One Piece: Have The Straw Hats Allied With CP0?

As the complex situation on Egghead Island develops, Luffy and his crew may have just forged an unlikely partnership with their former enemies.


  • The Straw Hat Pirates are in a precarious situation on Egghead Island, trapped with no way to escape due to the incoming assault of Marine battleships.
  • In a surprising twist, Luffy and his crew have formed a temporary alliance with Cipher Pol agents Rob Lucci and Kaku to battle the Seraphim.
  • The situation is tense, with the Marines determined to eliminate Vegapunk and the potential for the alliance to dissolve if the Marines storm Vegapunk’s lab.



The current course of events in One Piece’s ongoing Egghead Island Arc has left fans with a number of burning questions on the outcome of this precariously positioned scenario, as well as the circumstances that lead up to it. What initially seemed like a hopeless situation for the Straw Hat Pirates has now evolved into one where they have taken control of the Island of the Future, but have no way to safely escape. This is primarily due to the incoming assault of Marine battleships who are attempting to carry out Vegapunk’s death sentence for his research into the Void Century following CP0’s failed effort to assassinate him.

In a bid to confront the Seraphim in One Piece — the reason for the abolishment of the World Government’s Seven Warlords system — Luffy and his crew allied with Cipher Pol agents Rob Lucci and Kaku. Presented with a difficult battle against the Seraphim’s Lunarian genetics, Devil Fruit powers, and unique fighting styles, the Straw Hats had no option but to work together with their sworn enemies in the wake of York’s betrayal. Whether this alliance will continue after the de-escalation of the present scenario on the island is anyone’s guess, and only time will tell whether this is the start of another fruitful partnership for Luffy and his crew.

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The Siege Of Egghead Island

luffy zoro nami straw hats kizaru one piece

After CP0’s failed attempt to eliminate Vegapunk on the orders of the Five Elders, a fleet of Marine battleships carrying nine Vice Admirals as well as Admiral Kizaru and Saint Jaygarcia Saturn had arrived to take stock of the situation. Things grew more complicated as the Seraphim turned on the Straw Hats and the Cipher Pol agents after Sentomaru was incapacitated, as he was the highest in the chain of command following Vegapunk.

Unbeknownst to them at the time, York, one of Vegapunk’s satellites, had secretly struck a deal with the Five Elders to negotiate her release from the death sentence that had been handed to Vegapunk and his satellites. In return, she had alerted the Five Elders about Vegapunk’s research on the Void Century. This arena of his work had emerged from his journey to read the texts recovered from the Library of Ohara, by the giants of Elbaf after the Buster Call which destroyed the island 22 years prior.

A number of Cipher Pol agents from CP5, 7, and 8 had been held hostage at the island by York, who was secretly manipulating events from the shadows and had also apprehended Vegapunk’s main body, the Stella. Heeding this call, the Five Elders dispatched a massive force to Egghead Island, which is fortified with the most advanced military technology in the world. Now, an invading force featuring an Admiral, nine Vice Admirals, and one of the Five Elders in person is definitely a cause for alarm, hinting that the situation is even more dire than the Tragedy of Ohara.

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An Unlikely Alliance Forged In Adversity

Lucci Luffy Kaku and Zoro fighting Seraphim

Having to face the Seraphim who were acting under York’s orders was no easy task even for the Straw Hats, who had just returned triumphant from a battle against the Emperors Big Mom and Kaido. Despite the massive advances they had made both in strength and standing among the pirates of the New World, the prospect of confronting literal clones of the former Seven Warlords of the Sea, who had been augmented with Lunarian genetics, was terrifying.

In fact, Luffy and Zoro were initially finding it quite difficult to defuse the situation, as preventing the destruction of Vegapunk’s lab was another consideration they had to account for. Similarly, the two Cipher Pol 0 agents Rob Lucci and Kaku, were also finding it tough to deal with the Seraphim. Even though the pair had grown considerably in strength since the Straw Hats last fought against them in Enies Lobby, they were still no match for Vegapunk’s creations.

Additionally, when comparing how Luffy had absolutely decimated Lucci in their rematch using Gear 5, even after the CP0 agent showed off his Zoan Awakening, it is fair to assume that he would have likely fallen to the Seraphim since Luffy himself was struggling. Lucci and Kaku had also been bound in chains by the Straw Hats after their defeat, shortly before the Seraphim went rogue. On taking stock of the situation, Lucci requested that he and Kaku be released, so they could aid the Straw Hats in neutralizing the threat of the Seraphim, since they were just dead weight at the time.

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A Delicately Poised Situation

Strongest Egghead Devil Fruit Users

Following some deliberation and arguments, Luffy and Zoro decided to free Lucci and Kaku, thereby assenting to the temporary alliance. Later on, Chapter 1089 of One Piece revealed that the battle with the Seraphim had drawn to a close and York was now a hostage of the Straw Hat Pirates. This scene also showed Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy standing alongside the crew, hinting that they might still be allies for the time being.

At present, the Straw Hats, Vegapunk, Sentomaru, and CP0 have barricaded themselves inside Egghead Island to negotiate with Kizaru. Unfortunately it seems like the World Government will not back down in their bid to eliminate Vegapunk, which does not bode well for the Straw Hats. If the Marines choose to storm the island by force, it is near certain that CP0 will assist them, as Lucci and Kaku must be raring for a chance to confront the crew once again.

Hence, there is almost no chance of this alliance enduring if the Marines enter Vegapunk’s lab, as CP0 will be bound by their allegiance to the World Government. Finally, the approach of the Blackbeard Pirates complicates the situation even further, although the chaos ensuing from an all out battle royale may just allow the crew to escape. Whatever happens, fans will be eager to find out how the situation develops once the manga returns to the thick of the action.

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