One Piece 1091: What To Expect From The Chapter

The confrontation between the Straw Hat Pirates and Kizaru seems inevitable in One Piece 1091.


  • One Piece chapter 1091 will focus on the clash between Kizaru and Sentomaru, two characters with a deep history and friendship.
  • The all-out war on Egghead Island has officially begun, with the Navy launching their attack and the Pacifistas joining the battle.
  • Kizaru’s move to the labophase of Egghead Island will create a war inside the Frontier Dome, forcing the Straw Hat Pirates to face him head-on. Saturn’s role in the arc may also have significant consequences for the Navy and the Straw Hat crew.



One Piece finally saw the Egghead Incident kickstart in the previous chapter and fans are incredibly excited for what is to come next. Currently, all eyes are on One Piece chapter 1091 as it is likely going to be one of the most intriguing chapters that fans have seen over the course of the last few weeks.

With the war having begun officially, things are going to get very intense very fast and that is precisely why fans have very high expectations from this chapter. With the Straw Hat Pirates now surrounded, it will be interesting to see how Luffy and the group will deal with the massive Navy Fleet that even puts a Buster Call to shame.

Kizaru Vs Sentomaru

Kizaru vs Sanyo Mary one piece 1091

Towards the end of the previous chapter, fans saw the clash between Kizaru and Sentomaru on the horizon. These two characters share a deep history with each other which was alluded to over the past few chapters. Kizaru considers Sentomaru to be his friend and does not want to disrespect his resolve, which was certainly a nice touch by Oda. At the same time, Sentomaru wants to show his loyalty to Vegapunk and will not stop in his tracks, even if it means fighting against someone who he respects quite a lot. At the end of the last chapter, Kizaru finally entered Egghead Island and clashed with Sentomaru immediately. One Piece chapter 1091 will most likely throw focus on this fight.

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Thanks to his tough guard, Sentomaru was able to block Kizaru’s powerful kick. However, he is likely not going to be able to do that for long. Given that the Borsalino is an Admiral and one of the strongest in the entire world, Sentomaru cannot fight against him for long. Oda might give him some credit by showing that he can hold his own for a while, however, eventually, he is likely going to get overwhelmed. This clash certainly does open the door for a great exchange between these two characters. Perhaps, Oda will explore their bond even further and that is something that fans would absolutely love to see. This clash is not just one where big powers are against each other but also two friends colliding. It is necessary for Oda to bring to the surface the necessary emotions needed to make this fight look intriguing and certainly, that is something that he will absolutely enjoy doing.

All Out War On Egghead

navy siege of egghead island one piece 1091

Fans should remember that an all-out war is now officially underway on Egghead. As soon as Kizaru made his move in the previous chapter, Sentomaru ordered all the Mark 3s to launch an attack and destroy everything in their sight. This means that the Vice Admirals and the 100-ship fleet of the Navy will not stay quiet for long in One Piece 1091. Now that the Pacifistas have started moving, the Navy will respond. In case fans do not remember, the Navy have 100 ships with them and 20 of those are large battleships. On those 20 ships, the Navy currently have nine Vice Admirals, with Kizaru having already left for Egghead. At the same time, one of the Five Elders is also present on one of the battleships, however, his presence is hidden at the moment.

Fans will likely see cannon fire being launched at Egghead Island, with Mark 3s launching their own attacks on these ships, causing lots of casualties. Kizaru would need to take them out as quickly as possible and for that, he will have to defeat Sentomaru first. This clash is going to be very intriguing and fans can only hope that it lives up to the expectations. The nine Vice Admirals are all going to be powerful and there are some characters that fans are very excited to see in action, such as Vice Admiral Doll and Vice Admiral Doberman. At the same time, fans will get to see how different the Mark 3 Pacifistas are when compared to the regular ones. They are certainly stronger, however, the extent of their ability has not been tested just yet. This is surely going to be very interesting to see in One Piece chapter 1091.

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Kizaru In The Labophase

Kizaru one piece 1091

In the previous chapter, Kizaru managed to reach the Fabriophase of Egghead Island. He is currently engaged in a fight with Sentomaru. Very soon, he will make quick work of his enemy and then move to a higher level. One Piece chapter 1091 might see Kizaru make a move for the labophase. Fans know that he has a Devil Fruit power that allows him to bypass the Frontier Dome entirely. Thanks to his ability, a war will be fought inside of the Frontier Dome and this means that the Straw Hat Pirates will have to take on Kizaru from the inside. Their plan of escaping from Egghead safely has already been destroyed and now is the time for Luffy and the gang to show that they can take down a Marine Admiral as well.

At the same time, Vegapunk is desperately trying to break the code that York put on the Frontier Dome. Once he figures the code out, the island will be open to everyone and the Straw Hats can also then use this opportunity to escape. Of course, that is not going to be easy, given that the Egghead Incident is going to be something groundbreaking that simply is not possible if the crew just escapes. One Piece chapter 1091 might throw some focus on the fact that this war now needs to be fought and won. If Kizaru makes quick work of Sentomaru, then fans should expect Luffy to jump in and clash against him. Perhaps, One Piece chapter 1091 is where Luffy and Kizaru will trade blows for the very first time. Luffy has not fought an Admiral on an equal footing since the beginning of his journey and the time for that to happen might just be here.

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Saturn Makes A Move

jaygarcia saturn eating food one piece 1091

Naturally, fans are very curious about Saturn and how he will proceed in the Egghead Ireland arc. Fans saw him mention in the previous chapter that he does not want his presence made public. Clearly, he intends to observe the events from inside his ship, however, there is certainly more to his role in this arc than just that. Saturn will have to make a move at some point and this means that things look could end up looking bleak for Kizaru and the rest of the Navy at some point in this arc. Perhaps, the Mark 3 Pacifistas will do some significant damage to the Navy Fleet in One Piece 1091 and force Saturn to join the battle himself.

Even if Saturn does not join the fight in One Piece chapter 1091, it is only a matter of time before he has to make a move. Kizaru, on his own, cannot take down the entirety of the Straw Hat crew, given that Luffy himself is capable enough of defeating him. Furthermore, the likes of Zoro and Sanji are also present on the island, as is the rest of the crew, along with a member of the Worst Generation, in Bonney. If the World Government ought to stand a chance against these powerful fighters, they will then have to do the unthinkable and let Saturn fight this fight as well. Perhaps, then, Luffy will have his back against the wall in the Egghead Island arc.

Unfortunately, One Piece will be on break next week, on behalf of Oda. The manga will resume on September 3, 2023. As always, fans can read the manga on the Shonen Jump and MangaPlus apps.

One Piece is also available on Viz Media.

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