One Piece: All Logia-Type Devil Fruits, Ranked

Logia-type Devil Fruits are some of the strongest in the One Piece world. This is how all the ones introduced so far rank.


  • The Toro Toro no Mi may not be the best Logia Devil Fruit, but it has a unique style and can be useful in a support role, despite its drawbacks.
  • The Numa Numa no Mi, while useful for entrapment, has many weaknesses and few offensive capabilities, placing it at the bottom of the Logia Devil Fruits.
  • The Pasa Pasa no Mi, which allows the user to transform and control paper, is creative but not one of the strongest Logia Devil Fruits, especially since fire is its biggest weakness.



Between the three Devil Fruit types in the One Piece universe, Logia are canonically the rarest and, arguably, the most powerful. Able to transform into elemental humans, Logia users are only susceptible to attacks powered by Busoshoku Haki and can rely on their abilities to either dodge or counter attacks. With control and creation of their element in their arsenal, Logia users reign as some of the most commanding combatants in all of One Piece.

But while, individually, these Fruits hold significant advantages, analyzing them alongside each other exposes the power discrepancies between them. Looking at elemental hierarchies, Fruits that counter one another, and Devil Fruits with seemingly no weaknesses at all, it begs the question: which Logia Devil Fruit is the worst, and which is the best?

Updated September 4, 2023, by Suzail Ahmad:Logia type Devil Fruits are generally considered the rarest type; only Mythical Zoans are rarer. They grant their users the power to manipulate elements, which can range from controlling a weak object like paper to something extraordinarily strong like magma. Due to these reasons, Logia type devil fruits are highly sought-after. When Doflamingo held the competition for the Mera Mera no Mi, many famous fighters from all corners of the world turned up in hopes of getting their hands on it. Given the fact that they provide incredible amounts of power, Oda has limited the number of Logia type devil fruits that are present in One Piece. It doesn’t seem that the author is going to change his approach, even in the final saga of the series. So, it is possible that the list of Logia type devil fruits may not see any more additions.

16 Toro Toro No Mi

Nami captures Honey Queen with a bag

  • User:
    Honey Queen

  • Manga Debut:

  • Anime Debut:
    One Piece: Clockwork Island Adventure

It might not be the best Logia Devil Fruit, but the Toro Toro no Mi certainly gets points for style. The first non-cannon fruit introduced on this list, this ability seems useful but actually comes with its fair share of drawbacks.

The fruit was eaten by Honey Queen and allows her to transform into an unknown liquid that she can control at will. While that sounds useful, being in this liquid form takes away from its user’s physical strength. That doesn’t fare well for its use in battle, though it would probably thrive in a support role.

Current User: The Toro Toro no Mi was introduced in a non-canon movie, and it is highly unlikely that it will ever be reintroduced as a canon power.

Strongest Attack: Honey Queen mainly used the devil fruit to blitz her opponents and catch them off-guard.

15 Numa Numa no Mi

One Piece Numa Numa no Mi Devil Fruit

  • User:

  • Manga Debut:
    Chapter 603

  • Anime Debut:
    Episode 521

Utilizing swamp control, Caribou’s Devil Fruit is unique in that it’s less of a conventional element. While great for entrapment, this very notion is also one of the Fruit’s prime weaknesses, as Caribou was unable to transform out of his Swamp-Human form when placed in an enclosed container.

Other weaknesses of this Fruit include the possibility for water manipulators to control it, and subsequently Caribou to an extent. Not to mention, it has shown very few offensive capabilities other than trapping. This Fruit’s many weaknesses and few advantages ultimately place it at the bottom.

Current User: Caribou has been secretly traveling with the Straw Hat Pirates. It seems that he is working for another person, and he is looking for an opportunity to provide them with useful information that he has gathered over time.

Strongest Attack: Caribou has only used one named move, called Swamp-Swamp Gatling Gun. In this attack, Caribou brings out a large Gatling gun and fires bullets at his foes.

