Mushoku Tensei: All Children of Rudeus

Each of Rudeus Greyrat’s children has their own journey in Mushoku Tensei. Here’s what that looks like for each of them.

Rifujin na Magonote’s Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is a compelling Japanese light novel series. The series, which revolves around Rudeus Greyrat’s reincarnation into a fantastical realm, integrates elements of the isekai, fantasy, and coming-of-age genres. The story follows Rudeus as he transforms from a socially awkward loner into a talented wizard, delving into topics such as atonement, personal growth, and the value of relationships.



Rudeus Greyrat’s dedication to his wives and children defines him in Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation. Despite his imperfections, he grows into an example of family loyalty, cultivating lasting relationships. His regrets inspire a strong desire to provide emotional support, advice, and affection to his loved ones. Rudeus’ arc goes beyond personal development, emphasizing the value of familial relationships. This devotion connects with viewers, making his transformation from recluse to caring parent and spouse a compelling and realistic journey that adds depth to the series.

1 Lucy Greyrat

Lucy and Rudeus

Rudeus and Sylphiette Greyrat’s first child is Lucy Greyrat. Due to her father’s hectic work, Rudeus’ daughter initially struggled to connect with him. Their relationship became stronger over time, although at an early age, she mistook Orsted for her father due to the common white hair attribute. When she was about 4-5 years old, Lucy recognized Rudeus as her father, though she still regretted his frequent absences.

Lucy began to feel detached as she grew older, believing Rudeus had no expectations for her. However, before to her marriage to Clive, a passionate conversation healed their friendship. The journey of this character illustrates the difficulties of father-daughter dynamics as well as the need of communication and understanding in family relationships.

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2 Lara Greyrat

Lara Greyrat

Lara Greyrat plays an important role in the story of Mushoku Tensei. Lara’s birth, as Rudeus’ second child and the first from his relationship with Roxy Greyrat, is linked to a great prophecy. She is revered by the Doldia Tribe and is prophesied to be their long-awaited savior, lending her existence a sense of destiny. Despite being Rudeus’ second child, her future importance outweighs her birth order.

Lara’s story adds layers of suspense and intrigue. The intriguing prophecy around her, as well as her eventual role as a savior, adds mystery and excitement to the overall plot. While Mushoku Tensei concludes without fully revealing her fate, it does provide room for more research in the proposed sequel series. Lara Greyrat reflects untapped potential, promising future adventures and revelations in the wonderfully detailed universe.

3 Ars Greyrat

Ars Greyrat

Ars Greyrat is the third child of Rudeus Greyrat and the first child of Eris Greyrat. Ars, who was born while Rudeus was away, tells a unique story in Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation. His ancestors bear the weight of a heroic tradition, as he was named after the famed Great Hero of Humanity, Ars.

In another universe, Ars elopes with Aisha Greyrat, falling in love with her and enduring family backlash. The arrival of a child at the age of 12 strains his connection with Rudeus, leading to their eventual return, which is welcomed by the family under certain terms. Ars’ prowess is overshadowed by his troubles with healing magic, as shown in a deleted side story. He is trained in the Sword God Style and is proficient in fire and water magic.

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4 Sieghart Saladin Greyrat

Sieghart saladin Greyrat

Sieghart Saladin Greyrat, also known as Sieg, is the fourth child of Rudeus Greyrat, and his mother is Sylphiette Greyrat. He is Lucy’s younger brother and the half-brother of Lara, Ars, Christina, and Lily. He is the primary character of Jobless Oblige. Sieg Greyrat, unlike his stoic sister Lara and his weeping brother Ars, is a typical child in Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation.

As he grows older, he draws inspiration from his father’s heroic stories, developing a strong sense of justice. He engages in midnight deeds of heroism, hiding his identity. In his adolescence, he struggles with meaning, much like his father. Sieg, like the North God, has his master’s habit of audibly announcing his name before battle. Throughout the series, his path reflects the common fight to find one’s own identity, combining heroism, growth, and paternal bond.

5 Lily Greyrat

Lily Greyrat

Lily Greyrat is Rudeus Greyrat’s fifth child and Roxy Migurdia’s second child. She is Lucy Greyrat’s younger sister and the half-sister of Ars, Sieghart, and Christina.She is a carefree individual who enjoys anything to do with Magic tools and Magic Items. Lily is an airhead with poor sense of direction, which causes her to get lost on her trip between her house and her office.

Lily inherited the Magic Armor research, and finished the All-Purpose Magic Armor in K483. Despite her ditzy nature, her work was essential in lowering casualties during the subjugation of huge creatures. Lily is terrible at horseback riding, despite having been schooled since she was a child. On the other hand, her fencing and magical abilities were far above average for a Greyrat family sibling. She is also an accomplished researcher.

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6 Christina Greyrat

Rudeus and Christina Greyrat

Christina Greyrat, the youngest child of Rudeus and Eris, possesses a distinct appeal. Unlike her siblings, she openly enjoys being spoiled by her father. Her intimate friendship with Rudeus causes her to frequently prefer his advice over her mother’s, indicating her faith in his wisdom. Rudeus is first wary of her naivety when she enrolls at Asura Royal Academy, but his uncertainty turns to pride three years later when he watches her resourcefulness during a plan to discredit her. This demonstrates her development and capacity to deal with difficult conditions.

Christina’s determination and growth distinguish her among the Greyrat youngsters. Her quest, however, takes an unexpected turn when Edward, the son of Luke and Ariel, approaches her about marriage. This twist complicates her character by connecting her desires and decisions with familial dynamics and societal expectations, adding to the series’ narrative tapestry.

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