Naruto: The Land of Waves Arc, Explained

With epic fights, nuanced characters, and profound lessons, the Land of Waves arc gives fans an early look at all that Naruto has to offer.


  • Land of Waves sets the tone for Naruto with epic battles, fleshed-out characters, and moral ambiguity of villains.
  • Team 7’s bond grows through intense battles, showcasing the dangers and intricate nature of the ninja world.
  • Zabuza and Haku’s deeper motivations challenge the concept of ‘evil,’ leading to profound character development.

As the first major arc of Naruto, the Land of Waves arc set the tone for the rest of the show with its action-packed narrative, coupled with a sorrowful conclusion that imparted a few much-needed lessons to the protagonists. From the introduction of the show’s very first antagonist to all-out battles between the two sides, the Land of Waves arc captured the true essence of Naruto’s ninja world.

Apart from the fleshed-out characters and profound storytelling that spanned the entirety of the arc, the fight scenes gave viewers insight into the show’s power system, as complicated techniques and new Kekkei Genkai were revealed for the very first time. However, the most pronounced lesson that this arc left behind was the moral ambiguity of villains, showcasing how arbitrary the labels of ‘good’ or ‘evil’ can be.

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Prelude to the Land of Waves Arc

Tazuna and Team 7

While the Land of Waves arc itself is considered to be the very first arc of Naruto, spanning episodes 1 to 19, the first five episodes merely focus on the formation of genin squads and their initial training. The actual storyline begins around episode 6, when Naruto insists on embarking on a more serious mission. The Third Hokage agrees and assigns Team 7 a C-rank mission, with the goal of simply escorting Tazuna, a bridge builder, to the Land of Waves.

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However, the true nature of the mission is revealed when Tazuna is attacked by two Chunins, forcing him to reveal the actual situation at hand. The C-Rank mission was merely a facade, as the actual task was equivalent to at least a B-Rank, turning the assignment into a much more serious ordeal. Tazuna reveals that a shipping mogul named Gato wants to assassinate him, as the completion of the bridge would effectively end his monopoly. Tazuna’s deception meant Team 7 could have turned back, but Naruto insisted on helping him out, marking the beginning of the gruesome Land of Waves arc.

The Introduction of the Demon of the Hidden Mist

Zabuza Activating His Hidden Mist Jutsu

Zabuza Momochi is arguably one of the most well-liked villains from Naruto, with his menacing and mysterious characterization making him all the more memorable. Zabuza was contracted by Gato to assassinate the bridge-builder, but with Team 7 standing in his way, Kakashi Hatake became his primary target. The initial battle between Kakashi and Zabuza acquainted fans with the ninja arts, and most importantly, the Sharingan.

In the world of shinobi, there are those who use and those whom are used.

The iconic hand sign show-off between Kakashi and Zabuza remains engraved in the minds of viewers, as it popularized the Sharingan and showcased the true strength of the Copy Ninja. While the initial confrontation was cut short after Haku, pretending to be a hunter-nin, saved Zabuza, the second round of skirmishes proved to be a much more epic ordeal.

Epic Battles Spanning the Arc


The Land of Waves arc is known for its thought-provoking conclusion and profound storyline, but one aspect that led to the arc’s success is the quality of battles spanning its run. From Zabuza and Kakashi’s confrontaton to Haku’s merciless Kekkei Genkai, the entire arc was laced with action, immediately hooking viewers to the show.

The battles also led to fans witnessing the main characters’ powers for the very first time. Kakashi utilized the Sharingan to its full extent against Zabuza, while Sasuke awakened his own Sharingan during his fight against Haku. While Sasuke had already awakened his Sharingan before, this was the first instance of activating the Dojutsu consciously. Kurama’s chakra engulfing Naruto was also a first for viewers, presenting a mere glimpse of the harrowing power that lay dormant inside him.

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The Significance of the Land of Waves Arc

Zabuza Crying

Apart from being the very first arc of the Naruto series, the Land of Waves arc hits all the right notes in terms of presenting a compelling storyline that balances nuance with action. For Naruto and the rest, this mission highlighted the dangers of the ninja world, revealing exactly how vicious shinobi can be.

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The deaths of Zabuza and Haku, coupled with Sasuke’s near-death experience, set a grave tone for the rest of the show, setting a precedent that death is a concrete part of Naruto’s narrative. The Land of Waves arc, in its entirety, is the perfect starter arc for the show, as it encompasses all that the show has to offer — epic fights, layered characters, and an emotional message underscoring the storyline.

Burgeoning Bonds Between Teammates


Before the Land of Waves arc, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura had no semblance of teamwork, with the latter two even detesting Naruto’s existence in the beginning. It wasn’t until the three were pinned against a formidable foe that they finally started seeing eye to eye, even forming a bond over the trauma they witnessed together.

Naruto and Sasuke’s battle against Haku served as a precursor to their friendship, as the two had to rely on each other to escape his Ice Prison. While the conclusion of the battle left Sasuke at death’s door and Naruto under the influence of Kurama’s chakra, the fight itself lent Naruto and Sasuke a newfound respect for one another, serving as a basis for their friendship.

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Haku’s Sacrifice and Zabuza’s Reform

Zabuza and Haku

One of the most significant aspects of this arc pertains to how Naruto tore down the concept of ‘evil.’ On the surface, Zabuza and Haku were merely mercenaries looking for some quick cash, but on a deeper level, the two were fighting for their own personal cause. For Zabuza, completing the mission meant getting one step closer to freeing his home nation from a tyrant’s rule, and for Haku, following through with these orders alluded to repaying Zabuza for his kindness.

You were always at my side… the least I can do is be beside you at the end. I know it cannot be… but I wish I could go where you have gone.

In the end, Zabuza realized the errors in his ways, showcasing a depth of emotion that is unusual for shonen villains. The scene of his death, lying right next to Haku’s lifeless body, is one of the most profound moments in all of Naruto. Instead of dying a villain, Zabuza passed away as a broken man realizing his mistakes, only for it to be too late — a flawed human just like anyone else. This lesson isn’t confined to the Land of Waves arc, as the theme of redemption trickles down to many more villains in the show, with Naruto at the helm of spreading this profound message.

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