One Piece: 6 Arcs After Egghead Island

Egghead Island is soon reaching its end. Here are some arcs fans can expect from the rest of the final saga of One Piece.


  • The upcoming arcs after the Egghead Island Arc in One Piece will include Elbaf, Lodestar Island, and the Moon Arc, with the possibility of a Great War Arc and a Laugh Tale Arc.
  • Elbaf is highly anticipated by fans as it will reunite the Straw Hat Pirates with the Giants Dorry and Brogy, and may involve a confrontation with Yonko Shanks.
  • The Moon Arc is intriguing as it explores the magical moon and its connection to the history and winged races of the One Piece world, and with the introduction of Vegapunk, the possibility of visiting the moon becomes more real.



One Piece is currently in its Egghead Island Arc, which marked the beginning of the Final Saga of the story. With this arc, One Piece is officially its end game now, and already, fans can see the world being thrown into a state of chaos. The Egghead Island arc itself has seen to it that the world of One Piece becomes more turbulent than ever before.

Now, fans are very close to witnessing the Egghead Incident. More importantly, the Egghead Island Arc seems to be in its climax at the moment and that only means new arcs are soon to follow. While fans do not know exactly how many arcs there will be after Egghead, there are a few places that the Straw Hats certainly need to visit.

6 Elbaf Arc

Elbaf one piece

The very first arc that the fans will witness after the conclusion of Egghead Island is going to be Elbaf. Fans have been waiting for this arc ever since the Straw Hat Pirates visited Little Garden, where they met Dorry and Brogy. These two Giants are currently on Elbaf and fans cannot wait for this reunion to actually happen.

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In the Egghead Island Arc, a lot of importance was attached to this island, given that Saul was confirmed to be alive and, at the same time, the books of Ohara were all revealed to be on this island. This place is a must-visit for the Straw Hat Pirates, especially for the characters of Nico Robin, and Usopp. Furthermore, this island appears to be the territory of Yonko Shanks and that means a confrontation with him is likely in the war land.

5 Lodestar Island Arc

Lodestar Island One Piece

Lodestar Island is what lies at the end of the log pose. By following the pose, one can reach this island and learn about the Poneglyphs and their importance. If the Straw Hat Pirates keep following the log pose, which they are currently, eventually, they will get to this island. While the Straw Hat Pirates already know about the Poneglyphs and have even deciphered them so far, there isn’t much importance attached to this arc, however, it is weird for Oda to have introduced this island if he isn’t going to do anything with it.

This island has to have some significance attached to it and, given that the Straw Hat Pirates are strictly following the log pose, they will find themselves here, sooner or later. When that happens, Oda might do a whole arc about it.

4 The Moon Arc

Enel on the moon

The moon is one place in the One Piece world that seems way too magical to be visited. However, people in the One Piece world certainly have done so. For instance, Enel ended up going to the moon after the events of Skypiea. Going there wouldn’t be a waste either. The fact is, the history of the One Piece world is greatly tied to the moon where the winged races seem to have descended from.

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Given that One Piece is a story based on adventure, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the Straw Hat Pirates will end up going to the moon at some point in the story. With Vegapunk now having been incorporated into the series, this possibility becomes more real than ever before.

3 Great War Arc

imu one piece chapter 1085

The Great War arc is one arc that will surely happen in One Piece. This is the arc where the biggest war in history will take place. A great war was fought in the One Piece world nearly 900 years ago and it concluded nearly 800 years ago. This is known as the Void Century. With Imu growing more impatient with each passing day, the day of reckoning seems to be getting closer.

The Great War has previously been teased by Oda to be an arc that surpasses even Marineford. According to him, the Paramount War will look like a joke compared to it. Fans cannot wait for this arc to finally kick off and it is certainly going to be incredible to witness it firsthand.

2 Laugh Tale Arc

Laugh Tale in One Piece

The Laugh Tale Arc is also one that is surely going to happen at the end of One Piece. Luffy and the crew eventually have to reach the Final Island and find out the truth about the world, as well as how the current order was established. The history of the D and the purpose of the Ancient Weapons is also to be explored.

All the major mysteries of the One Piece world will be revealed to the fans in this arc and there might also be flashbacks related to the original Joyboy, among many other interesting things. Surely, the Laugh Tale Arc is one that fans believe will be the most surreal one in the entire One Piece series.

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1 Post War Arc

The Straw Hat Pirates' Jolly Roger

Once a new world order has been established in One Piece, Oda will most likely focus an arc on the state of the world after. It is likely that a new order of the Marines will be installed and what happens with Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates is something that all the fans will be curious to see.

Naturally, a lot of people will end up falling in the Great War and it will be interesting to see what ends up happening to the balance of power on the oceans when this happens. This arc will surely be filled with lots of emotions, especially for the fans, given that One Piece will be close to ending at this point. After such a magnificent journey, Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates will finally say goodbye to everyone in this arc.

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