Marvel: 16 Strongest Hulks In The Comics, Ranked

While there are several different forms of Hulk, there are some that are stronger than others, and this list shows the strongest thus far.

First appearing in The Incredible Hulk‘s debut issue in May 1962, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, The Incredible Hulk is one of the most powerful Marvel heroes of all time. The original Hulk was of course Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, a scientist who was exposed to gamma rays turning him into the big green (or gray) monster.



There have been several Hulks and gamma-based heroes and villains over the years, however, some of these Hulks have power and strength on a different level from the rest. While some may come with different powers and abilities, it is still without a doubt true that Hulk is indeed the strongest of all.

Updated on September 4, 2023, by C.M Edwards: The Incredible Hulk is one of the most dominating forces in the Marvel comics universe. For decades the not-so-jolly green giant has wreaked havoc both in and outside the comics having starred in several animated shows and mainlining in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Throughout the history of the Hulk, he has had many incarnations and has undergone several radical changes. Changing color, changing personality, and even being completely different people have all fallen into the myths of the Hulk and others like him. The Hulk remains one of the strongest characters in the entire Marvel universe and can range from city-wide threat to cosmic force and everything in between is just as dangerous. Here are more of the strongest Hulks in the comics.

16 Savage Hulk

savage hulk

  • Bruce Banner

  • First Appearance: Savage Hulk #1 (2014)

The Savage Hulk is a not-so-well-intentioned version of the Hulk that even the mightiest of heroes in the Avengers look out for when he’s on the prowl. The Savage Hulk first appeared in Savage Hulk #1 by Peter David and Mike McKone. This version of the Hulk would also make sporadic appearances throughout many series over the years.

The Savage Hulk is absent of all emotion and humanity. Relying purely on instinct and rage, Savage Hulk goes on wild rampages, unable to be calmed by even the vision of a familiar face. While not the strongest of the Hulks, Savage Hulk is one of the most volatile and one of the most dangerous, having no care at all for collateral damage leaving entire cities in ruins and smashing his way through even his closest friends. .

15 Totally Awesome Hulk

totally awesome Hulk marvel

  • Amadeus Cho

  • Amazing Fantasy #15 (2016)

Throughout Marvel’s comic book history, it is very rare for Bruce Banner to be replaced and for a different character to step into the role of the Hulk. There have been certain events, such as the Dark Avenger, where the Hulk has been imitated.

However, in the case of the Totally Awesome Hulk, Bruce Banner was completely replaced with a new, less angry Hulk. With Bruce Banner’s death rumored, fearing the worst for his friend, Amadeus Cho believed that the world needed a Hulk so he took it upon himself to transform himself into a gamma-powered juggernaut. While Amdeus’s time as the Hulk was short-lived, he put his all into assuming the world of “strongest there is” and was able to uniquely learn to control his gamma mutation.

14 She-Hulk

She hulk marvel

  • Jennifer Walters

  • The Savage She-Hulk #1

Among the family of Gama-altered super beings, She-Hulk sits atop the hill alongside the Hulk. Jennifer Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banner, who was turned into a Hulk when she suffered a gunshot wound and desperately needed a blood transfusion. Coming into contact with Bruce’s tainted blood, her skin turned green, and she grew to over seven feet tall. While She-Hulk’s strength is comparable to that of the Hulk, her transformation seems to keep her Psyche intact and allows her to maintain her composer in both her base and heightened transformations.

13 Red She-Hulk

red she hulk marvel

  • Elizabeth Ross

  • Hulk #15 (2009)

The love life of Bruce Banner is a very small story, mostly circulating around Betty Ross. The tangled web the two love birds resided was made volatile by not only Bruce Banner’s alter ego, the Hulk but by his unending feud with Betty’s father, Thunder Bolt Ross’s.

Betty herself was dragged into the conflict and lost her life due to the actions of A-Bomb. However, she would reemerge as part of Thunderbolt Ross’s Code Red team having been changed into Red She-hulk by MODOK.

