My Hero Academia 398: What To Expect From The Chapter

All Might and All For One are in an intense fight that is yet to reach its peak.


  • All Might relies on enraging All For One to gain an advantage in the fight, as their rivalry fuels the latter’s anger and distraction.
  • All Might’s battle armor, Armored All Might, is gradually fading in power and getting damaged, making it vulnerable to All For One’s attacks.
  • Fans can expect to see more of Armored All Might’s abilities, potentially including powers from his students like Shoto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugo, as well as his iconic moves from his time as the holder of One For All. The climax of the battle is approaching soon, with the fight likely lasting for a few more chapters.



My Hero Academia chapter 398 is what every fan is currently on the edge of their seats for, given that the previous chapter was quite short yet, did well to build excitement for what is to come. Currently, the manga is in the Final War Saga where All Might and All For One are currently engaging in their final fight ever.

All For One is beyond his prime abilities while All Might does not even have his Quirk in this fight. Yet, the latter has found power by donning a battle armor, called Armored All Might and this power has surprised both All For One and the fans alike. With this fight now edging closer to its climax, fans are incredibly excited to see what’s in store for them next.

All For One Enraged

All for one vs all might my hero academia 398

My Hero Academia chapter 398 will most likely see All Might rely on his trusted strategy of enraging All For One. In the previous chapter, he tried to make it appear as if whatever All For One was doing was having no effect on him at all. All Might pretended to act as if he was easily fighting against All For One despite not having any Quirk. This, naturally, enraged All For One, especially given that he was never able to steal One For All from him.

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Furthermore, he ended up losing his battles to him as well and, in his entire life, All Might has been his biggest nemesis and a thorn in his side. If it wasn’t for All Might, All For One would have already conquered the entirety of Japan and, perhaps, more, and asserted himself as the ruler.

For all these reasons, it is quite easy to see why he is as enraged as he is. All Might will most likely keep it up in My Hero Academia chapter 398 and All For One will continue to fall for it. Of course, this means that fans can also expect a barrage of attacks from All For One, given that he is going to be infuriated. Fans already saw him try a new Quirk combination in the previous chapter and perhaps, a few more will follow in the next chapter as well. All For One certainly has everything that he needs to destroy All Might in this battle and he simply needs to play his cards properly. Even though he doesn’t want to admit it, he is wasting precious time on All Might and the latter is actually winning the mental battle.

All Might’s Fading Power

All might’s power my hero academia 398

Yagi Toshinori has significantly powered up, thanks to Armored All Might. However, this power has been slowly fading from the very first chapter it debuted in. His cape was damaged tremendously after the first attack and, in the previous chapter, he sustained great damage to his left arm as well. Although All Might went into support mode, it is quite clear that his armor is not going to hold out for long. If he is to win this fight, All Might needs to be very careful about his moves and not do anything reckless. His current strategy is to enrage All For One as much as he can and get him to waste his time until he grows weaker as well.

At the same time, All Might does not intend to lose this fight, as he previously mentioned. This means that he will be on the offensive more often and, fans could get to see more from him in the next chapter as well. On the flip side, however, this also means more openings will appear for All For One to counterattack and damage his armor even more. Fans will most likely see Armored All Might get damaged further in My Hero Academia chapter 398. As strong as the armor is, it cannot hold long against the assault of All For One. Just single attacks are capable of destroying large chunks of it and if All For One does manage to get a proper hit in, the integrity of the armor can be significantly compromised. Perhaps, My Hero Academia chapter 398 will give the fans just that and raise the tension in this fight even further.

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More Armored All Might Abilities

armored all might vs all for one my hero academia 398

While Armored All Might is slowly being chinked at, fans should also know that he has not yet revealed all his powers. Armored All Might has largely been inspired by the very students of All Might. He has incorporated mechanics similar to the Quirks of his students in this battle armor and fans have seen quite a lot of them at play already. In the last chapter, Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow was seen in play and it was certainly astonishing for the fans to see that this battle suit can copy quite a lot of Quirks. That said, there are still many students that he has trained whose Quirks he still has not used. Some of them are very powerful fighters, such as Shoto Todoroki, and Katsuki Bakugo.

Fans know for a fact that these two fighters are incredibly powerful and seeing All Might use their powers would be incredibly exciting. At the same time, there are other abilities that he can copy as well and these include Quirks such as Acid and potentially even Zero Gravity. Above all, fans are more excited for him to copy his old One For All Quirk and utilize techniques such as Detroit Smash again. Fans already saw him use abilities like Shoot Style Smash and it is time for him to pull off his signature moves in the fight against All For One. My Hero Academia chapter 398 might deliver on this end and, if it does, the fans are certainly going to be very happy.

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The Climax Of The Battle

Climax of all might vs all for one my hero academia 398

Over the course of the past two chapters, it has been quite clear that this fight is not going to last for long. For one, All For One cannot afford to waste a lot of time. At the same time, the rate at which All Might is taking damage is quite high and he is not going to last in this battle for long, and that goes without saying. This only means that the climax of the battle will be here very soon and, it is possible that My Hero Academia chapter 398 will be it. With All Might having already been damaged to quite a significant degree, the next chapter is likely to see that happen even more and, with that, the fight finally entering the climax.

Most fights that fans have seen over the course of the past few months have lasted for just three to four chapters, at best. This implies the fight between these two powerhouses is likely going to follow a similar path. It is possible that Horikoshi will throw more focus on this fight, given the importance of it, however, at the same time, it must be remembered that his health is currently suffering tremendously, as is evident from the constant breaks and short chapters. Horikoshi needs to take care of himself properly and, perhaps, that will influence the speed at which he deals with this fight. Regardless, fans are sure to enjoy whatever is to come in My Hero Academia chapter 398 to the fullest.

My Hero Academia will be released on August 27, 2023. As always, fans can read the manga on the Shonen Jump and MangaPlus apps.

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