14 Pasa Pasa No Mi

Simon using the Pasa Pasa no Mi

  • User:

  • Debut:
    One Piece – Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands

The One Piece franchise has spread into a variety of mediums. While the manga and anime are the most popular, the various One Piece games have introduced plenty of interesting elements. A Game Boy Advance exclusive from 2002, Big Secret Treasure of the Seven Phantom Islands introduced fans to an interesting Logia ability and user.

This Logia Fruit gives its user the ability to transform, create, and take control of pieces of paper. This sounds pretty mundane but can actually be put to use in some interesting ways. As one would expect, fire is the Pasa Pasa no Mi’s biggest weakness. So while it is a creative ability, it’s far from one of the strongest Logia Devil fruit abilities.

Current User: As the devil fruit was introduced in the game, it is deemed non-canon, thus, it will never reappear in the main story.

Strongest User: The Pasa Pasa no Mi has many notable moves, but Sefer Assiah is the best of the lot. It allowed Simon to paralyze his opponents.

13 Ame Ame No Mi

Gasparde using the Ame Ame no Mi's ability

  • User:

  • Manga Debut:

  • Anime Debut:
    One Piece The Movie: Dead End Adventure

Logia Fruit’s abilities can range from the ordinary to the nonsensical. This movie-exclusive fruit falls in the latter category. Introduced in the fourth movie, Gasparade’s Ame Ame no Mi allows its user to turn themselves into a sort of candy syrup.

The sickly green color and slimy texture of the syrup certainly make it an intimidating ability. But compared to some of the series’ mainstays, this lacks the firepower of other Logia fruits. It can still be a tough fruit to counter when used situationally, but won’t blow anyone away like Enel or Akainu’s powers.

Current User: Since this devil fruit is non-canon, there have been no updates about the fruit or its user.

Strongest Attack: As the Devil Fruit is featured in a movie, there is not much information available about its moves.

12 Moku Moku no Mi

One Piece Moku Moku no Mi Smoker Logia Devil Fruit Smoke

  • User:

  • Manga Debut:
    Chapter 100

  • Anime Debut:
    Episode 48

Ignoring Smoker’s proficiency with his Fruit, the Moku Moku no Mi’s main selling point is its ability to make the user intangible — something that most Logia-type users can also do. While Smoker has optimized his smoke to trap opponents, there are ways to easily escape from his smoke.

What’s more, in terms of elemental compatibility, Smoker has been canceled out by fire (resulting in stalemates against Ace, and later on Sabo), and has yet to show any advantages over other elements. As such, it does not stand out amongst the Logia Devil Fruits, despite Smoker’s expertise in it.

Current User: The devil fruit has not changed hands, and it is still in the possession of Smoker. His limited screen time has made it difficult for the fans to see how much he has improved since the Punk Hazard arc.

Strongest Attack: Smoker can use White Out to capture his opponents with his smoke. The attack can affect several individuals, making it a handy technique when outnumbered.

11 Yuki Yuki no Mi

One Piece Yuki Yuki no Mi Monet Logia Devil Fruit Snow

  • User:
    Monet (Former)

  • Manga Debut:
    Chapter 681

  • Anime Debut:
    Episode 607

Between the two Devil Fruits of similar coldness affinity, Monet’s is inferior due to her clearer weakness to heat and inability to freeze targets. Rather, the Fruit’s main capabilities are in weather manipulation and using this for stealth — when remembering that Nami, a non-Devil Fruit user, can also manipulate weather without a Fruit, it lessens Monet’s impressiveness.

Considering Monet’s weaker proficiency in her abilities as well, perhaps due to less battle experience, this Fruit pales compared to the rest. However, her ability to render people unconscious by lowering their body heat is arguably quite effective but is still not as overpowered as other Logia abilities.

Current User: Monet accidentally killed Caesar in the Punk Hazard arc, which means that her devil fruit is back in circulation. So far, the devil fruit has not been consumed by another person.

Strongest Attack: Monet is much weaker than most of the other Logia type devil fruit users. But she did have a solid attack called Permafrost in her arsenal. With this technique, she could surround a foe’s body with snow, causing them to be immobilized.

