One Piece: How The Seraphims Were Defeated, Explained

The Seraphims are powerful weapons – however, their power is not enough to take down the Straw Hat pirates.


  • The Seraphims, powerful clones created by Dr. Vegapunk, posed a great threat to the Straw Hat Pirates on Egghead Island, showcasing their impressive abilities and durability.
  • Luffy and Zoro required help from Lucci and Kaku respectively to fight against the Seraphims, as their attacks failed to make a dent in their powerful bodies.
  • The Seraphims were eventually stopped without fighting, suggesting that Robin may have defeated their controller, York, or passed control to Stella, enabling them to be stopped.



The One Piece manga took the readers back to Egghead Island after months of waiting and it looks like the Egghead Incident is almost underway now. Fans are incredibly excited to see this incredible war play out between the Navy and the Yonko crew of the Straw Hat Captain. Over the course of the last few months, the story has focused very little on Egghead Island and more on the events going on all over the world of One Piece.

The last time fans saw Egghead, there were fights going on between members of the crew and some very powerful Seraphims that had been deployed all over the island in order to stop the Straw Hats as well as get rid of Vegapunk. In One Piece chapter 1089, however, it was revealed that the Seraphims had been taken care of. While it wasn’t explained how, fans can piece together what happened by themselves.

The Introduction Of The Seraphims

seraphim york plan one piece chapter 1079

The Seraphim were introduced in One Piece shortly after the conclusion of the Wano Arc. Oda took fans all over the world to give them a glimpse of what was going on while the Straw Hat Pirates were fighting in an enclosed country. He also made sure to take the fans to Amazon Lily, where Boa Hancock and her powerful Amazonians were fighting against the Navy and the Blackbeard Pirates as well. In the midst of it all, the Navy deployed powerful scientific weapons named Seraphims. Soon, it was clear for the fans to see that the Seraphims were actually clones of the former Warlords of the Sea, created by Dr. Vegapunk by using their Lineage Factor.

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He had also given them the Lunarian Lineage Factor, essentially making all of them Lunarians. On Egghead Island, more information was revealed about these Seraphims and it was quite clear that Vegapunk had created them to be the strongest humans to have ever lived. Furthermore, he had also given them Green Blood, which is a synthetic blood created by Vegapunk that carries the Lineage Factor of several Devil Fruits of the Paramecia class. With this Lineage Factor running through the veins of the powerful Seraphims, these fighters are impossibly difficult to take on in combat for the vast majority of the fighters. Fans got a glimpse of what they are capable of on both Amazon Lily, as well as Egghead Island and it is safe to say that they live up to the reputation of being some of the strongest in the world.

The Straw Hat Vs Seraphim Clashes

Lucci Luffy Kaku and Zoro fighting Seraphim

Initially, the Seraphim were used against the Straw Hat Pirates in a test trial, however, later on, they actually started posing a threat to the crew. When York revealed her falseness, she took control of all the Seraphim and ordered them to kill everyone else on the island, except for herself and Stella. With that, the Seraphim that were introduced went on their missions and ended up clashing against the Straw Hat Pirates. On Egghead Island, a total of four seraphim were revealed to the fans. These were, S-Bear, the Seraphim of Bartholomew Kuma, S-Snake, the Seraphim of Boa Hancock, S-Hawk, the Seraphim of Dracule Mihawk, And finally, S-Shark, the Seraphim of Jinbe.

All of these Seraphims were seen in action on Egghead Island and they engaged in fights with different members of the Straw Hat Crew. S-Bear and S-Hawk were seen in action against Luffy and Zoro. Their powerful abilities were fully explored during this clash and fans got to see how incredible the Seraphim truly are. At the same time, it was also revealed to the fans that these monstrous fighters are incredibly difficult to take on in combat. Furthermore, Luffy and Zoro required help from Lucci and Kaku to fight against these Seraphims.

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Luffy and Lucci ended up teaming up against S-Bear, while Zoro and Kaku ended up teaming up against S-Hawk. These two fights were seen in some detail a few months ago, however, for the most part, the Seraphims appeared to be comfortable in these fights. Their incredible durability, which comes from their Lunarian Lineage Factor, proved to be enough to keep the Straw Hats at bay.

Luffy and Lucci were seen launching countless attacks on S-Bear, only to fail to make even a single dent in his body. Similarly, Zoro and Kaku struggled against S-Hawk even though Zoro had already fought a member of the Lunarian tribe and knew of all their weaknesses. Despite everything, he could not do much against S-Hawk.

Meanwhile, Sanji was the one taking care of S-Shark, the Seraphim of Jinbe. Initially, S-Shark attacked Nami and Brook. When the former was in grave danger, it was none other than Sanji who jumped to her rescue and saved the day. Seeing Nami in danger enraged Sanji to the point where his eyebrows flipped and he activated his Germa mode. Sanji tapped into the incredible exoskeleton, as well as increased muscle mass and recovery rate in the fight against S-Shark.

Much to the surprise of the fans, S-Shark struggled greatly against Sanji. In fact, Sanji allowed himself to be hit by S-Shark just to show that he’s far more durable than the Seraphim. Despite receiving powerful blows powered up by Fish Man Karate, Sanji didn’t even budge, which surprised even S-Shark. Furthermore, Sanji launched powerful attacks on the Seraphim which sent him flying. Much like the other fights, however, this fight was also not continued in the manga and, as such, fans do not know exactly how it ended up concluding.

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How The Straw Hats Stopped The Seraphim

straw hats back in action one piece 1090

Being the monstrously powerful fighters that they are, the Seraphims would require every member of the Straw Hat Pirates to go all out if they were to stand a chance against them in combat. Luffy would have to use his stronger transformations and tap into the power of his Conqueror’s Haki. Meanwhile, Zoro would also be required to tap into the Color of the Supreme King, just like he did in the fight against King, and go all out. Sanji would have to tap into Ifrit Jambe to get rid of S-Shark, which just goes to show that all of them are powerful adversaries. It must also be kept in mind that the Seraphims are still children and that they will only grow stronger and much better versions of their current selves with time.

Clearly, defeating the Seraphims was certainly not possible in a short span of time. This is simply proven by the fact that Usopp and Franky have been unpetrified. Fans already know that it is impossible to overturn the powers of the Mero Mero no Mi without the will of the user. This means someone took control over S-Snake and got her to deactivate her powers. If one Seraphim was taken control of, it only makes sense that all the others were as well. Essentially, what this means is that the Seraphim were stopped without fighting. Fans know that they were under the control of York and the person closest to York was Nico Robin.

It is possible that Robin ended up defeating York and took her hostage, making her order all the Seraphims to stop. It could also be possible that Robin took out York completely and when she passed out, the control would then fall into the hands of Stella. Stella would then be able to get all the Seraphims to stop. One way or another, all of them were eventually stopped without having to defeat them.

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