12 Devil Hulk

devil hulk

  • Bruce Banner

  • Incredible Hulk #13 (2000)

The Devil Hulk poses a unique type of threat. It is an alternate mental persona created by Bruce Banner as a defense mechanism, first appearing in the Incredible Hulk comic in 1992 and also appearing in Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction video game. The Devil Hulk is the protector that Bruce created to survive his father’s abuse. After his gamma explosion accident, the Devil Hulk took on a different role in the depths of his mind.

The Devil Hulk’s sole purpose is to protect Bruce. It has no sinister intent unless threatened or if Bruce is in danger. The Devil Hulk has a wide range of abilities that normal Hulks do not possess, such as telekinesis, higher brain activity, and psychic powers.

11 Weapon H


  • Clayton Cortez

  • Totally Awesome Hulk #21 (2017)

What would happen if they took Hulk’s size and abilities and mixed in Wolverine with his abilities, claws, and all? Well, that is exactly what happened when Marvel created Weapon H. First appearing in Totally Awesome Hulk 22, Weapon H has a few unique abilities.

Taking Wolverine’s healing and bone claws along with Hulk abilities Clayton Cortez is a formidable being. Super strength, advanced healing, and even the adamantium skeleton were given to him by the Weapon X project. Using DNA from Amadeus Cho’s Hulk and Old Man Logan, the scientists created a terrifying beast in Weapon H.

10 Green Scar


  • Bruce Banner

  • Incredible Hulk #104 (2007)

The harsh conditions on the Planet Skaar forced the personality of the Hulk to become Green Scar. Appearing to have Bruce’s mind combined with Savage Hulk’s strength and Gray Hulk’s cunning, Green Scar was not a Hulk to be messed with.

With a base strength of a human that rose to above 100 tons, that had no defined limit, Green Scar was incredibly powerful and had to remain so to survive. This personality of the Hulk competed in the gladiatorial games on Planet Skaar becoming a favorite of the crowds. The true power of the Green Scar would be felt during the World War Hulk event, where Hulk returned to Earth to get revenge on those who sent him into space against his will.

9 Old Man Hulk

old man hulk

  • Bruce Banner

  • Giant-Sized Old Man Logan #1

In the graphic novel Old Man Logan, a deteriorating Wolverine survives alone in the wasteland that is now the world. Filled with famine, monstrous mutants, and savagery, Logan does his best to live day to day. The main antagonist of the comic is Hulk, but not the one that was a member of the Avengers.

Having turned truly sinister, Hulk now controls a vicious gang that rules the area. Hulk has passed on his gamma gene through nefarious means and created an entire army as strong as him. In addition, this Hulk has also resorted to cannibalism, which comes back to bite him in the end.

8 Maestro

The Maestro Marvel villain The Hulk

  • Bruce Banner

  • Hulk: Future Imperfect #1

One of the more recognizable Hulks, most recently appearing as a boss character in The Avengers video game by Square, Maestro is a version of Hulk from the future who has gone just a slight touch insane.

Maestro is the Hulk powered up by end-of-the-world nuclear events that killed off most of the planet. His strength had been boosted so much that he could lift twice as much in a calm state. First appearing in Future Imperfect Issue 1 in December 1992, Maestro has been a fan-favorite antagonistic Hulk ever since.

7 Red Hulk

red hulk marvel comics

  • Thunderbolt Ross

  • Hulk #1 (2008)

General Thunderbolt Ross was always a thorn in Bruce’s side, becoming a Hulk himself, leading to one of the most explosive showdowns in Hulk’s history. With an iconic red-skinned look with yellow eyes, the Red Hulk has cemented himself in the upper tiers of the Hulk since his debut.

With his super strength, healing factor, durability, and speed Red Hulk is already a formidable opponent. Adding into the mix of his energy-absorbing powers and thermokinesis, this Hulk is also really aggressive, even going as far as murdering Abomination and Wendigo before going on a rampage so bad that it took Thor and Hulk combined to end the destruction.

6 Kluh


  • Kulh

  • Red Hulk: Scorched Earth #1

During Avengers & X-Men: Axis in 2014 issue 4 introduced readers to Kluh, a version of the Hulk fueled by sadness and depression instead of anger and rage. This Kluh towered above Earth’s mightiest heroes after realizing these people were not his friends.

