One Piece: 17 Best Female Characters In Wano, Ranked

Here are Wano’s most amazing female characters that shone brightly in the war.


  • The Wano Country arc in One Piece featured powerful female characters who made a name for themselves in the war and climbed to prominence.
  • Characters like Kurozumi Higurashi, Otsuru, and Wanda played important roles in the arc, showcasing their strength and impact on the story.
  • Despite being overshadowed by other characters, underrated female characters like Speed and Shinobu made significant contributions to the battle and deserve more attention.



One Piece‘s Wano Country arc saw the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies take on the mighty powerful Beasts Pirates and Big Mom Pirates, along with the evil Shogun Orochi, in a bid to free the country.

With countless powerful fighters in the war, Oda made sure to give a great spotlight to some incredibly powerful female characters as well. As expected, they shone in the war and made a great name for themselves. While some fell, others made the climb to become the next big thing in the One Piece world.

Updated on August 21, 2023, by Rei Penber: The Wano Country arc is now nearing its conclusion in the anime and fans have seen quite a lot of intriguing female characters take up the center stage and light up the story in this arc. These characters have been central to different parts of this major arc in the story and have made space for themselves in the hearts of the fans, for one reason or another. While this list already goes over the 10 best One Piece female characters in the Wano arc, there are others that deserve a mention of their own. With that said, this list has now been updated.

17 Kurozumi Higurashi

Kurozumi Higurashi, a member of the Kurozumi clan

Kurozumi Higurashi appeared for the very first time in the Oden flashback in the Wano arc. Although she played the role of a minor antagonist, she was extremely important to the overarching plot of Wano. It was Higurashi and Semimaru who encouraged Orochi to take everything from Oden and deprive the land of Wano of their joy.

In fact, Higurashi also made a deal with Kaido, and was one of the major reasons why he ended up in the country in the first place. Although the character doesn’t have a high profile, she is a very intriguing villain who deserves more attention among the fans. Eventually, she was executed by Kaido for interfering in his fight with Oden.

16 Otsuru

Otsuru one piece

Otsuru was introduced to the fans in the very First Act of Wano, moments after the reunion of Luffy and Zoro. She was responsible for saving Tama’s life after she was poisoned by drinking contaminated water. Otsuru turned out to be the wife of Kin’emon and an important character in the story.

While she did not join the war as a samurai, she certainly did play her part by taking responsibility in her own way, for which the entirety of Okobore Town was burnt down. Tsuru ended up suffering minor injuries and reunited with her husband towards the end of the arc, which was heartwarming for the fans to see.

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15 Wanda

Wanda one pice

Wanda is one of the Minks and currently, she serves as an advisor to Carrot. She’s quite powerful, as seen during the Zou arc, and also during her clash with Perospero on Onigashima. She can transform into her Sulong form and use it to increase her physical capabilities by a great margin.

Out of those who are currently on Zou, following the departure of Nekomamushi and Inuarashi, she remains one of the strongest. Fans will surely see her play an important role later on in the story.

14 Speed

Speed as she appears in the One Piece anime

Speed is one of the Gifters of the Beast Pirates. She was tamed by Tama using her ability and, ever since then, she has remained loyal to her. Even after the effect of the ability wore off, Speed remained with her and became a motherly figure to her. Speed ended up becoming one of the MVPs in the Wano arc when she fed Tama’s dumplings to the vast majority of the Gifters in the Onigashima War.

Thanks to her, the tides of the battle were turned in favor of the Pirate Alliance. Speed is another character who doesn’t get as much attention as she should. Fans can only hope that she and Tama can show up in the story later on again.

13 Okiku

Okiku One Piece

Okiku is one of the Scabbards who fans were introduced to very early in the story. As one of the Akazaya, she was revealed to be incredibly powerful. Kiku took part in the fight against Kaido and fared well, although she ended up losing an arm in this clash.

She was also stabbed right through the chest by Kanjuro, however, her dedication to Oden was still magnificent. In the end, her brother sacrificed his life so that she could live and currently, she stands as one of Wano’s guardians.

12 Otoko

Zoro and Sanji protect O-Toko

Otoko appeared for the very first time in the Second Act of the Wano arc. She played the role of Komurasaki’s Kamuro. Later on, it was revealed that Otoko was actually the daughter of Yasuie, one of the Daimyo of Wano, who presided over Hakumai.

Otoko was a victim of the SMILE Devil Fruits and fans saw her suffer quite a lot in the story. In the end, she, along with many other victims, ended up finding joy in their misery without any cure.

11 Carrot

Carrot screaming with her hands in the air

Carrot has been traveling with the Straw Hat crew since the end of the Zou arc and featured heavily during the Whole Cake Island arc. While she was present in Wano, her contribution was very minor and she was easily overshadowed by the other characters.

During Onigashima, she spotted Perospero and that was enough to bring up all her anger to avenge her fallen mentor, Pedro. While she fought well with Wanda and even made use of her Sulong form, Perospero overpowered them both and had to be eventually defeated by Nekomamushi.

10 Toki

kozuki toki one piece

Toki was name-dropped very early in the Wano arc, right after Kin’emon explained that he had come from the past. Later on, in the Oden flashback, fans got to see how exactly Toki reached Wano and how she lived her life there.

