One Piece: Bartholomew Kuma’s Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, Explained

Granting the power to repel objects, substances, pain, and even memories, there is far more to this Devil Fruit than meets the eye.


  • Bartholomew Kuma’s Devil Fruit, the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, allows him to repel anything he comes into contact with, including attacks and even intangible substances like pain and memories.
  • Kuma can use his powers to reflect attacks back at his opponents and travel vast distances at high speeds. He can also weaponize his abilities by repelling air and objects.
  • Kuma’s powers played a significant role in the Thriller Bark Arc, where he extracted Luffy’s pain and fatigue and transferred it to Zoro. He also has powerful techniques like the “pressure cannon” and “Ursus Shock.”



Bartholomew Kuma, a former Warlord of the Sea who was also affiliated with the Revolutionary Army, has always been an enigma. His motives and true allegiance are still hot topics for debate among most One Piece fans, as are the properties of his Devil Fruit. Named the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi — which translates as the Paw Paw Fruit — Kuma has the power to repel virtually anything he comes into contact with, making him a so-called “Paw Human.” Falling under the Paramecia class of Devil Fruits in One Piece, the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi is especially unique among other such fruits within this class for a number of reasons.

To begin with, it alters the appearance of its user, where Kuma possesses paws on the palms of his hands which are the means by which he uses his abilities. He generally wears gloves to keep them covered when not engaging in combat, as reassurance against accidentally triggering them. In fact, one of the few ways to distinguish between Kuma and the Pacifista — cybernetic clones of him used by the World Government for military purposes — is by the absence of paw prints on their hand. While quite a few of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi’s abilities have been researched by Dr. Vegapunk, there are a number of things that are still not fully understood regarding its true nature.

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The Power To Repel

One Piece Nikyu Nikyu no Mi Kuma Devil Fruit Paw Reflect

In its most basic form, the repulsive power of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi takes effect whenever Kuma presents an open palm to his targets. Subsequently, a paw-shaped bubble will form around them, and push them away at extremely high speeds. For combat purposes, Kuma can reflect any attack coming towards him in battle, which applies to most physical or energy based attacks, save perhaps for those infused with Haki or any other substance that negates Devil Fruit abilities like Seastone. Furthermore, this ability can only be activated with a user’s bare hands, and any attacks directed to other parts of their body will be affective if they are unable to react in time.

Offensively, the user can weaponize it by repelling the very air around them, apply it to objects that can be used as projectiles, or even liquids and other substances to render other sorts of effects. So far, some of these attacks have been depicted as being powerful enough to leave imprints in rock, which attests to the force with which Kuma’s repulsion works. Kuma can also use it to travel vast distances instantaneously. While this might seem like teleportation to some, in actuality, he uses his power to propel himself or any of his targets across the desired distance, at extremely high speeds.

This ability is quite fearsome of its own accord, as it was able to defeat and disperse all the Straw Hat Pirates to destinations of his choice, during the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, leaving them absolutely no chance to retaliate or even comprehend what had just happened to them. As they traveled, they were all encased in paw shaped bubbles that protected them from virtually everything in their path, save for obstacles with extremely high resistance. In such cases, they will not only be halted, but also injured by the impact, as seen when Kuma tried to break past the Red Line. On arriving at the end points of their respective journeys, the bubble disappeared, and each Straw Hat crew member was left lying at the center of a large paw print on the ground where they landed.

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An Anomaly In The Paramecia Class

One Piece Paw Fruit

While these abilities are more than impressive in their own right, things get more interesting when looking into the intangible substances that the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi can repel. So far, Kuma has been depicted as being able to use his Devil Fruit abilities on things like pain, memories, and the ghosts created by Perona’s Horo Horo no Mi powers. The substances themselves are stored in paw shaped bubbles, and can be accessed by anyone who makes contact with them. In the Egghead Island Arc, Jewelry Bonney discovered a paw shaped bubble filled with Kuma’s memories inside Vegapunk’s laboratory, which was conclusive proof of the effectiveness of this ability.

This power played a major role in one of the most iconic moments from the Thriller Bark Arc, where a wounded Zoro bartered with Kuma for the lives of his crew mates, by pledging to take on all the pain Luffy had endured in his fight with Gecko Moria. On hearing this, Kuma used his ability to extract all the pain and fatigue from an unconscious Luffy, creating a paw shaped bubble in the process. Zoro proceeded to enter it, and endured agonizing pain. Despite his suffering, he refused to reveal the nature of his ordeal once the rest of his crew mates regained consciousness. Later on in the series, Kuma’s abilities were transferred to his corresponding Seraphim, made possible by another one of Vegapunk’s inventions in the form of Green Blood.

Finally, Kuma has shown a few techniques that harness the fruit’s power, all of them being extremely powerful in their own right. “Pad Ho,” which means “pressure cannon,” sees him repel the air around him and send shock waves forward, whereas “Puni” has him in a defensive stance to repel attacks. “Tsuppari Pad Ho” or “Slapping Pressure Cannon,” expands on its parent technique, where Kuma plants his feet firmly into the ground in a stance resembling a sumo wrestler, to repel multiple bursts of air at a target. Last but not least, “Ursus Shock” has Kuma gather compressed air in a paw shaped bubble between his palms, which he then fires at a target to generate a powerful explosion, rounding off the incredible power he has at his disposal.

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