Naruto: Every Major Ninja Village, Ranked By Strength

Every ninja village in the Naruto series is unique, both in design and strength. These are all of the biggest villages, from weakest to strongest.


  • The concept of ninja villages in Naruto was born when two powerful clans, the Senju and Uchiha clans, joined forces to create Konohagakure, the first shinobi village.
  • Many other villages followed this model, and over the years, the five villages have become the face of their respective countries, growing in size and power.
  • While the article focuses on the strongest ninja villages and their strongest shinobi, there are several others that have emerged over the years, each with their own unique strengths and contributions to the story.



The concept of ninja villages in Naruto was born when Hashirama Senju, the leader of the Senju clan, joined hands with Madara Uchiha, the leader of the Uchiha clan. Being the two mightiest of clans in the world, they created a solid foundation for peace to prevail in the world and to put an end to all wars in the form of Konohagakure, the very first shinobi village.

Watching this model, the rest of the shinobi world soon followed it, and thus, the ninja villages were born. Over the years, these villages have only grown in size as many powerful clans continued to join them. With the birth of many powerful shinobi throughout the decades in Naruto, the five villages have become the face of their countries.

Updated on August 14, 2023, by Rei Penber: Ninja villages have existed in the world of Naruto for decades yet, for some countries, the concept of ninja villages is still rather new. As such, new villages keep on emerging, and, thus, new powers in the world are also established. While this list already goes over the strongest ninja villages in the world of Naruto as well as the strongest resources that they have at their disposal, there are several others that have been established over the years that are worthy of a mention of their own. With that in mind, this list has now been updated.

10 Kusagakure

Kusagakure naruto

Kusagakure, also known as the Hidden Grass Village, is a rather important village in the world of Naruto where fans have seen quite a few ninjas emerge from. This is the village where quite a big portion of the Third Great Ninja War was fought. They played a significant role in this war and their position has only grown ever since.

After the conclusion of the Fourth Great Ninja War, they were even invited to join the Shinobi Union, which is proof enough that this village is doing very well for itself. In the future, their power will only continue to grow and hopefully, this village and its many powerful Shinobi will continue to play a role in the main story.

Kusagakure’s Strongest

Naruto Karin blushing

Fans have seen plenty of interesting characters emerge from Kusagakure. However, the most significant of them all is surely Karin. She established herself as one of the most important side characters in Sasuke’s story and even today, she continues to play a significant role in Naruto and its continuation, Boruto.

Sadly, as is the case with most characters in Naruto, there was little to no progression for the story of this character. Strength-wise, however, Karin is surely more than impressive as an Uzumaki woman.

9 Takigakure

Takigakure naruto

Takigakure is a village that fans do not know much about, however, it is certainly a very important one in the Naruto world. Fans don’t know which country this village belongs to, however, it is still relatively new when compared to most major ninja villages. Sometime after it was created, the village elders ordered Kakuzu to assassinate Hashirama.

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Obviously, he failed in this task and faced severe punishment. Being frustrated at his fate, he decided to rebel and killed all the village elders, stealing their hearts as well as their Forbidden Technique in the process. This village also held a Tailed Beast, making it the only ninja village outside of the biggest ones to hold this power. They eventually sealed it inside Fu, making it one of the strongest villages in the story.

Takigakure’s Strongest

Kakuzu from Naruto

Kakuzu is certainly the strongest ninja to have emerged from Takigakure. He was a powerful Shinobi, worthy of being affiliated with the Akatsuki and one that could even take on several powerful Jinchuriki in combat. Kakuzu could even push a Jonin as strong as Kakashi on the back foot and his five hearts made defeating him in combat incredibly difficult to achieve.

With control over all nature transformations, as well as powerful techniques up his sleeve, Kakuzu was surely an amazing Shinobi.

8 Otogakure

Otogakure Naruto

Otogakure, also known as the Hidden Sound Village, is a rather new village that was established in the Sound country. It is believed that Orochimaru had much to do with its creation. Orochimaru likely conquered the sound country and convinced the Daimyo to allow him to build this village. Essentially, Otogakure is the very own village of Orochimaru and it has only grown in power ever since its conception.