10 Gasu Gasu no Mi

One Piece Gasu Gasu no Mi Caesar Clown Logia Devil Fruit Gas

  • User:
    Caesar Clown

  • Manga Debut:
    Chapter 658

  • Anime Debut:
    Episode 582

When comparing the two gas-based Logia Fruits, the Gasu Gasu no Mi tops due to its added poison bonus. Caesar Clown, who mass-produced many artificial Devil Fruits, can use his abilities to create explosions, manipulate other gases, and enter smaller spaces others wouldn’t be able to.

Nonetheless, the Fruit’s abilities are subject to flammability, making it lesser compared to the fire-based Devil Fruits who can use this against him. Additionally, Caesar’s abilities have limitations, in terms of the affected area, need for concentration, and reliance on external resources.

Current User: The devil fruit belongs to Caesar, who can use its power to cut off the supply of oxygen in an area, and control other gases. Sadly, Caesar never improved his fighting abilities as he was too focused on making new inventions. Caesar’s lack of combat skills makes the devil fruit seem rather weak.

Strongest Attack: The scientist used Land of the Dead after absorbing the poisonous gas in Punk Hazard. When Luffy attacked Caesar, the former’s arms were immediately covered with poison.

9 Susu Susu no Mi

Karasu Susu Susu no mi All logia type devil fr

  • User:

  • Manga Debut:
    Chapter 593

  • Anime Debut:
    Episode 510

The Susu Susu no Mi belongs to Karasu, the commander of the Northern forces of the Revolutionary Army. The devil fruit was introduced after the timeskip, and at that time fans believed that it was a Zoan type devil fruit that allowed Karasu to create crows. The logic behind the reasoning was that Karasu created crows, which at the time seemed sensible.

As One Piece entered the final saga, it was confirmed that the Susu Susu no Mi is a Logia type devil fruit that lets Karasu manipulate soot. It may not seem overpowered like the other logia types, but it can be used in various ways.

Current User: The Susu Susu no Mi is yet to change hands, and presently, it is in the possession of Karasu. He was involved in the Revolutionary Army’s attack in Marijoa. The commander managed to stand his ground against Admiral Fujitora, which is a massive achievement in itself.

Strongest Attack: Crow Soul Lotus is the most powerful technique of the Susu Susu no Mi. To use this move, Karasu turns into a murder of crows and pecks the opponent. While the attack may seem harmless, it forced Fujitora onto the back foot.

8 Suna Suna no Mi

One Piece Suna Suna no Mi Crocodile Logia Devil Fruit Sand

  • User:

  • Manga Debut:
    Chapter 127

  • Anime Debut:
    Episode 77

Although the Suna Suna no Mi has its strengths, it loses points for how it can be overcome by water or liquid. While, of course, water is a weakness to all Devil Fruit users, it is especially detrimental to Crocodile, who loses control over solidified sand from wetness.

It should be noted, however, that this Devil Fruit’s ability to dehydrate is a standout amidst the Logia-types and a great way for Crocodile to counteract his biggest weakness. Not to mention, the Fruit is quite versatile in how it can be used, optimizing sandstorms and quicksand traps in and out of combat.

Current User: In the recent manga chapters, it was confirmed that Crocodile is alive and doing pretty well. To the Marines, he is just part of the Cross Guild, while in reality, Crocodile is one of the two leaders of the organization. Despite his glaring weakness, Crocodile has managed to become one of the most notorious pirates in the world.

Strongest Attack: The Suna Suna no Mi has many potent moves, but Ground Death stands out the most. In this attack, Crocodile puts his hand on the ground, causing everything in a certain range to dry up. This affects the ground, buildings, and people.

7 Mera Mera no Mi

One Piece Mera Mera no Mi Ace Sabo Logia Devil Fruit Fire

  • User:
    Portgas D. Ace (Former), Sabo (Current)

  • Manga Debut:
    Chapter 158

  • Anime Debut:
    Episode 94

A Devil Fruit shared between two brothers, both popular amongst fans, the Mera Mera no Mi is a Fruit that neutralizes and counters many Logia Fruits with fire, taking no effect from smoke or ice. The Fruit itself grants the user cataclysmic flame-based attacks, ones that optimize size and speed, while also fuelling physical attacks.

Because of the Fruit’s inferiority to magma, it ranks lower on this list. While being able to withstand many other elements, its inability to withstand magma, while other Logia users have been able to, deter it from being considered more powerful.

