One Piece: Oda Reveals Shanks’ Fighting Style

Shanks is a powerful character, however, fans have rarely seen him fight.


  • The ongoing Egghead arc in One Piece’s final saga is filled with incredible action and groundbreaking events, featuring major players such as the Revolutionary Army, Marines, World Government, and Yonko.
  • Shanks, a member of the Roger Pirates, is finally being highlighted in the final saga, with his past and fighting style revealed. He became the apprentice to Gol D. Roger, obtained his iconic Straw Hat, and possesses the ability to disrupt opponents’ Observation Haki.
  • Shanks is a master of Observation Haki, able to see at least 10 seconds into the future, making him the best Observation Haki user in One Piece. Additionally, his biggest strength lies in his mastery of Conqueror’s Haki, infusing it into his sword and overpowering even Vice Admirals.



One Piece is currently in its final saga and fans are surely enjoying the ongoing Egghead arc, which has proven to be full of incredible action and groundbreaking events taking place all over the world. In the final saga of One Piece, all the major players are finally making a move. The likes of the Revolutionary Army, the Marines, the World Government itself, and even the Yonko are on the move.

Some of the mysterious characters that fans have waited to see more of for years are now in the spotlight and among them is also the Red-haired Emperor, Shanks. Fans have always wanted to see more of Shanks in One Piece, however, Oda was clearly saving him for the final saga. Now that the final saga is here, Oda has already revealed quite a lot about him, including his fighting style.

The Apprentice Of Roger

Young Shanks With Roger

Shanks was a member of the Roger Pirates at one point. He was found by the Roger Pirates on God Valley during the day of the God Valley Incident. As Rocks fell, the Roger Pirates were taking the loot from the island back on their ship, and they found Shanks in a treasure chest. From there onwards, Shanks became a member of the Roger Pirates and eventually ended up becoming the apprentice to Gol D. Roger. Under Roger, Shanks trained quite a lot and eventually even fought in battles. When Roger clashed against Whitebeard, the kids on both sides took part in combat and certainly fared well. Shanks continued to grow as Roger’s apprentice and even had his iconic Straw Hat get entrusted to him.

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After Roger returned from Laugh Tale, Shanks cried for some reason and it wasn’t long after that the crew ended up disbanding. A year after this particular event, Roger was executed in Loguetown, his birthplace. Shanks was also present in the audience when Roger was executed, along with Buggy, and several other pirates who all took something from Roger that day. It was after this day that Shanks set out on his own journey to become a powerful pirate. However, Shanks did not intend to be the Pirate King, for some reason. Just as Buggy mentioned in the Final Saga, Shanks changed his mind even though he was seen as the next Roger and the leader of the next generation. Shanks had something else in mind and this could have been potentially tied to Luffy.

Oda’s Hints From Film Red

Shanks One Piece Film Red

One Piece Film Red, which came out around a year from today, revealed quite a lot about Red Haired Shanks, the incredible Yonko that everyone One Piece fan absolutely adores. A lot from his past was revealed to the fans. For instance, fans know that when Shanks came to East Blue, he had a bounty of 1.04 billion berries. At that point, Shanks was not yet an emperor, however, he was still a very feared pirate all over the world. Around this time, Shanks also attacked a government vessel and stole the Gomu Gomu no Mi from them.

In One Piece Film Red, Oda revealed quite a lot about Shanks’ fighting style to the fans. One very incredible ability that he revealed Shanks to possess is the ability to kill the Observation Haki of his opponents. This is especially useful against fighters who rely on seeing the future in combat. According to the 4 billion volume, which was released with One Piece Film Red, Shanks possesses the dangerous power to disturb the breathing of his opponents. Through that, he can prevent them from using Observation Haki and disrupt the ability to see the future as well. This power makes him incredibly difficult to take on in combat and just goes to show why Shanks is feared as one of the most dangerous Yonko in One Piece.

Master Of Observation Haki

Shanks Observation Haki Killer One Piece

Fans already know that Shanks is incredible at stopping his opponents from using Observation Haki. However, recently in the manga, it was also revealed that Shanks himself is a great user of the Color of Observation. This was seen during his fight against Kid. Before Kid even launched his attack, Shanks was able to see into the future itself.

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He foresaw Kid destroying the vast majority of his pirate fleet and to avoid that terrible outcome, he jumped into action. It was quite clear from the chapter that Shanks could see at least 10 seconds into the future, if not more. Shanks is a true master of Observation Haki and this actually makes him the best Observation Haki user in One Piece.

There are quite a few characters in the story who can see the future and among them the notable ones such as Katakuri and Luffy. However, none of these characters can see the future for 10 seconds or more. Shanks can easily envision an entire sequence playing out in his head and then counter accordingly. This ability of his just goes to show that he doesn’t just specialize in the Color of the Supreme King but also all other forms of Haki as well. That said, his overpowered Color of Observation is not his strongest asset. That skill would be his immense control over Conqueror’s Haki, also known as the Color of the Supreme King.

Master Of Conqueror’s Haki

Shanks Looking Intimidating In One Piece

While Shanks certainly possesses incredible skill when it comes to using Observation Haki, even killing the Observation Haki of his opponents, his biggest strength is his Conqueror’s Haki. Very few people in the One Piece world possess this skill and even fewer can use it at a very high level by infusing it. Luffy learned how to do this in Wano and ended up defeating Kaido using its application with his incredible Devil Fruit awakening. While Luffy’s Haki is certainly very impressive, given that he was able to overpower Kaido, Shanks takes this skill to a whole new level. He was seen making use of Conqueror’s Haki in One Piece Film Red and it was quite evident that even Admirals of the Navy feared his presence. Furthermore, Shanks could knock out even Vice Admirals with this power of his.

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While all that is already very impressive, Shanks is a true master of infusing the Color of the Supreme King. In the fight against Kid, thanks infused his sword, Gryphon, with Conqueror’s Haki and destroyed Kid and even Killer with a single swing of his sword. To do this, Shanks used the technique called Divine Departure, also known as Kamusari. He inherited this technique directly from his mentor, Roger, the man who was the former Pirate King. It is clear to see that Shanks is living up to the standard that Roger established before him and currently, he might just be the strongest in the entire world. His fighting style relies purely on using his incredible Observation Haki, killing the Observation Haki of his opponents, and then making use of Supreme King Haki to destroy his enemies.

One Piece is available to read on Viz Media.

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