Mashle: Margarette Macaron’s Powers & Abilities, Explained

In Mashle: Magic and Muscles, Margarette Macron stands out among their peers with their extraordinary magical genius.


  • Margarette Macron prefers to test adversaries first with powerful spells like Nalcos to gauge their defenses.
  • Macron’s magical prowess is formidable, with spells like Sounds Surround Orchestra and Death Gong.
  • With musical magic spells and strategic brilliance, Macron transforms into one of the most intimidating mages.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles introduces viewers to a world where magical talent dictates one’s social status. People born without magical abilities are ridiculed and ostracized from the society. The cut-throat environment where magiclessness is seen as a sin gives birth to ruthless mages who are willing to go to any lengths to become powerful.

Margarette Macron, the Orca dorm prefect is one such special magician. Although they are still a student at the prestigious Easton Magic Academy, many consider them on par with the Divine Visionaries. Here’s why Margarette Macron is one of the most talented teenage mages of the contemporary era.



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Margarette Macron Loves to Test Their Adversaries

Macron May Have Some Serious Abilities But They Prefer to Examine Their Enemies First


Margarette Macron is a strategic genius who relies on a host of techniques and maneuvers to outsmart their adversaries. They are outspoken and confident about their magical abilities to the point that they like to mock and deride their enemies when they confront them. The Orca Dorm’s Prefect is intimidating and relies on a well-tested technique to see if their adversaries are worthy of fighting them at their full potential.

In order to test their opponents, Margarette relies on a basic spell named Nalcos. Ordinary wizards cannot cause significant damage using such magic but Macron is different. Their ordinary spell carries frightening power and pushes their adversaries to reveal their defensive strategies. During the Divine Visionary selection exam, the Orca Dorm prefect faces Mash in one-on-one combat. In their opening attack, Macron uses Nalcos spell which shocks Burnedead’s friends as they feel they will easily manage to outmaneuver it.

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Nalcos spell shoots ball-like magical projectiles at the opponent. Mash in their characteristic manner, tries to handle it like a volleyball but immediately realizes that it is too heavy to be controlled in such a manner. This goes to show that Nalcos despite being Margarette’s basic spell is extremely powerful and can cause serious damage. When they want to increase their overall output and hurt their adversaries even more, Macron relies on the Nalcos Conte spell which is a slight variation of the original magical ability. It bombards their opponents with a series of blasts that leave them with nowhere to hide. Although both of these basic techniques are intimidating, Macron has another such spell under their sleeve.

In the Divine Visionary selection exam arc, Macron accidentally confronts Aorio Morris and Moore Tomato. Both the students have collected three golden coins each to qualify for the exam and are serious double-line magicians. Despite fighting them alone, Margarette shows no fear and overwhelms the duo using a basic magic spell named Sounds Re, A Drop of Golden Sun. This technique releases powerful music notations on the opponents. Sounds Re, A Drop of Golden Sun is strong enough to break through Aorio Morris and Moore Tomato’s defenses and defeat them. While Marcos relies on ordinary techniques to test their adversaries, they become extremely intimidating when they finally reveal their true form.

Margarette Macron’s Frightening Magical Talent

The Prefect from Orca Dorm Possesses A Range of Magical Powers That Makes Them Almost Invisible


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Margarette Macron keeps their real magic powers sealed off when they do not need to fight at their full potential. As explained earlier, their basic spells are powerful enough to take down strong double-liners who have been very successful against other magicians their age. Macron appears tall and masculine with their magic sealed off but when they transform to achieve their true form, they become more feminine and dainty. The physical transformation is accompanied by the liberation of their magical powers.

When Macron fights Mash, they try to use Nalcos and Nalcos Conte to intimidate their adversary. But the spells barely have the desired effect. Margarette then targets Burnedead with Sounda Fa, a powerful spell that arranges magical music notation into a mammoth fist, which can then be used to unleash a barrage of attacks. Since the technique is purely sound-based, traditional means of defense do not work and the damage is still quite alarming. Even Mash struggles against it and the spell gives him internal injuries that lead to bleeding. But it is noteworthy that Burnedead appears unperturbed despite the repeated attacks and injuries.

Margarette’s other go-to move is named Sounds Surround Orchestra. As one can guess, the magic spell summons gigantic musical instruments. After the enemy is surrounded from all sides, high-frequency soundwaves are emitted that render the target incapacitated. The powerful spell is extremely effective and pushes Macron’s adversaries to find cover since it can potentially cause a great deal of damage. But even if one can outsmart Margarette and defend themselves from Sounds Surround Orchestra, they are soon threatened by another extremely dangerous spell that the Orca dorm prefect resorts to when nothing else works.

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Powerful mages have access to advanced casting magic known as Secondth. These dangerous spells can only be used by double-liners and other stronger magicians. Macron’s Secondth spell is named Sounds Secondth: Death Gong. When the Orca dorm prefect utilizes it, it manifests a huge bell that could incapacitate anyone within the 2-kilometer hearing range. After the spell has been cast, Macron’s opponent only gets one minute to stop the bell from ringing by taking the wand from their hand.

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Unfortunately, taking Margarette’s wand is easier said than done. They use the Sounds Metamorphose spell to move at the speed of sound making it virtually impossible for most mages to ever have the chance of getting hold of him. The combination of the Sounds Metamorphose and Sounds Secondth: Death Gong is flawless and almost guarantees a victory for Macron against most enemies.

The Orca dorm prefect also has some other scary spells under their sleeve which despite not being as dangerous as their Secondth spell is still capable of causing serious damage. Some of these powerful techniques include Howling Sounds, Sounds Shield, Sounds Orchestra, and Shiver Sounds.

As fans may have noticed, Marco’s magic typically revolves around music. One key reason for this is the fact that they are a well-trained musician and performer. They adjunct their magic masterfully using their musical talent and transform themselves into an almost invincible mage capable of challenging the Divine Visionaries. Their incredible reflexes and immense magic power only add to their overall fighting prowess. With such a talent, Margarette Macron is easily one of the most intimidating characters in Mashle.



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