My Hero Academia: All Quirk Powers Of Armored All Might, Explained

Armored All Might is a force strong enough to contend with All For One.


  • Armored All Might, a new power-up for All Might, has been introduced in the Final War arc, surprising fans with his incredible abilities.
  • Armored All Might can copy various Quirks through his armor, including Red Riot, Blackwhip, Charge Bolt, and Cellophane, making him a formidable opponent against All For One.
  • There are still more Quirks that Armored All Might can potentially use, such as Bakugo’s Explosion Quirk, Todoroki’s fire and ice powers, and the ability to use acid, bringing more excitement to the upcoming battle.



My Hero Academia is currently in its Final War arc and the biggest of fights are going down here, with the author going all out in drawing these incredible clashes. Fans have already seen some majestic fights being played out in the Final War, however, two of the biggest fights are yet to finish. These two fights are, of course, All Might versus All For One and, the final fight in the entire series, Deku versus Shigaraki. Given that Deku is the protagonist, it makes sense for the author to save this fight for last, however, the penultimate battle is just as good, if not more interesting for the fans.

All Might is finally taking on All For One in their last clash and, much to the surprise of the fans, the former has pulled out a new power up, called Armored All Might. Fans have already seen some incredible powers that Armored All Might possesses, however, there is much more to him than just that and fans will surely witness it in the coming chapters.

Armored All Might

armored all might vs all for one my hero academia 396

Armored All Might was first teased when Yagi Toshinori stepped into the war with the intention of stopping All For One all by himself. Naturally, everyone believed that All Might would get crushed in this fight given that he has no Quirk anymore and he is just a shell of his former self. All Might is currently no better than a regular human and All For One is at the very pinnacle of his powers. Even a collaboration of several powerful Heroes is not enough to stop him, and given the circumstances, one could be forgiven for thinking that All Might would be crushed in this fight. However, fans immediately knew that he had a trump card up his sleeve when he pulled out a briefcase. The vast majority of the fans guessed that this briefcase would contain some sort of hero equipment for him to wield in battle.

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All that was finally confirmed to the fans in the previous chapter of My Hero Academia, which saw All Might don a majestic armor all over his body and, thus, give birth to Armored All Might. Despite seeing this incredible transformation, the vast majority of the fans didn’t believe that All Might would be able to put up a significant fight against All For One. In fact, even the many characters in the manga, including All Might’s best friends, had no faith in him, yet he rose through adversity and showed everyone why he was the Symbol of Peace for as long as he was. Surprisingly, Armored All Might put up an admirable fight against All For One and even managed to overpower him, without even taking as much as a scratch himself. It was proven to the fans that Armored All Might is not one to be taken lightly and he has several powerful abilities up his sleeve already.

The Quirks Armored All Might Can Copy

armored all might my hero academia

When it comes to fighting style, Armored All Might is very different from the All Might that fans are used to seeing. While some of his idiosyncrasies are certainly there, as expected, the way he fights in combat is much different from what one would expect from him. In fact, the fighting style only has a few similarities to how he used to fight before and he has now incorporated the usage of several Quirks. To make things clear, Armored All Might does not actually possess these Quirks. Instead, the power of these Quirks has been copied and made a part of the incredible mechanics that his armor features. Fans have already seen him make use of some incredibly overpowered abilities and some of them are so powerful that even All For One, despite being at his very strongest, was taken by surprise and could do nothing to stop them but watch. All Might has a whole arsenal of incredible weapons that fans have already seen and there is certainly more to come.

To start with, Armored All Might has his car, called Hercules, to use as a weapon to use in battle. Using this car, All Might was able to create a powerful shield capable of withstanding blows from even All For One at his very best. When it comes to the Quirks that he can copy, fans have seen him make use of a Red Riot, which is a shield armor that encases his entire body whenever needed. This has, obviously, been influenced by Kirishima, who is known for his defensive capabilities in the series. He can also use another ability called Blackwhip, and fans are very well aware of where he took this from. Deku is a user of Blackwhip and he inherited this power from the Sixth user of One For All. All Might, having seen this power in effect, had Melissa incorporate it into his very own armor. This ability allows him to shoot whips from his body that he was seen lodging into All For One.

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All might armored vs all for one my hero academia 396

Another incredible ability that he possesses is Charge Bolt and this ability is a copy of the Quirk wielded by Denki. Fans know very well that Denki possesses incredible power when it comes to electricity and All Might, using his incredible armor, can channel electricity directly into the body of others. In fact, fans did see him make use of this ability against All For One and not only did it prove to be enough to shock him, but it also managed to stop his regenerative powers, allowing Armored All Might to do tremendous damage consecutively.

Furthermore, another ability that he revealed to the fans in the previous chapter was Cellophane, which is a power that he copies from Sero. This ability allows him to pull his enemies towards himself and prepare to deliver a very powerful strike. Needless to say, the usage of this ability is very effective, and even All For One could not do anything about it, especially since the electricity that was being channeled into his body was keeping him from regenerating.

Armored All Might also possesses a power known as Sugar Rush and this ability has been taken from Rikido Sato. Fans know that Sugar Rush allows him to increase his physical strength and that is precisely what All Might’s Sugar Rush does as well. By giving him an incredible boost in terms of strength, it allows him to land powerful blows on his enemies, as fans so when he landed a powerful kick on All For One.

All of his incredible abilities combined in order for him to perform Shoot Style Smash, an ultimate move that severely injured All For One. Fans know that Shoot Style Smash is something that Deku specializes in and now, All For One has taken inspiration from his very own student and used his ability against his greatest nemesis. All of the abilities that he demonstrated were inspired by his very own students and that just goes to show how incredible a teacher he really is. That said, there are multiple abilities that he has not made use of just yet and fans are sure that there is more to come from Armored All Might.

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Future Quirks Of Armored All Might

all for one vs all might armored my hero academia 397

There are several Quirks that Armored All Might can possibly end up using in the upcoming chapters. For one, some of the most powerful ones have not been tapped into by him at all. These include the likes of Bakugo’s Explosion Quirk, which fans know will work very well with an Armored suit. Producing explosions should not be that difficult for All Might and something along the lines of Howitzer Impact could be expected anytime now. Furthermore, another powerful ability that fans can see getting replicated is the power to produce flames as well as ice, which would be an ability taken from Shoto Todoroki. The power to use acid is also not something that should be too difficult for Armored All Might to emulate.

It must be remembered that Melissa is an extremely talented and skilled scientist and for her to incorporate these powers inside his armor should not be all that difficult. With acid, Armored All Might can make his blows more corrosive and deal tremendous damage to All For One, especially when he is already reeling. To dull his senses, perhaps, Armored All Might might even have something similar to Earphone Jack available. Above all, fans expect to see more of the One For All from him. After all, One For All is the Quirk that he is most familiar with and also belongs to his most prized student. Fans already saw him copy Shoot Style Smash in the previous chapter and there is certainly more to come.

Perhaps, the Armored version of Detroit Smash is something that fans will see very soon in the story. Regardless, Armored All Might is a transformation that fans have warmed up to quite a lot and have enjoyed seeing in the previous chapter. With more to come, fans can only hope that there are more surprises in the upcoming battle.

My Hero Academia is available to read on Viz Media.

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