One Piece: How The Straw Hats Saved [SPOILER]

The Straw Hats had to work hard to rescue this fan-favorite newcomer from certain death. Here’s a closer look at how they did it.


  • The Straw Hat Pirates return to action in Chapter 1089 of One Piece, joining forces with Vegapunk to deal with a traitor and a hostage situation on Egghead Island.
  • The traitor is revealed to be York, who betrayed Vegapunk and offered the Five Elders a weapon of mass destruction called the Mother Flame.
  • The Straw Hats must come up with a solid plan to escape Egghead Island and avoid the impending clash with the Navy, which would be a losing battle. Vegapunk’s presence brings some hope to their situation.



Warning: The following contains spoilers for chapter 1089 of One Piece, “Hostage Situation”, by Eiichiro Oda, translated by Stephen Paul, and lettered by Vanessa Satone, now available in English from Viz Media.

The Straw Hat Pirates had been missing for several months before Oda finally decided to bring them back in One Piece Chapter 1089. Despite the manga focusing on other important events happening around the world, fans still missed the Straw Hat Pirates and wanted to see them in action. Oda knew it was high time to bring the crew back and cover the event taking place on Egghead Island.

Before shifting the focus away from Vegapunk’s home, it was revealed that the Navy was headed toward the island to punish the scientist for his transgressions against the World Government. One might think the situation was bad as it is, but the Straw Hats and Vegapunk also had to deal with a traitor. The turncoat was controlling the Seraphim and also kidnapped Stella, the main body.

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The Betrayal

york evil smile one piece

Everyone was brainstorming in an attempt to find the traitor who was causing them all sorts of problems. The Straw Hats would do such a thing, so they were naturally off the list of suspects. Vegapunk’s satellites, on the other hand, seemed suspicious, and each one felt like they had a hidden motive. Most fans expected Lilith to be the traitor because she is the embodiment of evil. However, the perpetrator turned out to be York, whom the Seraphim had already killed. It turned out York had ordered the Seraphim to petrify her first, which would take her off the list of suspects. York kidnapped Dr. Vegapunk after she had put some distance between her and the other people on Egghead Island.

The satellite had been planning to betray Vegapunk ever since they came back from their visit to Marijoa. York symbolizes Vegapunk’s greed, and she was overcome with avarice when she saw the luxurious lives of the Celestial Dragons. She made up her mind that she wanted the same privileges. So, York called the Five Elders and told them about Vegapunk’s research on the Void Century. They were not expecting Vegapunk, of all people, to go against them and seek knowledge about the forbidden.

In addition to this information, York also offered them a chance to test the Mother Flame, a weapon of mass destruction. The weapon was used to erase the Lulusia Kingdom from existence. The impact was so powerful that it caused a one-meter increase in sea levels throughout the world. The Five Elders were impressed with the Mother Flame and wanted to have the weapon. York confirmed that the factory that created the weapon is on Egghead Island. She struck a deal with the Five Elders, who promised not to hurt her and to make her a Celestial Dragon.

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Saving Vegapunk

nami Zoro luffy together in One Piece

While York was busy terrorizing Vegapunk, Atlas told Robin about the abandoned lab. It is very likely that the Straw Hats made their way to the location and beat up York. They forced her to call the Five Elders and reveal her entire plan. The Five Elders had no idea that the Straw Hats had already rescued Vegapunk and taken York hostage until the very end of the chapter. Normally, the Straw Hats would not consider using her as a shield, but the situation is dire. They cannot face a fleet of 100 Navy ships, which consists of Admiral Kizaru and nine Vice Admirals.

The Straw Hats are unaware of the presence of St. Jaygarcia Saturn, who is one of the Five Elders. Judging by the scar on his face, he seems to have a great deal of fighting experience. St. Jaygarica Saturn also has a Devil Fruit at his disposal. It is implied that he has a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit, which significantly bolsters his physical capabilities. The Straw Hat Pirates need a solid plan to get off the island; otherwise, they won’t live to see another day. However, they have the aid of Dr. Vegapunk, the smartest person in the entire world. His presence should allay their fears.

Will There Be An All-Out War?

jaygarcia saturn eating food one piece 1091

The Navy is heading toward Egghead Island with plenty of fighters, and their intentions are clear: the destruction of Vegapunk and his satellites. They were not expecting Luffy and his crew to be on Egghead Island, but it won’t make that much of a difference as even a Yonko’s crew cannot take on so many people at once. If there is an all-out war, the Straw Hats and Vegapunk will not survive. They have to run away. So, the odds of the war happening are low.

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Vegapunk could deploy the Seraphim against the Marines, but it is important to remember that the Five Elders are at the top of the command hierarchy. Since St. Jaygarcia Saturn is also on his way to Egghead Island, he can easily override Vegapunk’s commands. If the Marines did not have St. Jaygarcia Saturn by their side, using the Seraphim would have been an excellent idea. At the moment, deploying the Seraphim will be as good as handing them over to the World Government. Vegapunk will want to take away the Seraphim, as it would be too big of a risk to leave them in the possession of the World Government. The Marines might have two more allies in Lucci and Kaku, as their alliance with the pirates was only temporary.

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