Several ninjas from this village took part in the first Chunin Exam in the Naruto series and there were certainly hostilities between this village and Konoha after the Konoha Crush. However, over the years, these hostilities seem to have been bridged. Meanwhile, Otogakure seems to have a newfound admiration for nature and the village appears to be prospering, which is nothing short of incredible. In the coming years, this village could even become one of the biggest superpowers, given the legend that is affiliated with it.

Otogakure’s Strongest


The strongest Shinobi from the Hidden Sound Village is none other than Orochimaru himself. Once, Orochimaru belonged to Konoha, however, he was eventually on the run when his vile experiments were found out. Going from place to place, Orochimaru eventually founded this village and has been affiliated to it ever since.

Orochimaru has done very well for himself over the years and even if his relevance was lost in the latter half of the story, currently, he has reestablished himself as a very important character, potentially even among the strongest in the entire world. Orochimaru’s powers as well as his immortality make him a force to be reckoned with for any Shinobi to have ever lived. Fans can only hope that he ends up reprising a major role in the story later on.

7 Uzushiogakure

Uzushiogakure in Naruto

Also known as the Village Hidden in the Whirlpool, Uzushiogakure was an incredibly powerful village back in the day and was considered to be the very best when it came to Sealing Jutsu. Their strength was such that the neighboring countries quickly got wary of their ever-growing potential and eventually, joined forces to destroy them.

Sadly, Uzushiogakure doesn’t exist anymore, however, there are quite a few surviving members of this village who are spread across the shinobi world. The Uzumaki clan currently exists within Konohagakure, with Naruto Uzumaki as its leader.

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Uzushiogakure’s Strongest

Kushina Uzumaki in Naruto

Uzushiogakure was barely seen in the series, but two of its shinobi have been prominent. The first one is Ashina Uzumaki, whose strength was such that even Hashirama Senju sought his help on occasions. The second one was Kushina Uzumaki, who ended up becoming the Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails. Evidently, both were incredibly powerful as ninjas.

6 Kirigakure

Mei Terumi using Boil Release against Sasuke

Kirigakure is certainly one of the strongest villages in Naruto and over the years, it has produced some of the strongest shinobi ever. Most famously, this village is home to several generations of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, who are all known to have been extremely powerful.

Their Kage have been extremely impressive as well with the Second Mizukage being one of the strongest ninjas to ever live, Yagura being a perfect Jinchuriki, and Mei being a user of two Kekkei Genkai naturally. Kirigakure continues to grow in strength even today. Under Chojuro, the village has strengthed even further and produced some talented young ninjas. With time, Kirigakure will once again rise to great heights.

Kirigakure’s Strongest

The 2nd Mizukage Reanimated

Kirigakure is a powerful ninja village, and, under Chojuro, it has undergone a great transformation. Currently, it’s one of the strongest villages in the ninja world. The strongest from Kirigakure is Gengetsu Hozuki, the Second Mizukage, who was a rival to the Third Tsuchikage of Iwagkure. Apart from him, Chojuro is also among the strongest Kage as he fought Otsutsuki-level threats in the Boruto series.

5 Amegakure

Pain, the leader of Akatsuki

While Amegakure isn’t among the strong Naruto villages right now, in its prime days, it was incredibly powerful. Pain, one of the strongest ninjas, led the village and was strong enough to wipe out most of the five villages all by himself. Since information barely left Amegakure, their true strength remained hidden for the longest time.

In the past, the village was also home to Hanzo the Salamander, who was stronger than the Legendary Sannin combined and proved his legendary strength in the Second Great Ninja War. What’s more, the likes of Konan, among many other Akatsuki members also used to fight for the village, making it exceptionally powerful.

Amegakure’s Strongest

Pain Nagato from Naruto Shippuden

Undoubtedly, Nagato Uzumaki would have to be the strongest shinobi from Amegakure. He held the power of the godly Rinnegan in his eyes and could destroy countries if he so wanted.

Nagato defeated even Hanzo, a legendary ninja who beat all the Legendary Sannin at once. Despite his body being crippled, he used Pain to wipe out Konoha and killed hundreds of people.

