My Hero Academia: The Hideout Raid Arc, Explained

An important plot point, this arc reveals a shift in power and All Might’s resilience in the face of overwhelming evil.


  • The Hideout Raid Arc reveals the importance of teamwork and loyalty among students and pro-heroes in My Hero Academia.
  • All Might’s battle with All For One showcases the passing of the torch to Izuku Midoriya as the next symbol of peace.
  • UA High implements changes to ensure student safety after embarrassing incidents and All Might’s secret reveal.

It is safe to say that My Hero Academia remains fans’ favorite and a staple in the anime community. Like every other anime, this anime is divided into different arcs, and each arc is very significant to the plot. In The Hideout Raid arc, some of the main characters find out the importance of listening to their teachers and not going behind their backs, regardless of what is at stake. However, this anime would not be as intense and captivating to the fans if there were not some rule-breaking or rule-bending.

The Hideout Raid Arc is where fans find out that Katsuki Bakugo has people who care about him and are willing to risk it all for him. In this arc, All Might faced the greatest villain in this world six years after he left a hole in his chest that greatly impacted his career as All Might. Additionally, this arc is the ninth in My Hero Academia, and a series of important events happened during this arc.



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Katsuki Bakugo Vs. The League Of Villains

A Hero With Villian-Like Tendencies Seen By The Whole World


After catching the attention of the League of Villians, Katsuki finds himself in their midst as they try to recruit him. While Katsuki was in the enemy’s den, Ejiro Kirishima was trying to gather his close friends to rescue Katuski despite how dangerous it would be for them, especially without their teachers, aka, the pro-heroes. Ejiro, Momo, Midoriya, Todoroki, and Tenya all went in disguise to save Katsuki. The group would not have been complete without Midoriya, who has no regard for his body as he goes on this dangerous mission a few hours after getting discharged from the hospital.

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As they head to the supposed hideout of the league of villains, Katsuki, on the other hand, blasts the enemies for thinking they can easily sway him, while the UA pro-heroes and teachers are doing damage control for Katsuki as the whole world sees his displays and tags him as someone with villain potential. The pro-heroes, All Might, Gran Torino, and Endeavour, come to rescue Katsuki in the real hideout, while the rest head to the other hideout where the Nomus and the students are. The League of Villans were able to warp Katsuki and themselves to their other hideout, but luckily, the pro-heroes and his friends were there, hoping to rescue him. Ejiro and the gang are able to rescue Katsuki as All For One shows up with Nomus, and the pro-heroes emerge to neutralize the threat. The students were able to get away from the heat of the danger and blend in with the other civilians as they watched All Might and All For One battle on the screens.

The Fight To Save Bakugo

The Final Battle Between All Might And All For One

My Hero Academia Gran Torino, All For One's Greatest Foe All Might defeats All For One

Nomus are the League of Villains creation and soldiers. These creatures are incredibly powerful and have been designed to hold and control multiple quirks, making them a dangerous threat to the pro-heroes and society at large. The heroes fight off these creatures, unaware that someone more powerful is lurking at the corner, waiting to make a big entrance, and he finally does. All For One, the symbol of terror and the main antagonist of My Hero Academia, shows up.

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No pro-hero has what it takes to defeat All For One. All Might was once a worthy contestant, but All For One left a hole in his torso that knocked him down the list, and although he tries, he is no match for the mighty villain. As these pro-heroes try their best to neutralize the threats, All For One shows no mercy as he defeats Best Jeanist. In this arc, fans get to see All For One and One For All battle.

If You Feel Yourself Hitting Up Against Your Limit, Remember For What Cause You Clench Your Fists!

This arc exposes All Might’s secret to the whole world as they see that he is not as strong as he used to be and his muscles, which were his signature look, are all gone. Rightfully so, All Might was still able to defeat All For One, using up every bit of his quirk, and he officially passed on the role of defeating All For One to Izuku Midorya.

You are next.

All Might’s Secret Is Revealed To The World

Midoriya Officially Receives The Baton To Carry On All Might’s Legacy


All Might’s well-kept secret is now open to the whole world. He is no longer the symbol of peace the people cherish and the villains fear. This new development spearheads a lot of change, as villains are now happy since their All Might, whom they greatly fear, has fallen. Now that All Might is no longer the number 1 hero in Japan, the title has to go to the next hero on the list, Endeavour. Some fans would have expected Endeavour to leap for joy, but he has worked so much to prove himself worthy of being able to defeat All Might that the title being offered to him cheaply is a great insult.

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Izuku, on the other hand, is sad that All Might’s reign has come to an end, but a new era begins with the end of All Might’s reign. The new era now is where All Might teaches and trains Izuku Midoriya to become the next symbol of peace, making sure that Japan is not left unprotected for long and instilling trust and peace back in society.

U.A. High Makes Some Changes

Measures Are Put In Place To Ensure The Students’ Safety

U.A. High

The League of Villians was able to embarrass the pro-heroes, plus with All Might’s secret out in the open, the public, especially parents with children at UA High, is not as confident in the pro-heroes as before. As a prestigious school dedicated to training the future heroes of society, UA High proactively implements some new changes to ensure they maintain their good standing in society.

As UA High prepares to transition into a boarding school, Nezu, the principal, goes out alongside other teachers to personally appeal to the parents of their students to assure them they still have good intentions for their kids and to release them into UA’s dormitory. All Might meets Izuku’s mom, Inko, and appeals to her. Initially, she disagrees because she is concerned about Izuku’s safety, but after All Might’s vows to use his life to protect Izuku and Izuku begs and makes his case, she finally agrees to send Izuku to the dormitory. Class 1-A students are back with their belongings to have a new experience at UA while training and preparing for the battle that waits for them.

My Hero Academia is available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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