One Piece Episode 1072 Set To Be The Best Action Episode Of The Series

After the amazing introduction of Gear 5 in One Piece Episode 1071, One Piece episode 1072 is sure to be just as amazing, if not better.


  • One Piece episode 1071 was one of the best in the series, and fans can expect even more incredible action in episode 1072.
  • Episode 1072 will showcase Luffy using his Nika powers to the fullest, displaying his resilience, durability, and ability to stretch and fight with a smile on his face.
  • The staff working on episode 1072, including director Tasuku Shimaya and storyboard artist Megumi Ishitani, are highly talented and experienced, making fans excited for the episode’s execution.



One Piece episode 1071 broke the internet and lived up to the expectations of every fan. The episode stood out as one of the very best in the entire series, just like its manga counterpart, One Piece chapter 1044, which is believed to be one of the very best, if not the best chapter of the entire series. The previous episode saw Luffy finally awaken his Devil Fruit and transform into Nika for the very first time.

After his awakening, fans got to see quite a bit of him in action and he was able to show Kaido that he’s not the same person he was before he died. While the episode was packed with quite a lot of incredible action, the heavy hitter when it comes to action is One Piece episode 1072. In fact, with the incredible staff that is working on it, fans can rest assured that this could end up being the very best action episode in the entire series.

The Events Of One Piece Episode 1072

Luffy awakens his Gear 5th form in Wano

First off, the events of One Piece episode 1072 will showcase Luffy using his Nika powers to the fullest. The previous episode only gave fans a glimpse of what he’s capable of. The upcoming episode will take that to the very next level and show the fans every single aspect of this ridiculous ability that Luffy possesses. Even when fighting against one of the Four Emperors, Luffy will be stretching and squeezing his body and fighting with a smile on his face that fans have come to love over the years. When it comes to the clash itself, fans will most certainly see Kaido attempt to beat Luffy down despite his awakening, however, much to his surprise, Luffy will bounce back every single time, as rubber always does.

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The chapter will explain, to an extent, the transformation that Luffy has undergone through Kaido. At the same time, fans will also get to see Luffy use different abilities, such as Gum Gum Balloon and even Gum Gum Giant, among many others. His increased resilience as well as durability, along with his power to spread his imagination to his immediate surroundings will also be on full display. The chapter will mostly showcase Luffy’s free-wheeling combat, which will also go on to surprise Kaido himself. All things considered, One Piece episode 1072 will have a lot of incredible action between these two powerhouses and fans can only hope that the staff that is working on the episode will have what it takes to bring it to life. Thankfully, with the staff officially having been confirmed, fans can rest assured because the episode is in the very best hands.

The Director For One Piece Episode 1072

Luffy uses Gear 5

Often, the director of the episode is the big name that fans keep an eye out for. When it comes to One Piece episode 1072, this role will be taken by Tasuku Shimaya. Looking at the director, Shimaya has been a hit-and-miss for One Piece. In fact, he has worked on some great episodes in the series and some others that have been average, at best. Episode 1071 had Tatsuya Nagamine at the helm, who is a legendary figure, so Shimaya has a lot to live up to as the previous episode certainly went out with a bang.

Shimaya has previously worked on One Piece episode 966, where he did a very solid job. In fact, he also worked more recently on episode 1060, which focused on Zoro’s backstory in Shimotsuki Village and the secrets of Enma.

The episode was not bad by any means. In fact, it was certainly an above-average episode that likely also suffered because of episode 1062, the heavy hitter when it comes to Zoro versus King. Despite everything, Shimaya did a great job with the episode. Fans should also remember that episode 1072 will have a lot of big names working on it so Shimaya might have an easier job at his hands, especially if the episode got more production time.

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Storyboard Artists For Episode 1072

featured one piece legendary director Megumi ishitani returns for episode 1072 luffy gear 5 kaido

The storyboard artists for One Piece 1072 are incredibly massive names. The very first storyboard artist that everyone should expect to be on the episode is Tasuku Shimaya himself. Since he is directing, it is believed that he’s also going to be storyboarding a good part of the episode. Fans should expect Shimaya to do a great storyboard and bring the manga to life in incredible ways. It is unknown exactly how long his storyboard is going to be, however, what fans are truly excited for is what follows him.

Megumi Ishitani, who is quite easily the greatest director at Toei Animation right now, is going to be storyboarding a part of the episode. Even when it comes to storyboarding, her boards are immaculate, filled with details that almost look like art themselves. Her boards are challenging for the animators to bring to life, however, with such a magnificent mind, everything she touches turns to gold, and fans can only expect her to work on a significant portion of the episode.

What’s shocking is that Megumi Ishitani is not the only big name on the episode. Bahi JD is another legendary name who is going to be working on the storyboard of One Piece episode 1072. Bahi JD has previously worked on some of the best episodes of One Piece and his animation has always proven to be out of this world. Now, he’s going to be working on this legendary episode and fans can also expect him to animate some scenes himself.

Another big name on the episode is none other than the MVP of the Wano arc, Tu Yong-ce. He has worked relentlessly on this arc and even in the arc prior to Wano, and he continues his work throughout the fight between Luffy and Kaido as well. Fans can expect stellar work from him and, potentially, there could also be key animation from him on this episode.

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Finally, the last storyboard artist that fans know will be on the episode is Takeshi Maenami. Fans have seen quite a bit from him when it comes to the key animation department and it is safe to say that he’s one of the very best currently working as a freelancer. Fans are certainly delighted to see him work on the episode.

Animation Directors For One Piece Episode 1072

Luffy awakens gear 5th one piece episode 1071

When it comes to the department of animation directors, One Piece episode 1072 is stacked, once again. Nobuyuki Iwai, who has previously worked on Detective Conan quite a lot is going to be on the episode, however, it is unknown how significant his role is going to be. Nonetheless, fans can expect great things from him as he is a very well-known figure, after all.

A very big name and a fan favorite that will be on One Piece episode 1072 is none other than Keisuke Mori, also known as Soty. His incredibly loose approach to animation is a favorite of the fans and stands out immensely in whichever episode he works on. With him as an animation director, fans can expect some parts of the next episode to look absolutely mind-blowing. Hirotaka Ito is another very strong animation director and one of the very best that fans have seen work on One Piece as of late. His dynamic approach to animation as well as his strong corrections, when it comes to facial expressions are certainly loved by fans far and wide.

Finally, Shigefumi Shingaki, another decent animation director is going to be working on the episode. Fans can expect good things from him as well and, given that all the other staff members are incredibly high-level, Shingaki is expected to live up to the standards as well.

All things considered, One Piece episode 1072 is looking like it is going to be the very best action episode of the series so far. This episode might just have the best lineup of any episode seen in the series, however, execution matters the most and fans can only find out how it is executed when it finally airs on Sunday.

One Piece is available to watch on Crunchyroll.

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