One Piece: A Glimpse Of Kuma’s Life, Explained

Kuma had a hard life before joining the Revolutionary Army.


  • Bartholomew Kuma’s tragic past is slowly being revealed, showing a young Kuma being beaten by his own people, indicating his special race and why he was wanted by a powerful entity.
  • Kuma’s connection to the Revolutionary Army and his daughter Bonney is explored, as he sacrificed himself for the future and protected his daughter from the horrors he endured.
  • Fans can expect Kuma’s backstory to be further explored, potentially revealing more about his special race and why the World Government wanted him, as the story continues in the Egghead Island arc.



Bartholomew Kuma is one of the most intriguing characters in the world of One Piece. Introduced to the fans properly during the Thriller Bark arc, Kuma was revealed to be one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and was described by his moniker of the Tyrant. Expectedly, fans created a very evil picture of him in their minds, especially after his decision to stand in the way of the Straw Hat Pirates and demand the head of Monkey D. Luffy, the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates.

At the same time, it was he who separated the crew on Sabaody Archipelago shortly afterwards and then claimed to be the man responsible for the destruction of the crew. However, it wasn’t until after the timeskip that fans found out that Kuma was actually saving the crew on that fateful day.

Ever since then, intrigue about him has only been growing. Kuma Is also known to have been a commander of the Revolutionary Army and one of its founding members. In the recent turn of events, Kuma was central to the plot, as the Revolutionary Army invaded the Holy Land of Marijoa to save him and currently, he is a very relevant figure in the Egghead Island arc as well. As seen in the past few chapters, Bonney is on the quest to turn her father back to normal and this means that his life will eventually start being fleshed out, for the better or the worse. One piece‘s Egghead Island arc finally gave fans a glimpse at his sad and traumatic past of Kuma and there is certainly more to come. However, even in those short glimpses, a lot needs to be unpacked.

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Kuma As A Kid

bonney and kuma one piece 1074

As a kid, Bartholomew Kuma was always seen crying. Just by taking a glimpse at his character design, it is very clear that Kuma was, in no way, royalty. This is very interesting because Kuma is known to have been the King of Sorbet Kingdom, however, just one look at him tells fans that he possessed no riches or, perhaps, not even food to get through the day. Kuma was seen alone and crying and appeared to be very scared for his life when a bunch of people started coming up to him. For some reason, Oda has not fully revealed the faces of these people just yet. However, it is highly likely that these people are his own. They are most likely from the same country as him.

These people then went on to beat Kuma heavily with their feet, their hands and, much to the surprise of the readers, even spiked clubs. Expectedly, Kuma cried out in pain and wanted it to stop. The pain for him was so bad that he would rather die and he explained this on several occasions. Even though he was just a child, Kuma had lost all faith in life and did not want to continue living. The torture that he was experiencing was worse than anything that he could ever imagine and, according to him, death would be much better. This is only a short glimpse at his flashback, however, there appears to be much more left to unpack for the fans, which could potentially make this one of the best backstories in the entirety of the story.

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Why Kuma Was Beaten

Kuma One Piece 1069

Bartholomew Kuma was treated to a very harsh life from a very young age and that much is clear already. While the reason for this hasn’t explicitly been stated so far, there are hints in One Piece 1074 that fans can gather and formulate a strong theory as to why that was the case. By the looks of it, Kuma is coveted by a powerful entity, most certainly the World Nobles or someone above them, due to being of a special race. This race is, apparently, not very common and on this island, which is most likely the Sorbet Kingdom, Kuma appears to be the only one with its blood running through his veins.

It appears that the people of this kingdom were also subjected to some pain and misery by those seeking Kuma. They were most likely asked to turn in the child or face punishment. As such, these people turned violent and decided to gang up on a kid and beat him with every weapon they could possibly pick up just to turn them in to this organization. In the chapter, they mention that if they don’t do this, things will end badly for them, and, to that end, they continued beating a helpless and defenseless child so badly that he started bleeding heavily from his entire face.

Jewelry Bonney and Kuma One Piece 1063

Kuma, who was a child at this point, compared this to a fate worse than death and, according to him, the pain that he was subjected to at the hands of the organization that wanted him, was so severe that he would rather die right now. This indicates that Kuma had already been under their grasp once and, somehow, escaped from their hands. This could be the World Nobles and they could want him for the same reason they wanted Bonney recently. As fans know, Bonney kept escaping from their grasp yet Kuma, unfortunately, didn’t. What exactly the Nobles wanted with him and why they kept him captive isn’t known just yet, however, it is most likely due to his special race.

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As fans know, Kuma eventually managed to meet Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy’s father, and his ideals moved him to become one of the founding members of the Revolutionary Army. Kuma then infiltrated the World Government and became their lap dog for the sake of the future and, in a way, sacrificed himself. At the same time, he had a daughter named Bonney and he did his utmost best to protect her from the horrors that he suffered. That, and much more, will be explored in this backstory as One Piece continues.

Currently, Kuma is not playing an active role in the Egghead Island Arc, however, fans will most definitely see him come up as the story continues. He was seen attempting to climb the red line as he was trying to get to some destination. Fans do not know exactly where he was headed, however, this location was most likely egghead Island. Fans know that there is a lot left for Kuma to unpack and it likely connects to the Revolutionary Army, his daughter Bonney, and Straw Hat Pirates.

It is difficult for Kuma to get involved in the story as things stand now, however, eventually, the Straw Hat Pirates will make it out of Egghead and, potentially, even meet with the Revolutionary Army. Perhaps, when that happens, fans can see a reunion between Kuma and his daughter, Bonney. At the same time, fans will also likely see Kuma explain his full backstory. There is a lot that needs to be explained from Oda when it comes to Kuma’s tragic past, his connection to Bonney, and also why the Government wanted him. His special race might hold the key to quite a lot of things in the story and fans are desperately waiting to see how significant it will end up being.

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