4 Sunagakure

Gaara being protected by shield of sand

Sunagakure is among the strongest villages in Naruto that grew rapidly as the series went on. Although it started off as a village that was easily thrown into disarray by just Orochimaru alone, with time they progressed to the point where their ninjas could fight against Madara Uchiha.

Under Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage, the village became much more stable and his siblings made for great leaders as well. Even today, Sunagakure is extremely powerful and will continue to evolve with time. With the likes of Shinki, Yodo, and Araya stepping up, Sunagakure continues to grow stronger.

Sunagakure’s Strongest

Gaara Using His Sand To Defend Himself

Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage is the strongest shinobi to ever live in Sunagakure. Although he wasn’t as strong in the Naruto series, by the time of Boruto, he’s capable of fighting Otsutsuki level threats as well. Gaara is extremely powerful and his control over his sand has only gotten better over the years, making him one of the strongest Kage of all time.

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3 Iwagakure

Ohnoki Using Dust Release On Sasuke

Iwagakure has always been among the strongest villages in the story and at one point, they had two of the nine Jinchuriki under their control in Roshi and Han. They have also produced some mighty shinobi such as Mu, whose name strikes fear into most people. Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage, himself was so powerful that he earned Madara Uchiha’s praise.

Iwagakure has also matched Konohagakure in the Third Great Ninja War and has, over the years, been extremely impressive. Without a doubt, they are one of the strongest villages of all time. After the Fourth Great Ninja War, they also made significant scientific advancements and created artificial beings strong enough to easily defeat Jonin and even match up to the Kage without much trouble.

Iwagakure’s Strongest

The 2nd Tsuchikage Reanimated

Iwagakure’s strongest shinobi to date would have to be either Mu, the Third Tsuchikage, or Kurotsuchi, the Fourth Tsuchikage. Mu was much stronger than Onoki and could even erase his presence entirely. He could split his body in two and, above all, use the Dust Release Kekkei Tota. Meanwhile, Kurotsuchi is a master of the Lava Release Kekkei Genkai and, more importantly, has enough strength to fight an Otsutsuki and even send them flying.

2 Kumogakure

4th Raikage's Lightning Cloak Against Sasuke

Kumogakure is one of the most powerful villages and had produced some excellent shinobi in the likes of the Third Raikage, the Fourth Raikage, Darui, and even Cee. They also have a perfect Jinchuriki, Killer Bee, who is the host of the Eight-Tails, Gyuki. Kumogakure also used to have another Jinchuriki in Yiguto Nee, however, they lost her when Hidan and Kakuzu attacked.

Clearly, the strength of this village has always been extremely impressive. Although their strength is already immense, they also have some incredible scientific power, as seen when the village created a cannon powerful enough to destroy the moon in The Last: Naruto the Movie.

Kumogakure’s Strongest

Killer Bee Eight Tails

Kumogakure is a very powerful village, and, so far, their strongest shinobi has been none other than Killer Bee, the Jinchuriki of the Eight-Tails. Apart from him, Darui, who fought the Otsutsuki clan is also one of the most impressive ones. Other impressive shinobi from Kumogakure include the Third Raikage, who died in the Third Great Ninja War, and Ay, the Fourth Raikage.

1 Konohagakure

Naruto Stronger Than Sasuke

Undoubtedly, Konohagakure is the strongest village in Naruto. Being the first village created by two of the strongest clans, it is not a surprise that other strong clans joined them to make a foundation for this village as well. Konohagakure has had the strongest Kage almost every time and their Jonin proved themselves to be some of the very strongest shinobi.

Their biggest strength, however, is the team of Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. Together, the two are powerful enough to defeat all the remaining four shinobi villages without even trying. Konohagakure remains to be the strongest and will likely continue to do so in the future as well.

Konohagakure’s Strongest

Baryon Mode Speed

Undoubtedly, Konohagakure’s strongest ninja of all time would have to be Naruto Uzumaki. After the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto established himself as the most powerful ninja to ever live. Meanwhile, Sasuke Uchiha caught up to Naruto by adulthood and is also one of the most powerful ninjas in the village right now.

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