Mushoku Tensei: 8 Characters That Were Neglected In The Story

Unfortunately, with its pool of possibilities, these characters have not been given the attention they deserve.


  • The anime Mushoku Tensei has many underused characters whose potential is wasted, such as Ghislaine Dedoldia and Kishirika Kishirisu.
  • Characters like Elinalise Dragonroad and Suzanne have good traits, but their value to the story is not fully explored.
  • Characters like Almanfi and Geese have abilities that can be further developed, but their characters are neglected in the series. Lilia also has an interesting backstory but is underutilized.



The popular isekai anime series Mushoku Tensei tells the story of Rudeus Greyrat, a former 34-year-old NEET who was reincarnated after his death. In his new life, Rudeus meets many new people and learns to let go of his past trauma.

A wide range of characters are portrayed in the Mushoku Tensei anime series. From swordsmen to gods and magicians, a wide variety of characters exist. Perhaps because of the wide range of characters, some have been neglected in the story. Although the characters have strong points that could be developed, they are often underused and their potential wasted.

8 Ghislaine Dedoldia


As a warrior of the Dedoldia tribe of beast-men, Ghislaine Dedoldia is introduced early on in the series. She is a disciple of the Sword God Gal Falrion, and so she is extremely well-versed in swordplay. However, the same cannot be said of magic or writing.

As a character, Ghislaine has immense potential but is underused to the point of being neglected. She was a member of Paul Greyrat’s party, meaning she has accumulated a great deal of experience as an adventurer. Prior to the Fittoa transportation event, Ghislaine served as Eris Boreas Greyrat’s sword mentor and bodyguard. However, with her talents and her status as the sword God’s disciple, Ghislaine can be much more.

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7 Kishirika Kishirisu

Kishirika Kishirisu mushoku tensei

Of the many demon lords portrayed in various anime series, Kishirika Kishirisu stands out as an oddball. While a demon lord, Kishirika does not give off a presence akin to other demon lords. Her physical frame is so small that she could be mistaken for a young girl from the demon continent.

While small, Kishirika is not to be underestimated, as she possesses demon eyes and can bestow them on people. The demon eye she bestowed on Rudeus allows him to see a few seconds into the future, depending on how much mana he channels into it. As a demon lord, Kishirika can be used in a myriad of ways, but she is not.

6 Elinalise Dragonroad

Elinalise Dragonroad

The adventurer and former member of The Fangs of the Black Wolf, Elinalise Dragonroad, first appeared with Roxy Migurdia as they searched for Paul’s family after the Fittoa transportation event. Throughout her travels with Roxy, Elinalise was seen to be very inclined towards sexual activities.

In the airing of season two of Mushoku Tensei, Elinalise is with Rudeus at the Ranoa University of Magic. There, she involves herself in sexual activities once more. As a former member of Paul Greyrat’s party who hates Paul, Elinalise’s character can be expanded on. Her motivations and skills are yet to be seen, even though she could contribute more to the story of the series.

5 Sara

Mushoku Tensei II Ep3 Sara slaps Rudeus

Rudeus met the young Sara during his time with Counter Arrow. Although she initially hated him, she warmed up to him after he saved her life. As the duo interacted, Rudeus and Sara almost got involved with each other sexually. However, due to Rudeus’ erectile dysfunction, Sara walked out in disgust, claiming she only did it to fulfill her moral obligation to Rudeus for saving her life.

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After that, the next time Sara was seen, she heard Rudeus’ snarky remark about her. This made her run away in tears. While Sara only served as a passerby in Rudeus’ life, she could have been used in more ways than being a girl with a failed relationship with the protagonist.

4 Suzanne

Suzanne holding a bag

The leader of the Counter Arrow party seemed like she was on her way to becoming a recurring character in Mushoku Tensei; however, that would not be the case. Suzanne is a powerful combatant and adventurer who invited Rudeus to join her party, Counter Arrow.

While Rudeus never became a mainstay member of the party, he went on many missions with them. As a character, Suzanne is friendly, kind, and good-spirited. But despite her good traits, her potential as a character was barely tapped, and one can say she has been neglected in giving value to the whole story of the series.

3 Almanfi


So far, few know of Almanfi, the warrior who managed to measure up against Ghislaine Deldodia, even if for a short while. Almanfi appeared right before the Fittoa transportation event and proclaimed Rudeus the perpetrator. As he tried to strike down young Rudeus, Ghislaine stopped him, and they engaged in a brief battle.

Almanfi is a spirit familiar that governs all light spirits. He is one of the summoned servants of Perugius Dola, the Armored Dragon King. As a proud servant of Perugius, Almanfi is immensely loyal to his master. With his powers and abilities, Almanfi can be used in many more ways; however, his character has been neglected in the series.

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2 Geese

Geese thinking

Despite his very humanoid form, Geese is a member of the demon race Nuka tribe. Unfortunately, due to one of Hitogami’s many schemes, Geese’s tribe was wiped out, and he remains the last survivor. Geese was also revealed to have been formerly part of the Fangs of the Black Wolf Party, and he served as the jack of all trades in the party.

As a thief, Geese is excellent at mapping dungeons, cooking, and gambling. Moreover, despite his average combat abilities, Geese is an S-rank adventurer. This proves that there is more to him than meets the eye, and his character can be expanded upon.

1 Lilia

Lilia Greyrat - Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Before becoming a maid for the Greyrat family, Lilia served as a guard maid for Asura’s concubine palace. However, during an assassination attempt on the newly born Princess Ariel, Lilia was stabbed and poisoned. The poison has no cure or antidote. Thankfully, after trying various ways to heal her, the palace doctors succeeded.

However, she was left with the side effect of never being able to run or fully stomp her feet with her strength. This made her useless when it came to wielding a sword, and so she was fired. From then on, she was employed as Paul’s maid and eventually became his second wife after she had a daughter for him.

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