My Hero Academia: The Strongest Female Heroes

My Hero Academia’s strongest female heroes are a force to be reckoned with.

The anime industry took a major hit a decade ago when two of the Big Three shonen series ended, but new series like My Hero Academia managed to fill the role. People love My Hero Academia because it is a shonen that delves into the superhero genre. It is both lighthearted and dark, and it features one of the most unique power systems in anime. In the world of MHA, most of humanity possesses some type of Quirk.



Those who use their Quirks for nefarious purposes are referred to as Villains, and it is up to the Pro Heroes to stop them so that they can keep the innocent safe. Like most shonen, the male heroes get the majority of the attention, but there are plenty of strong female heroes as well.

10 Thirteen

Thirteen Using Black Hole Against Villains In My Hero Academia

Thirteen is a Pro Hero whose area of expertise is rescue missions, which means that she does not fight Villains that often, but she will fight if necessary. She is a passionate individual who only cares about saving people, which is ironic since she possesses an extremely deadly and powerful Quirk.

Thanks to Black Hole, she can replicate the suction effect of a black hole with her hands, which is so powerful that even light cannot escape it. Anything that gets sucked into her black hole gets disintegrated, which means that she has to be very careful with it.

9 Uravity

Uravity Using Zero Gravity Against A Villain In My Hero Academia

It looks like Uravity prefers to do rescue operations, but she can certainly fight if she has to. She has always been a warm and cheerful girl, but she has become more serious as the series has progressed. She was the reason the civilians allowed Deku to return to U.A. High School at the end of season 6.

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Thanks to her Zero Gravity Quirk, she can nullify the effects of gravity on solid objects by touching them with her fingertips. This ability is great for clearing debris, but it can also be used to restrain Villains. If she wants, she can turn any debris around her into a makeshift meteor storm.

8 Creati

Momo Yaoyorozu Creating Objects With Her Quirk In My Hero Academia

Creati got into U.A. High School through recommendation, and she currently serves as the vice class representative of Class 1-A. She was recommended because of her combat skills and genius-level intellect. It was ultimately her plan that stopped Gigantomachia’s rampage during the war with the Paranormal Liberation Front.

The Creation Quirk allows her to transform her body’s fat cells into any non-living object or material, but only if she understands the composition of its molecules. This ability is very useful in terms of its support potential, and it allows her to create things to counter the effects of other Quirks.

7 Nejire Chan

Nejire Chan Using Her Wave Motion Quirk Against Villains In My Hero Academia

Nejire Chan is a third-year Pro Hero student, and she is part of the Big Three, which means that she is one of U.A. High School’s strongest students. She is a naturally kind and cheerful girl who interns for Ryukyu, and her strength rivals more experienced Pro Heroes.

She has built up her stamina and durability to a point that she can now use her Quirk without getting tired. With the Wave Motion Quirk, she can turn her own vitality into energy, and she can release that energy as powerful shockwaves. She can use these shockwaves to fly, and they allow her to fight up close by adding force to her punches and kicks.

6 Midnight

Midnight Using Somnambulist seductively In My Hero Academia

Midnight was a teacher at U.A., and she was known as the R-Rated Hero because of her traditional dominatrix hero costume. She had a keen intellect, and she used a whip and specialized fans – which made her a formidable close ranged fighter.

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She possessed the Somnambulist Quirk, which allowed her body to exude a sleep-inducing aroma. The only issue with this ability was the fact that it worked better on men than women. Midnight died during the war with the Paranormal Liberation Front, but she was able to take out several members despite being severely injured.

5 Mt. Lady

Mt. Lady Running Through The City As A Giant In My Hero Academia

Mt. Lady was one of the first Pro Heroes to appear in MHA, and she is currently Japan’s No.23 ranked Pro Hero. She loves the attention that she receives for being a hero, and she does not mind using her looks and figure to further her popularity.

That being said, Mt. Lady is a professional, and she will never put civilians in danger while fighting Villains. She can become a 67ft giant with her Gigantification Quirk, and in doing so, she can deliver powerful punches and sweeping attacks. She was able to slow down a rampaging Gigantomachia by holding onto him for quite some time.

4 Ryukyu

Ryukyu Speaking To Her Trainees In My Hero Academia

Ryukyu is currently Japan’s No.10 Pro Hero, but she previously held the 9th spot. She is a gentle and humble person who cares for children and her trainees. When it comes to combat, she is known for maintaining her composure no matter the situation.

What makes her so formidable is her Dragon Quirk – which allows her to transform into a large dragon. While in this form, Ryukyu gains enhanced strength and incredible durability. She may not be able to breathe fire, but she can fly and deliver powerful claw and jaw attacks.

3 Mirko

Mirko Smiling While Breaking Through A Wall In My Hero Academia

Mirko is the No.5 ranked Pro Hero, and she is known for being tough and speaking her mind. She prefers to work alone, but she will team up with other heroes if the situation calls for it. Thanks to her Rabbit Quirk, Mirko possesses incredible leg strength – which allows her to jump and kick with immense force.

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This ability also grants her enhanced agility, dexterity, and a high pain tolerance. She took out several Nomu by herself during the Jaku General Hospital raid, and she then fought five High-Ends by herself. Even after losing an arm and a leg, she assists to take down Tomura Shigaraki in the Final War.

2 Star and Stripe

Star and Stripe Debut in the Season 6 Finale of My Hero Academia

Star and Stripe admired All Might because he saved her when she was a child, and she was able to follow in his footsteps by becoming the top-ranked Pro Hero in her country. Her main goal is to seek justice and protect others, which explains why she jumped at the chance to help Japan’s heroes.

She possessed the New Order Quirk, which allowed her to manipulate herself and the world around her by setting new rules. She had to touch the object or person and say their name before issuing the new rules. By doing so, she could give herself new abilities and alter her opponent’s body.

1 Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura - The 7th One For All User In My Hero Academia

Nana Shimura is Tomura’s grandmother, but she was also One For All’s 7th user. Her own Quirk allowed her to levitate in the air. Like other One For All users, she had superhuman strength, speed, durability, and reflexes. Unfortunately, she could not use the Quirks of past users.

She may have not been a well-known Pro Hero when she was alive, but she was undoubtedly the strongest hero in Japan during that time. She died while fighting All For One, and she deserves credit for fighting him alone.

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