Current User: After the death of Portgas D. Ace, the devil fruit returned into circulation, and eventually, it was found by Donquixote Doflamingo, who put it as the prize for winning the tournament in the Corrida Coliseum. There, the devil fruit was eaten by Sabo, who not only inherited Ace’s powers but also his will.

Strongest Attack: Portgas D. Ace used his strongest move while fighting Blackbeard on Banaro Island. The attack is called Great Flame, and it requires Ace to create a massive ball of fire that resembles the sun. He used it to counter Blackbeard’s Yami Yami no Mi power. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to stop Blackbeard.

6 Mori Mori no Mi

Admiral Ryokugyu from One Piece

The Mori Mori no Mi has been eaten by Admiral Greenbull, who made his first proper appearance in the series towards the end of the Wano Country arc. The devil fruit grants Greenbull complete control over all sorts of plant life, which might seem a bit underwhelming at first.

However, the Admiral has learned to masterfully use the power of the devil fruit to the fullest. By creating roots, Greenbull can drain moisture from the body of another living being, incapacitating them completely. The scale of his attacks is quite large as he was able to use his power to overwhelm the Scabbards, and Momonosuke without any difficulties. The biggest weakness of the devil fruit is fire, but over time, Greenbull has managed to overcome this shortcoming by creating a fireproof body. Despite his best efforts, Greenbull’s body is still susceptible to powerful fire-based attacks, such as Momonosuke’s version of Boro Breath.

Strongest Attack: Geeenbull did not spend much time in Wano after he sensed Shanks’ Haoshoku Haki. However, he did demonstrate his power when he used Groves of Wrath. The attack brought forth a giant wooden golem that could easily lay waste to a town.

5 Hie Hie no Mi

One Piece Hie Hie no Mi Aokiji Kuzan Logia Devil Fruit Ice

  • User:

  • Manga Debut:
    Chapter 303

  • Anime Debut:
    Episode 225

Where other Logia users rely on their abilities to avoid attacks, Kuzan (formerly Admiral Aokiji) relies on the Hie Hie no Mi to take them. As a solid element, Kuzan uses physical touch to freeze opponents and can reach further ranges by using solid-ice projectiles and weapons.

The ice, however, is not absolute and can be destroyed. And while it is superior to the Yuki Yuki no Mi, it does not have elemental advantages over any other, facing a degree of neutralization from the heat-based users. The exact degree of its effectiveness against magma is unclear, as it has shown to both be subject to melting and also able to withstand 10-day straight combat.

Current User: Things have changed since the time Aokiji donned the uniform of an Admiral. He has been off the screen for a long time and in that time, he joined the Blackbeard Pirates for unknown reasons. It seems that Oda is saving Aokiji for the final saga.

Strongest User: Aokiji combined the Hie Hie no Mi with his Haki while fighting Garp. He dubbed the attack Ice Glove, and it dealt a significant amount of damage to the Vice Admiral.

4 Goro Goro no Mi

One Piece Goro Goro no Mi Enel Logia Devil Fruit Thunder Lightning

  • User:

  • Manga Debut:
    Chapter 241

  • Anime Debut:
    Episode 155

Once thought to be invincible, Enel’s Devil Fruit boasts considerably tremendous abilities, granting the user mastery over lightning, with a maximum voltage output close to a natural lightning bolt. On top of producing strong lightning-based attacks, Enel can manipulate solid matter, use electrical sound waves to sense his surroundings, increase his speed, jump-start his heart, and electrocute opponents.

While inferior to the strongest Fruits because of its weakness to rubber, in truth this weakness is, quite frankly very specific. Undeniably an ace against him, in any other situation where Enel faces an opponent who isn’t Luffy (the captain of one of the strongest pirate crews) or covered in rubber, this Fruit would devastate. But ultimately, its non-Logia weakness cannot be ignored.

Current User: Since leaving the Earth for the moon, Enel has managed to amass a large following. With the help of his Goro Goro no Mi, Enel freed the automata from the Space Pirates. The automata were deeply indebted to him and became his devout followers. This enabled Enel to establish a new empire on the moon.

