One Piece Manga August Release Schedule Confirmed

The One Piece manga is returning soon to the delight of fans.


  • The author, Oda, recently returned from a one-month break due to astigmatism surgery, but fans were understanding and happy to see the manga back.
  • Oda frequently takes breaks after a couple of chapters, which is understandable given his dedication to the manga and the need for rest.
  • The release schedule for August includes several breaks, with chapter 1090 being followed by another break, leaving fans eagerly waiting for the next chapter in September.



The One Piece manga has only recently returned from a one-month hiatus which Oda needed as he was suffering from a case of astigmatism. Fans saw the One Piece manga go on a break back in June and it only returned recently, having just two chapters published since then. Thankfully, Oda’s surgery went very well and he ended up making a swift return to Jump, possibly even at the expense of his own rest.

As always, One Piece does not always run in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Oda often takes his breaks after every couple of chapters. Finally, the release schedule for the entirety of August has now been confirmed. Fans are delighted to know that Oda has finally returned, however, the upcoming release schedule looks like it is a bit rough, since it features a lot of breaks.

One Piece’s Return In July

Kuzan vs Garp One Piece 1087

One Piece went on quite a long break When Oda had to get his surgery done and understandably so. The author has spent the vast majority of his life working on this manga and has put countless hours into it, to a point where he has had to sacrifice a good night’s sleep to stay on track. Oda has sacrificed quite a lot for One Piece and his eyesight is another one of those things. With his eyesight weakening, Oda absolutely needed to get this surgery done and, while he held talks about it last year with the editor of the magazine, it was only this year that he managed to find time to get it done. Thankfully, all the fans of One Piece were very understanding and wished Oda the very best, hoping that he would return stronger than ever before. Oda took a month’s break from writing One Piece back in June. In July, Oda finally returned with One Piece chapter 1087, titled “Battleship Bags.”

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This chapter focused heavily on the events of the Pirate Island surrounding Garp and the unit of the Navy that he led in order to free Captain Koby. The chapter that followed, One Piece 1088, titled “Last Lesson,” also came out in July and fans saw the plotline surrounding the invasion of the Pirate Island finally come to an end. At the end of it all, Garp ended up succeeding in his mission, however, he also sacrificed his own life to stay behind on the Pirate Island. Fans were certainly happy, however, since the manga finally made its return. It was certainly a long wait for the fans, however, these two chapters were so incredible that they made up for all the wait.

Oda’s Break After 1088

garp's last stand one piece 1088

Following the release of One Piece chapter 1088, fans finally entered the month of August, and were immediately met with a break week from Oda. Often, Oda takes his breaks because he is not at an age where he can consistently put out chapters every week. Given that One Piece is a phenomenon, thanks to Oda’s diligence and hard work, it is understandable why he takes breaks often. Following a two-week break after the release of One Piece 1089, One Piece chapter 1089, titled “Hostage Situation,” dropped on August 6, 2023. This chapter took the fans all across the world, starting from the East Blue, all the way to Wano. Fans got to see the aftermath of the destruction of Lulusia Kingdom and, at the same time, the story also went back to Egghead Island, which is the current story arc.

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Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates returned in the chapter and the Navy prepared their siege of Egghead in order to destroy both Luffy as well as kill Vegapunk. The chapter itself was quite intense and covered a lot of information. It also set up a lot of interesting plot points for the fans to follow in the coming weeks.

Weekly Shonen Jump Break After 1089

straw hats back in action one piece 1090

Sadly, One Piece chapter 1089 is followed by a break that the fans are currently experiencing. Most fans would assume that this is an Oda break, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. This break is actually from the magazine itself. The Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is not going to be published officially this week. This means One Piece, along with all the other manga that run in the magazine, is not going to be getting an official chapter this week.

That said, scanlations and illegal translations are likely going to be floating around, however, fans are advised to stay away from those due to piracy, as well as major inaccuracies in the translations. After the two-week break, One Piece will return with One Piece chapter 1090 and this chapter will likely continue the events on Egghead Island, given that this is the climax of the Egghead Arc and it will conclude on this very island. Fans may see scandalations for One Piece chapter 1090 drop this week, however, the official release date for the chapter is August 20, 2023.

Oda’s Break After 1090

flashback york five elders one piece 1090

Much to the surprise of the fans, One Piece chapter 1090 will be followed by another break. This time, it will be a break on Oda’s part. Usually, Oda takes his breaks after every three or four chapters, however, it looks like he’s taking a break every two chapters for now. One Piece returned with chapter 1087 and took a break after 1088. Similarly, Oda returned with chapter 1089 and is taking a break after chapter 1090. It remains to be seen whether Oda will take a break after every 2 weeks now or if it is just something temporary.

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The break following chapter 1090 is certainly an Oda break and will see fans wait for two more weeks before they get the next chapter. This also means that One Piece chapter 1090 is the last chapter that fans will get officially in August 2023.

One Piece Schedule After 1090

Kizaru one piece 1090

One Piece chapter 1090 is going to be followed by another break and that means One Piece chapter 1091 will officially release in the month of September 2023. The official release date for One Piece chapter 1091 would then be September 3, 2023. Thankfully, given that there is no break following chapter 1091, One Piece 1092 will most likely follow on September 10, 2023. From there onwards, fans will have to wait and see if Oda takes another break, confirming that he’s going to be taking one after every two chapters now, or if he is going to publish another and go back to his former schedule of taking a break after every three chapters.

A lot of questions remain unanswered at the moment, however, what fans do know for sure is that every chapter of One Piece has been exhilarating and enjoyable for the fans. The series is in the Final Saga now and fans should sit back and enjoy this journey, as well as give Oda enough time to recuperate and spend time with his family as well.

One Piece can be read for free on Manga Plus.

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