technique to heal himself. That would essentially see the comeback being made possible.

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Volume 26 has certainly given fans a massive hint towards Gojo returning, however, whether the author will actually go on to build upon that or not remains to be seen. Fans simply need to wait patiently and see which way the story goes in from here onwards. Right now, JJK is edging closer to its conclusion and it should be the perfect moment for Gojo to return. It is also possible that Gojo will not interfere and the Shinjuku Showdown fight, and reappear after the battle against Sukuna is already won by his students.

Either way, whichever path the author chooses for him is most likely going to be accepted by the fans with both hands. Gojo is a beloved character and he certainly deserves to live happily, especially since he has a lot of goals that are still unfulfilled. All things considered, yes, Gojo’s return is certainly possible and most likely on the cards as well, with JJK Volume 26 nothing but solidifying the claim even further.

Jujutsu Kaisen is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of JJK, Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 256, is set to be April 7, 2024.

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