Strongest User: 200,000,000 V Amaru is Enel’s most powerful attack. He turns into 200,000,000 volts of electricity, and a single bolt of lightning can easily kill a person.

3 Pika Pika no Mi

One Piece Pika Pika no Mi Kizaru Logia Devil Fruit Light

  • User:

  • Manga Debut:
    Chapter 506

  • Anime Debut:
    Episode 401

Kizaru’s Devil Fruit is one that has shown very few weaknesses. As a Light Human, Kizaru can use light beams to bypass attacks and travel large distances with light, reflecting himself to any location. Mixing his Devil Fruit skills with his battle prowess is doubtlessly a lethal combination, proven by the numerous victories he’s amassed over the series.

The light element reigns over the others lower on this list in that it contains no clear type-disadvantage from them. The Fruit’s only weakness is in the fact that light is swallowed by darkness. Therefore, any confrontation with the Yami Yami no Mi would prove fatal and would force Kizaru to rely on strategic combat and less on his Devil Fruit.

Current User: Kizaru has barely made any appearances in the story after the Summit War. So, it is unclear if he has become any stronger, but with the final saga coming up he is bound to appear, which will give the fans an opportunity to see his power.

Strongest User: Kizaru often relies on Yasakani Sacred Jewel in fights, and for good reason. The attack consists of multiple light projectiles that cover a large area and deal substantial damage to his opponents.

2 Magu Magu no Mi

One Piece Magu Magu no Mi Akainu Logia Devil Fruit Magma

  • User:

  • Manga Debut:
    Chapter 554

  • Anime Debut:
    Episode 463

As a Devil Fruit that has shown no clear weakness, the Magu Magu no Mi is perhaps one of the strongest. It has left half an island’s weather pattern completely changed from a 10-day battle and has the ability to dominate and/or counter every element it faces.

Whether the Fruit itself or Admiral Akainu’s own strength, he has shown elemental resistance to attacks even with Busoshoku Haki. Plus, any weaknesses that have been exposed for this Devil Fruit have been non-canonical, having not appeared in the manga or anime.

Current User: The devil fruit belongs to the now Fleet Admiral Akainu. The devil fruit is said to have the highest offensive among all the Logia-type devil fruits. It is no wonder that Akainu’s opponents take extra care to not get hit by his attacks.

Strongest Attack: Akainu has only fought in the Marineford arc, where he showed his superiority to the other characters. When Jozu threw a massive block of ice toward the Navy, Akainu blew it to smithereens using Great Eruption.

1 Yami Yami no Mi

One Piece Yami Yami no Mi Blackbeard Logia Devil Fruit Darkness

  • User:
    Marshall D. Teach

  • Manga Debut:
    Chapter 440

  • Anime Debut:
    Episode 325

Topping this list is the Yami Yami no Mi, a Devil Fruit with the ability to nullify every other Logia (or any other Devil Fruit) user with black holes. Fittingly wielded by Blackbeard, a pirate hellbent on domination, the Fruit’s elemental abilities rely on consuming others in it and rendering them powerless. In addition, Blackbeard can expel the power that he consumes, which can be easily achieved after using darkness to gravitate people toward him.

What makes this the greatest Logia Devil Fruit is simply its lack of elemental weaknesses, and its overall ability to counter any of the Logia Fruits on this list. Taking into consideration that Blackbeard is already an overpowered combatant (with another Devil Fruit to use), there’s no denying that the Emperor has very few openings thanks to this Devil Fruit.

Current User: Blackbeard’s rise to the position of an Emperor of the Sea started after he consumed the Yami Yami no Mi. Aside from giving him the power to nullify other devil fruits, Blackbeard’s devil fruit allegedly allows him to steal the devil fruits of other people, and he used this ability to steal Whitebeard’s Gura Gura no Mi.

Strongest Attack: Blackbeard is considered by many to be Luffy’s final opponent. So, it is not surprising that he has given the audience only a glimpse of his actual power. Blackbeard’s most powerful attack is the Black Hole, in which he spreads darkness over a large area and uses it to swallow anything. The gravity of the darkness can even crush buildings with ease.

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