Naruto: Lightning Release Chakra Mode, Explained

Providing enhanced speed, strength, and reflexes through a shroud of lightning chakra, this technique was a symbol of Kumogakure’s strength.


  • Lightning Release Chakra Mode enhances physical abilities drastically, making users akin to forces of nature.
  • The technique combines Lightning Release ninjutsu and advanced taijutsu, key in Kumogakure’s nintaijutsu combat style.
  • Third Raikage mastered the fearsome “Hell Stab,” while Fourth Raikage focused more on wrestling moves defensively.

Shinobi from Kumogakure in the Land of Lightning specialize in the use of Lightning Release ninjutsu, and the most impressive product of this style of nature transformation is the Lightning Release Chakra Mode used by the Third and Fourth Raikage. As one of the most potent applications of Lightning Release in Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto, Lightning Release Chakra Mode was a symbol of Kumogakure’s strength during the tenure of the Third and Fourth Raikage, who were among the fastest shinobi in history.

Amplifying a user’s physical abilities to inhuman levels, this technique was a formidable power up used in the unique fighting style pioneered by the Third Raikage, known as nintaijutsu. Users of Lightning Release Chakra Mode in Naruto are akin to forces of nature, as their strength, agility, durability, and reflexes are enhanced to an almost absurd degree. With this in mind, how does Lightning Release Chakra Mode work, and how did the Third and Fourth Raikage use it differently?

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How Does Lightning Release Chakra Mode Work?


Harnessing the electrical energy of Lightning Release, this technique sees a user cloak their entire body in a layer of lightning-natured chakra, which serves the purpose of augmenting their physical abilities. The greater the volume of chakra infused into the technique, the higher the boost in strength. Visually, this can be perceived in how the user’s hair sticks up aggressively as they funnel more chakra into their Lightning Release Chakra Mode.

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The main product of this process is the strengthening of a user’s taijutsu attacks, allowing them to land more powerful blows with greater speed and precision. In order to heighten the user’s reflexes and shorten reaction times to keep up with their augmented speed, Lightning Release Chakra Mode also stimulates the nervous system by speeding up the movement of electrical impulses, allowing users to process information and take action more efficiently. When activated, users will be able to evade most attacks, and even perform a Lightning Release Body Flicker, which boosts their speed to a point where only users of the Flying Thunder God Technique and Nine-Tails Chakra Mode can keep up.

Even the perceptive abilities of a fully matured Sharingan cannot track the movement speed of the Lightning Release Body Flicker, making it a useful trump card against members of the Uchiha clan. The speed of this technique permits users to dodge attacks such as Amaterasu, which is an immense feat, to say the least. Lastly, the vast majority of attacks directed towards a user of Lightning Release Chakra Mode, will be deflected away upon coming into contact with the lightning chakra, which effectively functions like a suit of armor.

Unraveling Secrets Of Kumogakure’s Nintaijutsu

Killer B and A using Lightning Release Double Lariat

By virtue of how it combines Lightning Release ninjutsu and advanced taijutsu, the Lightning Release Chakra Mode is a core component of the form of shinobi combat known as nintaijutsu, utilized by Kumogakure ninja. Used by the Third Raikage and his son, the Fourth Raikage, nintaijutsu exploits the raw power of Lightning Release Chakra Mode to deliver deadly taijutsu attacks, which are further enhanced by the lightning armor that surrounds the user. This style is quite direct in terms of its offensive techniques, which are powerful enough to even break through the first few stages of a skeletal Susanoo, as seen in the Fourth Raikage’s battle against Sasuke Uchiha at the Five Kage Summit.

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The Third Raikage’s Signature Ability


When initially developed by the Third Raikage, who was recognized as the strongest leader in Kumogakure’s history, Lightning Release Chakra Mode was integral to his fighting style, which hinged on his near inhuman speed and strength. As seen when he was revived during the Fourth Shinobi World War, the Third Raikage was quick enough to dodge Naruto’s Wind Release: Rasenshuriken. In addition, he was also renowned for his extremely durable body, which could withstand virtually any type of technique with the aid of Lightning Release Chakra Mode.

Only exceptionally powerful long-range Wind Release techniques had any chance of piercing through his lightning armor, and they generally inflicted minimal damage. Lightning Release Chakra Mode was also an essential feature of the fabled Lightning Release: Double Lariat technique taught to every Raikage and his partner, the Eight-Tails’ jinchuriki. With respect to other uses of Lightning Release Chakra Mode for offensive purposes, the Third Raikage could focus his lightning chakra into his fingertips in a manner similar to Chidori, allowing him to execute slicing and piercing attacks that could break through almost any resistance.

Dubbed the “Hell Stab,” this technique was said to be the most devastating weapon in his arsenal, described as an “invincible spear.” The technique’s potency increased as the number of fingers reduced, with the one-fingered form being its most fearsome version, capable of cutting off all of Gyuki’s tails at once. Moreover, this attack was said to be the only thing capable of breaking through the Third Raikage’s own extremely durable defenses, and it was responsible for the only scar he received on his body during his life.

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Passed Down To The Fourth Raikage


Just like his father and predecessor, the Fourth Raikage was also a talented exponent of Lightning Release Chakra mode, although his usage varied slightly in comparison to the Third Raikage’s. For starters, the Fourth Raikage generally relied on wrestling moves to a greater degree, as seen in techniques such as Elbow, Guillotine Drop, Liger Bomb, and the Lightning Oppression Horizontal Chop. That being said, his use of this ability was not too far behind that of his father, as seen in his many fights throughout the series.

Defensively, the Fourth Raikage’s Lightning Release Chakra Mode was resistant to most attacks that came its way, with a few exceptions such as Sasuke’s Chidori — which managed to pierce through it slightly — and Amaterasu, which was not hindered by it at all. He also used it to match Killer B’s tailed beast chakra cloak when the pair performed their own version of the Lightning Release: Double Lariat. As the root of the Raikage’s nintaijutsu fighting style, Lightning Release Chakra Mode was what allowed the Third Raikage to tame the Eight-Tails, and it acted as an emblem of Kumogakure’s strength over two successive generations in Naruto.

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