It took the full night of Thor, Scarlet Witch, Luke Cage, Wasp, Sam Wilson, and Medusa to try and tackle Kluh. Kluh even tried to murder Steve Rogers’s son in front of him, only to be stopped from doing so by Apocalypse. He may not have been around long but his levels of violence and brutality are unseen normally in the Hulks.

5 Titan Hulk


  • Bruce Banner

  • Hulk #15 (2023)

Being dubbed the Hulk’s Hulk, the deadliest of all the Hulks, this version first appeared in April 2022, Hulk issue 6. This is the Hulk pushed to the limit of his rage like when Bruce becomes angry and turns into the Hulk, Titan is the result of the Hulk reaching his anger limit.

Towering at 30 feet, Titan is so huge his shoulders are literal mountains. One of the giant beasts’ newly shown powers is the ability to siphon Gamma energy, readers were wide-eyed when Titan siphoned the abomination’s energy by sucking up its head after melting it. Being recently introduced, the true extent of Titan Hulk’s powers is unknown meaning he could yet prove to be the strongest of them all.

4 Blue Hulk


  • Bruce Banner

  • Captain Universe: Incredible Hulk (2006)

When the Uni-Power bonded with Hulk, not only did he gain a new blue skin tone, but he also gained the powers of Captain Universe. Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and even Daredevil have also been the holders of the title Captain Universe, but this was Hulk’s turn.

The incredible Uni-Power boosted Hulk’s already immeasurable strength and granted brand-new psychic and telekinesis cosmic powers, and the ability to fly. Along with the unlimited strength the Hulk already possessed being boosted, this mixture of abilities created an unstoppable being. Blue Hulk could not only smash bodies with his enhanced strength and fly, but he could also smash minds using the Uni-Power, a terrifying Hulk all around.

3 Worldbreaker Hulk


  • Bruce Banner

  • Incredible Hulk #610 (2010)

Possibly the most famous of all Hulk’s different personalities, Worldbreaker Hulk was an unstoppable force. The power of Savage Hulk and the intelligence of the warrior Green Scar came together to create one of the strongest Hulks ever.

Easily outmatching the entire strength of the Avengers, Worldbreaker Hulk came to be when Hulk absorbed the entire energy of planet Skaar. He became a literal Hulk bomb and could destroy entire cities by releasing the Gamma energy. Worldbreaker Hulk even took the full force of The Human Torch’s supernova attack and Storm’s lightning at the same time. It took an orbital strike from Iron Man’s satellites to stop the devastation he caused.

2 Immortal Hulk


  • Bruce Banner

  • Immortal Hulk #1 (2018)

Created by the result of Bruce Banner and the Hulk’s multiple deaths and rebirths allowing Devil Hulk to lock away the other personalities and become the dormant persona. Immortal Hulk was truly an extreme powerhouse among the rest of the Hulks.

Emerging from Bruce at night like some horror movie creature, the Immortal Hulk has some scarily powerful new abilities. His new gamma burst can destroy an entire planet in an instant, if this wasn’t enough Immortal Hulk can sense liars and drain Gamma from other Gamma-based life forms. This combined with the Hulk’s other powers makes him one of the most powerful Hulks to date.

1 Breaker Of Worlds


  • One Below All

  • Immortal Hulk #20

Not to be confused with Worldbreaker Hulk, the Breaker Of Worlds is the Hulk god. In the far future of Marvel, Hulk becomes more powerful than the Devourer Of Worlds Galactus. This is Hulk’s ultimate form.

Breaker Of Worlds can smash entire universes in an instant, his giant form traverses through space towering above galaxies of planets. This form comes to be ten billion years in the future when the Hulk becomes the ninth physical incarnation of destruction. Suggested to be controlled by The One Below All and not Bruce, this celestial Hulk devoured the Sentience of Cosmos, Mr. Immortal, Franklin Richards, and Galactus. If Hulk ever becomes this form that can end all that is, he will without a doubt truly be the strongest one of all.

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