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Her death was marked by an ominous prophecy that put the fear of God in Orochi for decades. Toki was a very significant character and, stemming from the Void Century, fans might see her once again when the story takes a deep dive into the past.

9 Black Maria

Black Maria of the Tobi Roppo One Piece

Black Maria is one of Kaido’s Tobi Roppo, and one of the only two women only in the group. She is a gigantic woman who has eaten the Ancient Zoan Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Rosamygale Grauvogeli, which allows her to turn herself into a giant spider hybrid at will.

During the Raid, she spent her time in the Pleasure District, where she tricked and captured Sanji, torturing him until he called Nico Robin for help. She then engaged in a fight against Nico Robin that she lost despite her incredible powers.

8 Ulti

Ulti uses her devil fruit to attack One Piece

Ulti is the only other female member of the Tobi Roppo, and possibly even the most powerful member of the team. She is easily angered and loves her younger brother, Page One, despite annoying him constantly. Her Devil Fruit, the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pachycephalosaurus is an Ancient Zoan that grants her great durability and recovery rate.

On Onigashima, she fought against Luffy and was then attacked by Yamato and Big Mom as well. Despite that, she got up to fight Nami and Zeus, where she ultimately lost and was permanently knocked out.

7 Nami

Nami in One Piece

Nami is the beloved navigator on the Straw Hat pirates crew. Being the series’ main female character who has been with the crew since Orange Town, big things were expected of her in Wano. In the Raid, she was mainly accompanied by Usopp, and together, the two were constantly chased down by Ulti and her younger brother, Page One.

During this arc, Nami recovered Zeus from Big Mom after some struggles. Ultimately, Zeus decided that he would be loyal to Nami over Big Mom. She then engaged Ulti in a fight and, despite her fight being terrible, she won thanks to Zeus’s powers.

6 Kozuki Hiyori

Kozuki Hiyori (1)

Kozuki Hiyori, formally known as the Oiran Komurasaki, is Momonosuke’s younger (now older) sister, and the late Shogun Kozuki Oden’s only daughter. She had to take on the alias of Komurasaki to protect herself during the 20 years of Orochi’s rule. During this time, she made a high standing for herself by having Orochi fall in love with her.

During the Raid, she assisted the samurai by tending to their wounds and, later, faced Orochi, before the latter was beheaded by Denjiro. While she is not physically powerful, she has shown a lot of mental strength.

5 Shinobu

Shinobu one piece (1)

Shinobu is a ninja who used to work for the Shogun but decided to leave his services after the Oniwabanshu’s betrayal of Kozuki Oden. She is the user of Juku Juku no Mi and, incredibly, was a huge support to the Raid, being one of the most underrated characters.

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During the Raid, Shinobu offered Momonosuke protection until Yamato came to her aid. She was made a constant target by the Beast Pirates but still managed to accomplish her mission. It is also thanks to her powers that Momo was able to age up and carry Onigashima in the air.

4 O-Tama

O-Tama in Wano

Tama is a young girl that fans met at the very start of Wano. Energetic and childish, she is revealed to have had met and fostered a sibling-like relationship with the late Portgas D. Ace. Her Devil Fruit, called the Kibi Kibi no Mi allows her to tame any animal and, surprisingly, this power also works on SMILE users, making her a terrifying asset against a crew mainly constituted of them.

In the Raid, she mass-produced her Kibi Dango and swayed the odds by having the enemy follow her. Further, she also saved Nami and Usopp from certain death. For such a young girl, her support impacted the war strongly.

3 Big Mom

Big Mom scaring the Beasts Pirates

“Big Mom” Charlotte Linlin is the only known female Yonko in One Piece. The Wano arc saw her get defeated with Kaido and finally be dethroned. She is the most powerful known female character in One Piece and served as the head of a very powerful Yonko crew – The Big Mom Pirates.

In Wano, she fought alongside Kaido on the rooftop against the 5 Worst Generation members and aided him greatly until the two eventually got separated. She then fought Law and Kid, however, she ended up being thrown down from Onigashima and was branded as the loser of the fight.

2 Yamato

yamato beaming happily

Yamato, the Oni Princess, is a character introduced during the Raid on Onigashima. Yamato is a big admirer of Kozuki Oden and wishes to continue on his legacy and set out to sea like he once did. While she has a deep resentment for Kaido, she idolizes Oden.

Yamato developed a deep friendship with Ace, who had come to Wano four years ago. Yamato vowed to leave the country someday and be free. At some point, Yamato became the user of the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami. Yamato is a very powerful fighter, and in Onigashima Raid, she went head to head with her father, Kaido, and held him back for Luffy.

1 Nico Robin

Nico Robin Onigashima Outfit

Nico Robin, the Demon Child, is the archeologist of the Straw Hat crew. She is, quite possibly, the most valuable person in the One Piece world, being the only one able to read the ancient Poneglyphs until recently, making her very coveted. During the Onigashima Raid, she got some very important character moments when she and Brook rushed to Sanji’s rescue from Black Maria’s clutches.

She then went on to fight Black Maria and defeated her by using everything she has learned so far, including Fish Man Karate. Eventually, she finished Black Maria off with her Demonio Fleur, which sees her transform into a giant winged demon.

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